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Valentines Day for Singles on a Budget

valentines day for singles

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and for many singles out there it can make for a boring and sometimes awkward evening.

The important thing to remember is that there is absolutely no shame in being single on Valentine’s Day. In fact, it’s a great time to get together with your single friends and enjoy the time you have to be together.

After all, the hard reality is, when a friend of yours starts dating, you don’t get to spend as much time staying out late with friends. So, Valentine’s Day can be a day to celebrate the love you share with your BFFs. Need some inexpensive ideas? Try these!

Movie Night

There is nothing better than ordering a pizza, popping some popcorn, and cozying up for your favorite chick flick on Valentine’s Day. The great thing about chick flicks is that there are so many different sub-genres. Pick one that closely matches the situation you and your friends are currently in.

There’s a chick flick for every occasion, recent break-ups, hard-core crushing, a long dating dry spell, a combination of all three, and so many more. More than likely there is a movie out there for you!

Valentines Cookies

Making Valentine‚Äôs Day cookies is super fun. And it‚Äôs not a sexist activity either. Both men and women can enjoy making, decorating, and eating red-sprinkled cookies! Gather together your single friends and make ‚Äúfriendship‚ÄĚ cookies. Add some music, dancing, and/or games, and you‚Äôve got quite the celebration!

Secret Cupid

Secret Cupid is just like Secret Santa. You can do a secret gift exchange amongst your friends for Valentine’s Day or you can send a Valentine’s Day gift package to a neighbor.

Pack up some of those Valentine’s Day cookies, add a rose and an anonymous Valentine’s card, and drop it off at a lonely widow’s house (or someone else who might need a little love). Sharing love of any kind can be a great service to the lonely of heart at this time of year. Not only will it warm their hearts, but it will warm yours too.

Heart Attack

Ever given anyone a heart attack? And we’re not talking about the time you totaled your parent’s new car. Cut up Valentine’s colored construction paper into heart confetti (big and small) and tape them all over the door of someone you love. Sneak around and attack as many doors as you can. Again, this is another great way to share the love with anyone you want.

Scavenger Hunt

Valentine’s Day is one of the best days to do a scavenger hunt. Split up into teams and hit the town looking for a list of different types of couples:

  • couples holding hands
  • cute grandparents
  • couples wearing matching colors

You could add to the scavenger list Valentine’s decorations (who can find the biggest heart or cutest Cupid) or any number of Valentine-related things. Just make a list for people to go find and whoever finds them all first wins!

Public Activities

Many cities, towns, malls, or shops offer fun Valentine’s Day activities and specials. Go out with your friends and see what kind of fun you can dig up. You may score some free chocolate, win a pair of movie tickets, or even bump into the future love of your life at a singles celebration!

There’s no reason anybody should feel down and out on Valentine’s Day. No matter how much (or little) money you have, if you’re married, dating, or single, there is plenty of fun and love to go around this Valentine’s Day!

7 Cheap Date Ideas You’ll Want to Know

Date on a Budget

Dating is the first step in building a relationship with a new person and is an essential process in maintaining a current relationship. When you date, you learn how your partner responds to fun, challenges and experiences. Dating is a vital practice for individuals and couples to invest time and money into a relationship, or continuation of an existing relationship.

When you consider the price of two movie tickets, dinner and popcorn, you are easily talking about $50.00 or more. If you are on a budget, dating can really add up. With some careful planning and a sense of adventure, you can have great dates without breaking the bank.

Whether you are married and need a fun night out, or a single embarking on the dating scene, there are many ways to spend some quality time together for little to no cost. Here are some fun cheap date ideas:

Take a Walk or Hike

Take a walk the local park or a hike to your favorite view. Taking a walk, or a hike is a great way to get to know each other. Throughout your walk/hike, you have the chance to gauge how comfortable you are with your partner, can you talk easily? Are there uncomfortable silences? Taking a walk or a hike is one of the best cheap date ideas and costs no money.

Early Bird Specials

Find deals and offers on local restaurants. Often times, restaurants will have great discounts like early-bird specials and coupons. Finding a restaurant that offers these deals is a great way to save money and have a romantic dinner.

Explore the Music Scene

Most cities now have free or inexpensive summer concert series. You can listen to some great bands, have a few snacks and learn about each other’s music tastes. You can also check out the local music scene. A lot of cities will bring in local bands that are awesome to listen to. There is always the chance to find some great music while spending time with your special someone.


Looking for one of the more fun cheap date ideas? We have you covered. Dancing can be a fun, and romantic date. You can learn if you share a rhythm, and can re-sync your rhythm together. Depending on your musical tastes, you can find a dancing venue to have a great time for little to no money.

Farm Fresh

In the summer months, you can visit a local farm and pick fruits and vegetables. You can spend a delightful afternoon picking produce, and cook a romantic dinner at the end of the day. Find out what their favorite fruits and veggies are and see what you have in common.

Go Fish

Fishing can be a restful and fun experience. Because there is a great deal of downtime when fishing, you have plenty of time to talk and chat about life. Fishing is a great date and costs no money! Head to your local river or lake and spend a fun and romantic day out on the water.

Have a Picnic

A picnic can be a fun and romantic way to spend a few hours together. You can show off your cooking skills by creating a splendid picnic. Just spread your blanket and relax with your partner as you enjoy lunch under a beautiful blue sky.

Whatever your budget level is, with a little planning you can find some energizing and fun activities for your dates. You may have to spend some time to plan, but in the end, you may find the time well-spent by having a fun and unique time! Dates aren’t about how much money you spend, they are about sharing quality time together. Thank you for reading, we hope you have enjoyed our cheap date ideas!

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