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Finding the Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

Getting Ready for Mother’s Day

When you think about everything your mother has done for you, it can be difficult to imagine anything that you could possibly do for your Mother in return on her special day. Of course, the last thing you should do is just give up and do nothing. Your mom deserves the best Mother’s Day you can possibly give her; she’s earned it.

Don’t wait until the Saturday before Mother’s Day—start planning today to get ready to show your mom just how much you appreciate her!

Mother’s Day: The Planning Stages

Nobody knows your mother quite like you do. Think about all the things she does when she has some time to herself. What does she do for fun? What are her hobbies? Finding something that she loves is a great Mother’s Day Gift idea.

The answers to these questions can help you decide on the perfect gift. But even better—you can start to formulate the perfect Mother’s Day events that are tailored to you mom’s interests and passions.

If you think your mother enjoys being surprised (not everyone does), then Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to really surprise her. In the weeks leading up to it, you can pretend like nothing is planned. Avoid inquiries into the day’s activities, and make it seem like it’s not on your mind at all. If you don’t want your mom to be too heartbroken before you surprise her, then you can tell her that you’re planning something simple, like a dinner. Once she’s comfortable and un-expecting, hit her with the big surprise! First, make sure that your mom has the day off. You want to make sure that your mom does not have to work throughout the day and that she is able to relax. Without complaining, make sure that the daily chores are done and get the whole family excited about helping.

Some ideas for Mother’s Day surprises are:

  • Surprise her with a gift card to the spa
  • Make her breakfast in bed, or prepare a lavish dinner yourself
  • Get her away from the house and then clean it from floor to ceiling
  • Create a special Mother’s Day photo album
  • Invite relatives and friends over for a surprise dinner
  • Buy her a weekend getaway package

If your Mother doesn’t like being surprised, then it may not be worth it to plan a huge surprise if it’s just going to make her mad. In this case, you might want to include her in all the Mother’s Day preparations—she’ll probably enjoy planning the details with you, and the whole experience can be incredibly positive.

Gift Ideas

The best gift any mom will receive is her child’s love. What she needs on Mother’s Day are thoughtful gifts! Of course, you’re going to want to go with the standard flower arrangements and card. This is pretty much a given. But you shouldn’t stop there.

The perfect Mother’s Day gift is both thoughtful and practical. A framed photo is thoughtful, and it can be practical in the way that your Mother can place it somewhere in the home so it can be viewed and remembered. These are great Mother’s Day gift ideas.

Many Mothers love chocolate and other sweets and candies. This is definitely an appropriate time of year to indulge her sweet tooth.

A great gift idea is something that you can do together. This could be a game, tickets to a show, or some kind of craft you can both do together. If you don’t want to spend too much money, you can give her the gift of your time—take her on a walk, show her a part of town she hasn’t been to in a long time, etc.

Some Moms don’t mind if you ask them what they want for Mother’s Day (they might even prefer it). This ensures she gets what she wants, and that you don’t stress out trying to figure out the perfect gift.

Making Mother’s Day special is a great way to express your appreciation to your mom. Start planning your Mother’s Day activities now, so you are totally prepared to make your mother feel great on Mother’s Day.

4 Useful Family Vacation Tips

Easily Plan a Vacation Your Whole Family Will Enjoy

Remember summer vacations as a kid? Most of them probably bring back good memories of relaxation, delicious food, and enjoying family time. However, now that you’re the adult planning your own family vacation, you start to realize how stressful and difficult that can be!

Finding available dates for your vacation, planning a trip that everyone will enjoy, and keeping a balance of play and rest can be tricky.

Follow these great family vacation tips for an amazing time with your family this summer.

Find Time

Summer months are busy and fly by fast! Your first priority when planning your vacation is scheduling the time off. You will need to decide what dates are going to work best for your entire family.

Sit down together with your work schedules, personal calendars and the summer activity schedules of your children. Once you find a chunk of time that works for everyone, block off this time in your calendars and label it: family vacation. By doing this, you can make sure nothing will get double-booked with your family vacation.

Request time off of work early so you know you won’t have any conflicts. If your children will be missing part of a summer activity, talk to their coach or leader and make sure they are aware that your child will be gone; ask what they will miss and if they need to make up any of those missed activities.


Consider how much money you have to spend. This will ultimately dictate where you can afford to go and for how long. Even a simple vacation close to home will be fun and memorable. It doesn’t take a lot of money to have a good time if you plan ahead. Finding family vacation ideas on a budget can really make the vacation creative and fun.

There are plenty family vacation ideas on a budget but a really important idea is to book in advance. Don’t put it off until the last minute, or you will have the consequence of a very expensive plane ticket, or hotel.

Plan a Destination

After deciding how long your vacation will be and when you are going to be gone, you can then start to decide which destination will be the best for your family. This decision usually goes smoother when made by the adults.

Your children may insist on going to a theme park when you would rather visit your parents this year. While doing this, plan the trip that will be the most memorable and meaningful and the one within your budget. Keep an early eye out on cheap family vacation ideas throughout the year to save money.

Some families like to stick with the same destination each year. Visiting the same location can create a sense of tradition for your family. You get to know the area very well over time, so you always know what to expect, what to pack, and what activities you can do while you are there.

Other families like to plan a sense of adventure and try new things when they head out on vacation. If you like to be more daring and choose a new destination every year, then you might want to plan your destination as a family.

Plan Activities

After you have decided on a location, you can start planning the activities. Talk with each of your children and make sure you plan something that they will all be excited about.

Your children may have very differing interests, but if they each have something to look forward to, they will be sure to enjoy the trip. They will also be more patient while participating in an activity that you or their siblings are excited about.

Be sure to plan some downtime. If you’ve booked too many activities, you could get grouchy with each other quickly. Keep in mind that vacations are about more than just filling your day with places to go and things to see. Schedule some time to catch your breath and unwind, too.

Most importantly, follow your schedule loosely; be adaptable when needed. For example, if you end up enjoying one activity, but have another one planned soon after, don’t feel rushed to leave. See if you can attend the next event later or on a different day, or maybe just cross it off your list and skip it.

As mentioned above, your budget for your vacation should be set early. However, if you find you don’t have enough funds once you are scheduled to go out on vacation, stop by a convenient Check City location to take out a title loan. We will have you out the door quickly, with your cash so you can get on your way to a great family vacation in no time. We hope you have learned great family vacation tips, thank you for reading!

6 Mother’s Day Ideas Your Mother Will Love

Planning a Mother’s Day to Make Your Mom Feel Important

Mother’s day is perhaps one of the most important and least recognized holidays of the year. It is a day every mother should feel especially loved and appreciated.

However, we often forget to truly celebrate this special day of the year, and this can leave moms feeling sad and unappreciated.

This year can be different than the years before, and if you really want to make this mother’s day special, there are many things you can do to show your mother your appreciation and love.

Here are 6 great mother’s day ideas that will make your mom feel extra important!

Start Planning Early

One of the biggest difficulties faced by mother’s day is that these celebrations are often thrown together at the last minute without proper thought. Procrastination can result for a day that is empty of activity, and not as thoughtful.

But, if you start working now, you can make sure that mother’s day is extra special this year.

As you begin your mother’s day planning, consider your own mother’s personal preferences. If you really want to make this mother’s day special, you have to tailor it too your mother’s likings and preferences. Consider secretly asking her a few questions to help make her day perfect.

Give Her Your Time

When it comes down to it, your mother probably wants to spend time with loved ones more than anything else. That means whatever plans you make for mother’s day, you should certainly plan on giving your mother some of your time.

Make sure to give your time to your mother on mother’s day and spend quality time with her. If you live too far away, make it a priority to talk to her on the phone or Skype.

Whether it’s Skype, or spending time with your mother in person, this is one of the most important mother’s day ideas.

Invite Family Members and Friends

To make this mother’s day even more special, you should be sure to make the proper invitations. This is a day that should be shared by the ones your mother loves, so be sure to invite your family members, and your mother’s good friends to share this lovely day with her.

This can also relieve some stress as you prepare for the celebration. Consider asking the invitees to help with planning by bringing food, activities, or cards to share with your mother.

Make a Meal of It

Some of the best times we spend with the ones we love are the times we spend enjoying a meal together. A dinner can be a great way for all of your siblings to get together and express appreciation to your mother. When you are planning a dinner for Mother’s Day, you should be sure that it is centered around your mom. Here are some great mother’s day dinner ideas. Mothers are often required to spend their time waiting on their children, rather than relaxing and enjoying the delicious food.

So this mother’s day, it is especially important to give your mother time off for dinner. Whether you go out together to eat, or you prepare a meal that you can share, you should make sure your mother is unbothered by the duties of preparing or serving food.

As you plan your menu, keep your mother’s favorite dishes in mind, and try to create a meal that she will love and remember for the coming year. Talk with her about her favorite foods and make sure that you incorporate them in the meal. Do not cook or bake anything that you know she does not like or she will not eat.

Thoughtful Gifts

Gift giving is a tradition that continues to be practiced today, but meaningful gifts can add a level of sentiment to our gift giving tradition that is otherwise missing. As you look into getting your mother a gift this year, be sure to choose something that means something. A gift doesn’t have to be anything really expensive or big to be a good one.

A few great gifts to consider include:

  • A Special or Old Edition of Her Favorite Book. If your mom is a big reader, consider searching your local bookstores and the Internet for an early edition for her collection.
  • A Homemade Gift. If you have skills with sewing, building, or crafting, a homemade gift can be a great and thoughtful idea. Make sure to consider how the item can be used, and how it will fit in with your mom’s décor.
  • A Handwritten Card. A card can be used to show your mother how much you care. When you write her a card, be sure to be specific and genuine, and really show her the love you feel. This is a great gift on its own, as well as an excellent addition to any other gift you might give. Writing a card can be the most meaningful gift given and is something your mother will cherish forever. Writing a card is one of the best mother’s day ideas.

Getting to Work

Mother’s day isn’t tomorrow, but now is the time to get started. Get planning today for a mother’s day that will make your mom feel as important and loved as she is.

Keep reading the Check City blog for more great ideas as you plan your important events this year!

2 Ways to Budget a Family Vacation

vacation budget

Nobody should tell you where to go on vacation. It’s your hard-earned money, and you deserve to take the vacation of your dreams!

Of course, the biggest obstacle for taking a vacation is money. Your financial situation will probably dictate how often your family takes vacations, and where you ultimately go. Hopping on a plane whenever we want isn’t a luxury most of us can afford. We have to plan ahead and make a family vacation budget in order to turn your dream vacation into a reality.

So how do you realistically plan to finance a vacation? There are typically two options:

Option 1: Let Your Budget Decide Where You Go

family vacation budget

There are literally thousands of amazing vacation destinations out there. But many of the most stunning vacation hot spots cost a lot of money. But if you don’t have your heart set on a specific location, then one tactic is to choose where you go based on how much money you already have available for a vacation fund. You might even be surprised at the amazing places you and your family can afford to visit.

You can spend less money on vacation by choosing cheaper ways to travel, or by going camping instead of staying at a hotel. You can also make vacation fit your budget by bringing your own food instead of eating out the whole time you’re away, or by going on a shorter vacation.

A good way to let your budget decide where you go on vacation is to create a small monthly vacation fund in your budget. By building up vacation savings, you’ll always have money available for even those small spontaneous trips.

Option 2: Pick Your Dream Destination and Save Up

family vacation budget

We all have those dream destinations that we want to visit. In order to check these vacation goals off your bucket list, you’ll need to save up enough money no matter how long it takes. To do this strategy right, you have to have a pretty good idea how much your dream vacation is going to cost. Do your best to estimate the cost of all your expenses, find your total goal amount, and start saving. Figure it into your monthly budget, and you’ll be on your way to that dream vacation your family has been waiting for.

When you finally do take the vacation of your dreams, all that’s left to do is plan your next vacation and start saving. Before you know it you’ll be adding stickers to your suitcase and adding tacks to that map on your wall!

Other Vacation Budget Basics

vacation planning

Every good family vacation needs a good budget. Once you’ve saved up enough money to finally embark on your trip, you need a plan for how you are going to spend your money while on vacation. How much do you want to spend on food each day? Will you be going to any shows or events while on vacation? Figure your entire itinerary into your budget, and make sure you have enough to cover all your planned activities.

There are many expenses you can plan for ahead of time, but there are also going to be unexpected costs that have a tendency to pop up. To safeguard against any surprises, you need to do two things:

  1. Include some extra money in your vacation budget for unexpected expenses
  2. Have a way to get a hold of emergency funds if you need them in a pinch

Sometimes the spontaneous happenings are the best part of a vacation, and if you’ve saved some extra money for this purpose, you’ll be more likely to go where the road will take you. And since there’s always the possibility that you’ll need access to emergency funds, think ahead of time how you’ll be able to get to those funds while on vacation.

For example, if your car breaks down, if you need to move hotels or even if the price of gas goes up as you are traveling you do not want to be stuck without the funds to travel safely. Should you need more cash, simply find the nearest Check City location and take out a cash advance or even have money transferred to the Check City location. If someone can wire you the money, you can pick it up at the nearest Check City.

It’s time to start planning your dream vacation—it’s up to you what strategy you’re going to take and how much you’re going to save.

What is a Cash Advance and How Does it Work?


What is a cash advance and how do they work? Learn all the basics of a cash advance and how to use a cash advance in today’s article.

Explore this Guide:

What is a Cash Advance?

A cash advance is a type of small loan designed to help borrowers get the cash they need as quickly and easily as possible.

In finance, getting an advance on something is usually a way to get something sooner rather than later. A cash advance loan helps customers get the cash they need sooner rather than later so they can have the finances they need today.

Cash Advance Definition

Cash advances are similar to payday loans. Instead of waiting for a paycheck or a payment to come through, a cash advance helps you get those funds sooner.

How Does a Cash Advance Work?

Since cash advances are small, short-term loans, they are much easier and quicker to take out than larger loans with longer repayment plans.

Getting a cash advance is simple and easy to do. The person taking out the cash advance gives a post-dated check to the cash advance lender in the amount they would like to borrow. On their next payday, the borrower pays off the loan amount and the lender’s fee.

Taking out a cash advance loan at Check City is especially easy to do. Borrowers just have to follow these 4 steps and meet 3 simple qualifications listed below:

Step 1: Visit a Check City location or go to

Step 2: Whether you go online or to a store location, you’ll need to fill out a cash advance application and submit it.

Step 3: Check City will review the application and put it through a screening process.

Step 4: Once the application is accepted, the cash advance funds will be deposited directly to the checking account you provided or given to you in cash at the store.

Since cash advances are a simpler loan type, they also have fewer qualifications than larger loans. Customers only need to meet 3 qualifications to get a cash advance at Check City.

  1. A steady source of income
  2. A state or federal ID
  3. A checking account

Types of Cash Advances

There are a few different types of cash advance options that borrowers who need money can use.

Payday Cash Advance

One type of cash advance is a payday loan. These are small, short-term loans that are borrowed only for the time until a borrower’s next payday. This is where the term “payday loan” comes in.

These types of loans are designed to get a person to their next payday and to be paid off with their next paycheck. They often have loan amounts that are only a few hundred dollars and loan terms that last only a matter of weeks.

Cash Advance on Income Tax Refund

Another useful cash advance option that some lenders provide are advances on your tax refund.

Taxpayers don’t receive their tax refund until after their taxes are all filed and after the IRS is finished processing your filed taxes each year. It can be hard to wait all that time for the IRS to finish processing your filed taxes before you can get that helpful tax refund.

Instead of waiting all that time for your tax refund, take out a tax refund advance on income tax refunds and get your money sooner.

Credit Card Cash Advance

A third type of cash advance is an advance on your credit card. If your credit card provider allows credit card cash advances, then you can take out cash at a bank or ATM with your credit card.

Fees and restrictions might apply for each cash advance transaction taken out using a credit card.

Reasons to Get a Cash Advance

There are many reasons to get a cash advance. The primary reasons are because you need to get money sooner instead of later.

You can take out a cash advance on your next paycheck or your upcoming tax refund to get those funds in hand sooner.

Many borrowers take out cash advances because they need those funds sooner rather than later in order to pay bills or make time-sensitive purchases.

Here are a few specific examples of when someone might want to take out a cash advance.

  • So they aren’t late paying rent
  • So they aren’t late paying utility bills
  • So they aren’t late paying the phone bill
  • To take advantage of time sensitive sales
  • To avoid needing to take money out of a savings account or emergency fund
  • To get funds into your hands sooner for everyday expenses like groceries
  • Avoid high overdraft fees

Cash advances are an important and useful tool in being able to completely control your own finances. They help you finance on your own schedule and get your funds in time to stick to your financial plans.

Cash Advance Near Me

There are two ways to find a cash advance near me—online or at a Check City location.

Lucky for cash advance borrowers, Check City locations are always in a convenient, nearby location in the neighborhoods they operate in.

Check City’s online cash advances are also incredibly convenient to use and can be applied for from the comfort of your own home.

Cash Advance Alternatives

If you are looking for an alternative to cash advances, you could try taking out a personal loan. Personal loans are another great option when you are tight on finances and need some help.

Personal Loans

Personal loans are a flexible loan type that can be taken out for any personal reason. For example, unlike a business loan, personal loans don’t have to be used for a set, official purpose.

This makes personal loans a great additional option for borrowers who need quick personal funds.

Peer to Peer Borrowing

You could also borrow money from a friend or family member. This is an especially helpful option when you only need to borrow a little and have someone in your life that you trust as a lender.

But borrowing money from people we know can also get complicated, which is why options like personal loans and cash advances might still be your best option.

In Conclusion,

Cash advances are an important small loan solution that many people need and use. When used responsibly, a cash advance can be the perfect, short-term solution for a short-term financial problem.

3 Important Sun Safety Tips

Safely Enjoying the Sun

As summer starts, it is important to understand how you can safely enjoy the sun without getting burned. When the sun starts to come out and you’re relaxing on the beach, you want to enjoy the time in the sun without hurting your body. Here are some great sun safety tips:

Always Wear Sunscreen

First, you should always be wearing sunscreen. Your sunscreen should protect you against UVA and UCB rays. Reapply your sunscreen on a consistent basis and apply it with enough time to soak into your skin before heading out into the sun. Wearing sunscreen is very important for all ages and is a great sun safety tip.

There are a few spots that majority of people always forget to apply sunscreen to. For example, most people forget that when ears are exposed to the sun, they are the first things to burn. Another painful place to have a sunburn is the part in your hair. It may be uncomfortable to apply sunscreen there, but it’s even more uncomfortable when it’s burnt. For some reason many people forget that feet need sunscreen, too. The top of your feet are often forgotten when it comes to applying sunscreen.

Often times, young ones forget to apply sunscreen. Make sure your kids always have sunscreen applied frequently on them, to ensure they don’t get burnt. Kids are in the sun much more than adults and lose track of time because how much fun they are having. Making sure they are protected with sunscreen is great sun safety for kids.

Wear Protective Covering

Second, when you know that you are going to be in the sun for an extended amount of time you should have some type of covering. Whether this means bringing a big umbrella to the beach or wearing a hat when you are out walking, you want to cover your skin the best you can. Allowing yourself to have some shade can also be very refreshing when you are spending a lot of time in the sun. Protective covering is a great sun safety tip and is also very important for sun safety for kids and everyone.

Destinations that Need More Sunscreen

Beaches like Hawaii are dangerous places because of their proximity to the water and the sun. Not only can the water reflect the sun, but the sand can, too. Make sure to wear a powerful sunscreen and reapply it frequently.

Summer isn’t the only thing to worry about. Skiing in Colorado can be just as dangerous as swimming in Hawaii because of the high altitude and reflective snow. In fact, the higher the altitude, the higher percentage of UV radiation, making the UV rays in Colorado much stronger than at sea level. Don’t forget your sunscreen or sunglasses on this trip.

Going on a cruise to the Caribbean sounds like a relaxing vacation, but don’t forget to put on all the necessary sunscreen. With constant trips outside in the water to swim, snorkel, scuba dive, or play with dolphins and sting-rays, you may get sick of how often you have to apply and reapply sunscreen, but without it you’ll be burnt to a crisp before you know it.

Don’t let the cloudy skies fool you. You can still get extremely burnt on a cloudy day. Most people forget to apply sunscreen on a cloudy day. If you’ll be spending time outside, don’t underestimate the power of UV rays and wear sufficient protection. In fact, on a cloudy day, UV rays can be even more powerful than usual because they are magnified by the clouds.

If you plan on visiting any of these destinations, or any similar destinations with powerful UV rays, take extra precaution and bring plenty of powerful sunscreen to protect yourself. Skin cancer can manifest itself in freckles and moles, so cover any of yours with band-aids in the sun.

We hope you have enjoyed our sun safety tips. Thanks for reading!

Filing for a Return

If you are looking for a bit of extra money, filing for a return on your taxes may be something you may want to consider. This process is quick and easy to do, and it can easily get you back a sizable amount of cash.

Filing for a return is what you do if there is an excess of taxes paid for your bracket, along with a host of other factors, you may want to talk to an expert if you are unsure of whether you will qualify for a return. You can visit your nearest Check City location in order to access some of our financial services to help. If you think you might be qualified to get a return, use of tax preparation services in order to be sure. Our in house experts should be able to aid you in the process and give you the best overview of what you will qualify for.

If you do qualify for a return, then the government can send you a check which gives you back some of the funds which you have paid over the year. The money is yours to sped as you will. In a lot of ways, getting a return is like getting a mid year bonus, which can help you to take care of whatever financial situations you are looking at.

This is especially helpful for those who have been working and are in a situation where they do not meet the limit for filing, and would benefit greatly from getting a return. Given how much is taken out for taxes from each paycheck, the money you can get back truly will make a difference.

Come visit any Check City location to let us help you with your taxes. Our financial experts should be able to give you individualized attention, so you know the best approach to personally take.

Paying for Your Purchases with a Debit Card

When you are having a hard time staying within your budget, it is important that you look for alternative ways to budget. There are many people that benefit from changing up the way that they are paying for their purchases. Changing the way you pay for your purchases may help you realize how much money you are spending and ensure that you are going to be able to stay within a budget. Some people need to start spending only cash while other people benefit from using a debit card.

If you have been using cash and it just seems to slip right through your fingers, you may want to look into using a debit card. Even if you do not have a checking account you can use a debit card on a daily basis to ensure you stay within your budget. Stop by any one of our Check City locations to sign up for a NetSpend Prepaid Debit Card, to ensure that you are going to be able to use a debit card from day to day.

When you use a Prepaid Debit Card, you will not have to worry about over drafting or spending money that you do not have. Make sure that you are taking the time that you need to create your budget wisely so that you always know how much money you have on your Netspend Prepaid Debit Card and you are prepared to be able to pay all of your bills.

With a budget set out and a debit card in hand, you may be able to train yourself to refer to your budget and only spend money where your budget allows. Rather than spending small amounts of money that seem insignificant because you have the cash, only to find that you are out of money or you do not have enough money at the end of the month.

5 Great Emergency Kit Items to Keep in Your Car

Keeping Safety Equipment in Your Car

When you start a long road trip, it is important that you keep some necessary safety items in your car to avoid any harmful situations that can get both you and your car into deep trouble. Take the time you need to develop a system so you always have these safety items in your car. Here is a great checklist of some items to keep in your car for an emergency kit.

First Aid Kit

One of the most important safety items you need to keep in your car is a first aid kit. When you’re on long road trips and find yourself in the middle of nowhere and in need of some basic medical equipment, you’ll be thankful that you packed everything you need in your first aid kit.

Your first aid kit should include this basic medical equipment, but it should also be packed with food, water, a blanket, and a flashlight. If your situation proves direr, you’ll have some basic necessities to sustain yourself until you are found and rescued. A first aid kit is very important for your car emergency kit checklist.

Car Tools

Another basic necessity that you need is tools for your car if anything goes wrong with it. For example, if you have a flat tire and need to change it yourself, you should have a spare tire available. As the process of changing your tire is incredibly messy, you’ll want to keep a towel and some wet wipes in your safety kit as well.

If your car won’t start, you need jumper cables to restart the engine. Some drivers feel safer driving with a few flares and reflectors to set up in case they break down on the side of the road.

Remember that if your tires are starting to deflate, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to replace them. You may need to just re-inflate them. Keep a tire pressure gauge and tire inflator in your safety kit and you’ll be able to fix deflated tires without entirely replacing them.

Something to Break the Window

While it may sound unlikely that there will come a time that you need to break your window in order to get out of your car, it is possible. If your car gets caught in a flood or if you drive into a lake, the pressure will prevent you from being able to open your door and the electric windows won’t work either. By using a hammer to break your window, you’ll be able to swim away from your car and to the rescue.

Tire Chains in the Snow

When driving in locations of ice and heavy snow, you’ll want as much traction as you can possibly get. It’s hard to drive anywhere in the snow, let alone up and down hills. Without chains on your tires, you won’t get the traction you need and you can easily find yourself in precarious situations, such as sliding into mountains or other cars. You can avoid these situations if you’re properly prepared with the right tire chains.

With extremely heavy snow, you’ll need something to shovel it away as well. Keep a shovel in your trunk to ensure that you’ll be able to get the snow away from your car and off the roads that you need to drive on.


If any of these situations happens to you while you’re driving, the first precaution you should take is calling the authorities. Whether it’s a car service, the police or your dad, you’ll need a form of communication in your car. Usually this is a cell phone.

The Basics of a Cash Advance

If you have heard about cash advances but you are hesitant to take advantage of this service you should learn all that you can about the service. Make sure that you are taking the time that you need to understand how you are going to learn everything about the service to ensure that you can make an educated decision when you are in a tight spot and need extra cash. Check City makes cash advances easy and quick so customers can walk out of the store with the cash that they need to make ends meet.

Many people use a cash advance service when they are looking to avoid late, overdraft or even reconnection fees that are associated with missing a deadline. Avoiding those fees with a cash advance may be the most logical and money wise decision. You may also be able to save your credit score if you use a cash advance rather than miss a payment or make your payment late.

Customers can take out a cash advance online or in the store. If you want to take a cash advance out online all that you have to do is visit and fill out the application that is provided. Once you are done filling out the application it will be reviewed by a Check City employee. If everything has been filled out properly and the application makes it through our screening process funds will be directly deposited into your account.

When you want to take out a cash advance in the store, you should find a convenient Check City location, write a personal check for the amount of money that you will need and the standard fee associated with the check and then you can walk away with cash.

There are only three qualifications that must be met to utilize the cash advance service that Check City offers. You should be sure that you have a steady source of income, a state or federal ID and a checking count when you apply for a cash advance.

We will get you the money that you need quickly and easily. The next time you find yourself in a hard financial position you may want to look at your Cash Advance options.

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