Christmas Gifts for Boyfriend


Buying holiday presents for those you love can be a daunting task. One of the ways it can be tough is when your good intentions are there, but the funds just aren’t. If you need a little help paying for a great Christmas gift then visit and apply online for a small loan. Don’t let the stress of gift shopping get you down this year. Use this list of the best gift ideas for boyfriends to find the perfect gift, or get inspired about what to get your boyfriend for Christmas this year. We also have some key gift shopping tips that can help you brainstorm a truly personal gift.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Boyfriends

More than likely there are two routes you’ll want to go when brainstorming a gift for your boyfriend this Christmas—a personal gift, or a commemorative one. You can get him something you know he’ll use and love, or you can get him something special to show how you care. For instance, if your boyfriend loves peanut butter you might get him this peanut butter sampler, but if you want to maybe get him something more touching, you could buy him these nice silver cuff links at Macy’s. Don’t stay stuck gift shopping for your boyfriend this year and use this list of the top Christmas gift ideas for men.


1. A Fun Adventure Date

christmas gift ideas for boyfriend

Find your own adventure on Cloud 9 Living

Here’s how it works—you visit and enter in your location. Then you’ll be able to see a giant list of crazy fun activities and adventures you and your boyfriend can go on. You can even select what kind of activities you’re interested in, and your desired price range. This is truly one of the most unique Christmas gifts for men you can come by.


2. Scratch Off Poster

thoughtful christmas gifts for boyfriend

Buy it on Amazon for $15.00

Scratch off posters have become really popular lately, and there are many posters to choose from. There’s a Top 100 Movies poster for $27.97, and a 100 Things To Do bucket list poster for $15 as well. There are also scratch off posters for 100 Date Ideas and a world map poster where you can mark all of the places you’ve been together. These scratch off posters are a guaranteed great gift idea for your loved ones.


3. Long Distance Touch Bracelets

christmas gifts for your boyfriend

Buy it on Amazon for $98.00

If you spend a lot of time apart from your significant other, than you might want to get them these bond touch bracelets. When you touch the bracelet, the wearer of the matching bracelet will feel it! These bracelets even come with an app that you can use to customize the colors that light up on your boyfriends bracelets and check in with each other. The bond touch bracelets are also water proof so you can wear your matching bracelets wherever you go, and stay connected no matter how far apart you are.


4. Bluetooth Turntable

cute christmas gifts for boyfriend

Buy it at Kohls for $39.99

Get this vintage style, portable suitcase table on sale right now at Kohls! This Bluetooth turntable was originally $69.99, but now you can get it for almost half that price. This is a wonderful gift for someone who’s in love with everything retro. Your boyfriend will love showing off this peculiar new item in his home. They even come in a wide range of colors and designs so his new record player can match the aesthetic of the rest of his home as well.


5. Personalized Moon Globe

good christmas gifts for boyfriend

Buy it on Engraved Giftsly for $22.36

A lot of times the best gift idea is the most personalized one. This custom engraved moon light globe is just the right gift to commemorate your love and time together. Inside the moon globe you can engrave a photo of you together, or some text. Then your boyfriend can place his custom crafted moon globe on his nightstand to have a beautiful, calming nightlight that also reminds him of you.


6. Air Fryer

best christmas gifts for boyfriend

Buy it at Walmart for $41.99

For the boyfriend who has everything, you can get him his own air fryer! Now he can have homemade French fries whenever he wants, all while being a little healthier by avoiding traditional grease fryers. This kitchen appliance comes with a digital display for easy use, and a removable drawer and basket for easy frying. It’s detachable drawer and basket are even dishwasher safe.


7. Weekend Getaway Laptop Backpack

best christmas gifts for boyfriend

Buy it at Target for $58.49

This backpack is just what your boyfriend needs for any kind of traveling. The getaway backpack comes from the dependable brand, Swiss Gear, and features a unique pocket design for all his travel needs. It zips all the way open like a suitcase for easy access, and it has specific laptop pocket that can fit any computer or tablet up to 18″ in size. It also has a special sleeve in the back so you can put it on the handle of a carry on bag. Not only can you get this item on sale right now, but your boyfriend is guaranteed to love his new travel backpack.


8. Vintage Nintendo

best christmas gifts for boyfriend

Buy it at Walmart for $36.99

Is your boyfriend a gamer? Then no doubt he’ll love this classic throwback gift. This vintage Nintendo Classic Edition Entertainment System will bring back nostalgia and fond memories. It even comes with 620 built in games for him to enjoy! You can even have fun playing these games together during the cold winter months when you have to stay indoors anyway.


9. Flannel Shirt

best christmas gifts for boyfriend

Buy it at Eddie Bauer for $37.50 to $42.50

Flannels are not only nice and warm to wear, but they look great too. Upgrade your boyfriends wardrobe a bit by getting him a really nice flannel from Eddie Bauer. Their flannels come in all kinds of patterns and colors so you’re sure to find a design he’ll like. Their flannels are also on sale right now, having originally been $75, so now is the time to buy!


10. Handheld Garment Steamer

best christmas gifts for boyfriend

Buy it at Bed Bath & Beyond for $19.99

A handheld garment steamer is just what your boyfriend needs in his life. It’s easy to use, portable, and doesn’t require an ironing board to give his clothes a finished, ironed look. Now he can simply steam his clothes while they hang in his closet.

Gift Shopping Tips

Gift shopping can be a real hassle. There are family members to think of, like siblings and mom and dad. There are also loved ones to prepare gifts for if you have a partner or spouse, which can be especially stressful. But by keeping these tips in mind, you can make the whole process a lot easier on yourself.

Start Gift Planning Early

Gift giving is often made more difficult because we wait until December 1st to start thinking about what to get everyone. But if you start gift planning early you can have all your gift shopping done before December even arrives! So this new year, make a resolution to start planning what to get everyone in January, rather than waiting until December.

Upgrade Everyday Items

Change things up by getting the deluxe option of something they commonly use or enjoy. If the man you’re shopping for is a huge popcorn lover, try getting him a gourmet box of popcorn. Or if they love their morning coffee you can brighten their morning routine by getting them a set of deluxe holiday coffee samplers. You can also take an otherwise ordinary gift and make it extraordinary through its presentation. During the holiday seasons many stores have gift wrapping options to add another degree of effort and care into the gift.

Christmas Gifts for Loved Ones

There’s a special kind of gift giving pressure when the gift recipient is someone you love and care about. You want to get them something they’ll like, but you also want to say “I love you” with your gift. It might seem difficult thinking of romantic gifts to get your boyfriend, but there are many ideas out there. You can get him a beautiful watch, customized cuff links, tie clips, wristband, or take him out for a nice romantic dinner. Romantic gifts for men just need to be from the heart, meant to show how much you care, and that you listen to their wants, needs, and dislikes.