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amazon daily deals

There are lots of great deals you can take advantage of every single day, with Amazon’s Daily Deals! You won’t believe some of the great things you can find. Every Tuesday we highlight some of our favorite Amazon Daily Deal buys. Here are some of our top picks from today:

*The prices shown below are the sale prices listed at the time of posting.


Today’s Amazon Daily Deals:

Bushnell Falcon Binoculars


Current Sale Price: $21.69
Originally: $36.99
You Save: $15.30! (41% off)

These binoculars are by Bushnell Falcon and they have a 10 x 50 wide angle lens. They’re made to be durable and give a sharp clear view. Binoculars like these are great to have if you’re into hunting or bird watching and could make a great gift idea for the avid hunters in your life.

But these aren’t the only hunting binoculars on sale today at Amazon. There are other binocular deals going on today too! Check them out HERE and pick out your own discount binoculars.


Acer Gaming Monitor

gaming monitor

Current Sale Price: $169.99
Originally: $279.99
You Save: $110.00! (39% off)

This monitor is a 27 inch screen with a sleek curved design. Amazon is having lots of deals today on all things computer. They have USBs, a WiFi range extender, external hard drives, core processors, gaming mouse, and even all-in-one computers. So if you’re looking to set up your own desktop computer, whether for gaming, for school, or your home office, you may find what you’re looking for with these computer Amazon deals.


Nutro Natural Crunchy Dog Treats

dog treats

Current Sale Price: $5.03
Originally: $8.99
You Save: $3.96! (44% off)

Amazon is also having a mass sale on lots of different dog treats. These crunchy treats are made with high quality protein, but there are lots of other great treats to choose from today as well! There are dentastixs that are up to 35% off, and other dental chews for up to 41% off to help keep your dog’s breath fresh and naturally get rid of tooth plaque. There are even cat treats! Click HERE to check out what other pet treats you can grab today.


Amazon Daily Deals Kindle Books

It’s important to keep the joy of reading alive in your life and having your own library to pull from certainly makes that easier. With kindle e-readers and the constant book and audiobook sales going on everyday on Amazon, this job is easy. So you can keep reading lots of new things without paying high prices or even leaving your home!

Kindle Oasis E-Reader

oasis kindle E-Reader

Current Sale Price: $174.99
Originally: $249.99
You Save: $75.00! (30% off)

This e-reader is the first kindle e-reader to be, waterproof! It even connects with your audible account so you can listen to your books with your kindle too. The Kindle Oasis E-
Reader has a glare free screen that won’t strain your eyes. This newer e-reader also comes in different colors: graphite grey and champagne gold. You can use this handy device to do all your cozy winter reading!


Jane Doe

by Victoria Helen Stone

Current Sale Price: $7.48
Originally: $14.95
You Save: $7.47! (50% off)

Jane Doe is about a seemingly ordinary girl, who turns out to be not so ordinary. It uses a first-person point of view and deals with emotional suspense, revenge, and sociopaths. So if you still need a thrilling read this October, now might be your chance to grab a suspense-thriller on sale.


The Extraordinary Life of Sam Hell

by Robert Dugoni

robert dugoni

Current Sale Price: $6.99
Originally: $14.95
You Save: $7.96! (53% off)

Author Robert Dugoni is both a Wall Street Journal and New York Times bestselling author, so grab this promising read while you can! The Extraordinary Life of Sam Hell is a coming-of-age novel about a young boy who was born with red eyes.


When We Believed in Mermaids

by Barbara O’Neal

when we believed in mermaids

Current Sale Price: $1.99 on kindle
Originally: $3.99 (digital) $14.95 (print)
You Save: $12.96! (87% off)

When We Believed in Mermaids is about a girl who see her supposedly dead sister on the TV news, and suddenly everything changes. If you love a good mystery read where oceans of buried secrets get revealed, this book is the one for you.


Took: A Ghost Story

by Mary Downing Hahn

took: a ghost story

Current Sale Price: $2.99
Originally: $7.99
You Save: $5.00! (63% off)

There’s a new kid in town and at first he doesn’t believe the ghost stories the other kids try and tell him. That is, until his sister disappears. Get your ghost story, Halloween fix this year by taking advantage of Amazon’s spooky book sales!

There are many more scary kindle reads available on sale until the 27th of this month! Check out this LINK to see what other spooky tales you can get a deal on this week.

spooky kindle reads

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