The Best Retirement Gift Ideas

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Is someone you know retiring soon? If so, then you might need a retirement gift for them! Find the perfect retirement gift with some of the best retirement gift ideas.

The perfect retirement gift is something memorable, useful, or personal. Think about what they love to do, their hobbies, or their retirement plans. This can give you the perfect insight into the best personal retirement gift.

Retirement Gift Ideas for Women

Yoga Set


Yoga is a relaxing and healthy past time. Yoga is good for the body and for the soul. With a nice yoga set up your retired friends, family members, or colleagues can take a moment each day to do a yoga sequence and find more peace and relaxation in each day because of it. A good yoga set will include a nice yoga mat and maybe some towels, yoga blocks, and straps for them to use in different yoga poses.

Oil Diffuser


Oil diffusers aren’t just a calming item to have running in your home. It also makes your house smell wonderful and works better than other scented things like candles and wall plug-ins. You can also use all kinds of different oils and scents that you can also gift them.



If they love to bake or cook then some fancy cookware might be the best retirement gift. There are also tons of cookware gifts for you to choose from as well. There are pots and pan sets, oven mitts, kitchen towels, kitchen utensils, cutting boards, knife sets, appliances, and knife sets. Some of these items can even be personalized with a custom monogramed cutting board.

Gift Basket


There are all kinds of gift baskets you can put together for someone who is retiring. One of the best gift basket ideas for a retiree is something that can help them relax! Try filling a nice gift basket with bubble baths, face masks, and other home spa items. You can also get them a gift basket filled with things you know they’ll love. Maybe there’s a certain snack or type of chocolate they love.

Photo Album


Photo albums are a great sentimental gift for someone who is retiring. This is an especially great gift idea if you’re a coworker. You and your colleagues can put a photo album together of all your memories at work together. That way they’ll have a little reminder of all their coworkers and all the good times they had in the workplace.

Gardening Stuff


Gardening is a very popular pastime for retirement. Gardening is productive and rewarding work. Help the retirees in your life get into gardening by gifting them the right tools. You could get them a gardening tool set, sun hat, seeds, or beginner gardening tips for starting an herb garden.

Retirement Gift Ideas for Parents

Work Aprons


Don’t underestimate the usefulness of a really nice work apron. You could get them a high-quality apron for almost any of their favorite home hobbies. There are aprons for cooking or baking more professionally from home, aprons for doing hands-on work in the workshop or garage, or durable aprons for outdoor work and gardening. Work aprons are made of quality and durable materials with utility pockets and holders for all your tools.



Ereaders are so useful. You can fit entire libraries of books on one small, portable system. There are several ereader devices out there for you to choose from but the Amazon Kindle is the most popular. Kindles also connect to your Amazon library where many people buy there digital book copies now. Amazon is also always having deals on their kindle devices.

Travel Gear


Many retirees like to travel! They visit grandchildren, friends, family, and visit fun and new places. That’s why some great travel gear makes a perfect retirement gift. You could get them an anti-theft travel bag, a giant decorative map to mark all the places they’ve been, a camera for capturing their memories abroad, luggage, or toiletry bags.

Monogramed Mugs or Glasses


A monogrammed glass or mug is another great gift idea for retirement. Not only is this gift personal, but it’s something nice that they can use for years to come and remember you by. In general, monogrammed gifts are a great way to take something ordinary and make it special.

Beach Gear


Many vacations take us to the beach! The beach is a wonderful place to swim, play, walk, and relax. But you don’t want to go to the beach empty handed. If you’re going to a retirement party, consider getting the person on their way to retirement some quality beach gear. This could be large beach towels, travel bags, beach umbrellas, lounging chairs, buckets, sun hats, or a gift basket full of gear like sunscreen and sunglasses.



Help make their retired life even easier by getting them a robot vacuum! Robotic vacuums are a new must-have for any household. With an app they can control their vacuum, set it on a schedule, and have their floors cleaned for them every day without having to lift a finger themselves.

Retirement Gift Ideas for Men

Golfing Gear


Golfing is another iconic pastime for retirement. It’s fun, you can golf with friends or alone, and it isn’t too physically straining as a sport. Maybe your retiring friend already loves golfing or has never golfed a day in their life. Either way, getting them some golfing gear can be a great present for their retirement.

Camping Gear


Camping is another fun pastime for many retirees. Help make their camping trips as fun and relaxing as possible by getting them some quality camping gear! You could get them cots for sleeping on, an air mattress with a cordless air pump, a solar or portable charger, camping cookware, lanterns, or quality walking sticks for walking and hiking the trails.



One of the most popular retirement gifts is a nice watch. Watches often make great gifts for anyone going through a major life milestone. As a retiree, they’ll also be able to use their watch to tell time in their newfound retired life! It’s a timeless gift for a momentous occasion.

Retirement Gift Ideas for Coworkers



Now that they’re retired, they’re going to have a lot more free time. Some of this leisure time can be spent playing games! You could get them a gaming system, board games, card games, or activity books for sudoku, crosswords, and other puzzles. You could also get them jigsaw puzzles. Some jigsaw puzzles can even be framed and hung up as wall decor.

Home Office Stuff


Just because someone is retiring, that doesn’t necessarily mean they stop working or stop being busy. Many retirees will still be making use of a home office. There are so many cool gift ideas for home offices. You could get them a tech station for their charging their devices, desk toys and decor, or organizers for paper filing and other desk items.

A Personal History Canvas


During our time in the workforce we are constantly updating our master resumes. Our careers are a long and eventful journey we all go on. To commemorate this professional journey you could get them a personal history canvas. This is a customizable gift where you can memorialize all that someone has accomplished and all the parts of their career journey.



Get them tickets to fun events and activities near them! A quick google search online will give you all kinds of local events and concerts for you to choose from. Tickets to an event, a show, a play, or a concert makes a wonderful retirement gift because it gives them something fun to look forward to. It’s also a great way to give them something to do!



Classes are another fun retirement gift that will give them something fun and interesting to do and look forward to. You might even find a class that they’ve always wanted to take. There are fitness classes, cooking classes, writing classes, and the list goes on and on! Talk to your local library, community center, or college to see what kind of courses they might be offering right now.



Journaling is a great practice to start at any age. Keeping a journal will record a person’s thoughts and their life. It’s also something that loved ones can look back on later in life to remember them by. Writing in a diary is also a healthy personal exercise. Gift someone who is retiring a really nice journal. You can even monogram most journals too, to have their name on them!



Planners are yet another great gift for anyone who is retiring! Now that they’re retired they have all the time in the world to make plans. A daily, weekly, or monthly planner can be really useful for someone’s retirement days. You could even find them a large monthly calendar system that they can hang up in their home office or main living area for making all their new, fun retirement plans.

Funny Retirement Gift Ideas

You’re Only Old Once! by Doctor Seuss


Dr. Seuss has lots of funny books. But did you know he also has a funny book for retirement? Wrap up this book from a classic author to make whoever is retiring laugh and smile as they read it.

Funny Retirement Mug


You can find countless mugs out there with funny retirement quotes. Just do some online shopping to find the one that speaks the most to the gift recipient you have in mind. Mugs are a great gift by themselves too. They can use that mug for a long time and always remember you when they do.

Funny Retirement Coloring Book


Coloring books aren’t just for children. Now they make coloring books for adults too. They even make retirement coloring books. This one is full of hilarious retirement sayings. So not only will this funny retirement coloring book make them laugh, it will also give them something fun and relaxing to do during all that time off.

Teacher Retirement Gift Ideas

Because I Had a Teacher by Kobi Yamada


When a teacher retires we want to show our utmost appreciation for all the hard work they’ve done. Teacher’s are our mentors, counselors, and friends. They help us grow and learn so we can all reach our fullest potential. That’s why the best retirement gifts for teachers show gratitude and appreciation like this kind and thoughtful book.

Teacher’s Retirement Mug


Mugs are a popular gift for teachers regardless of the occasion. Help finish their teacher mug collection with a new mug all about retirement! You can find retirement teacher mugs that show humor, appreciation, and best wishes.

Teacher Appreciation Notebook


A nice notebook has a hundred potential uses. It can be used as a planner, a journal, a place to keep ideas, notes, or lists. Versatile gifts like these make for great retirement gifts because the gift recipient can do so many things with them.

Retirement Gift Ideas for Dad

Pocket Watch


When gift shopping for your dad you might be looking for something iconic. If that’s the case, then you might consider getting your retired dad a pocket watch. Pocket watches are classy, and many pocket watches can be engraved to include a personal quote or name.

Whiskey Stones Set


Is your dad a whiskey drinker? If so then he’ll love this whiskey stones set. Whiskey stones are a type of cubed stone that can be used as ice cubes in a drink. A gift like this will make him feel very high brow the next time he sits in the den to sip a drink.

50 States, 5,000 Ideas: Where to Go, When to Go, What to See, What to Do


The National Geographic published a book all about everything you can do in all 50 states in the United States. Help dad figure out his next adventure with a book of 5,000 ideas to inspire him!


written by Kimber Severance, Check City Copywriter

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