Online Coupons and Other Ways to Save Money with Social Media


Social media isn’t just the soul-sapping time-waster that haters make it out to be. It can actually be a very useful tool to keep in touch with friends and family, keep up on the latest news/gossip, and keep your wallet a bit thicker than it might have been.

Social media can be a great money-saver, in many, many ways!

Deals and Steals

First of all, pretty much all of your favorite companies are on social media. And most of them offer discounts, giveaways, online coupons and promotions exclusively on their Facebook or Twitter accounts. Start by following some of the companies you love most in order to catch these sweet deals.

Groups, organizations, foundations, and even celebrities love to hold competitions, promote special events, and give away prizes to their followers. Keep an eye out for interesting prospects, and enjoy your booty!

Just be sure that you don’t get carried away. These deals can help you save money on things you need or were going to buy anyway – but they can become a curse in disguise if you get addicted to the deals online and buy things you don’t need.

Save on Communications

Another great way social media can save you is in the phone bill. This tip doesn’t require any special online coupon. Rather than spending hundreds on international phone calls or even paying top price for your in-country cell phone plans, social media can help you cut down on your paid communications.

There are a lot of texting, calling, and video chatting capabilities and apps on or associated with social media sites that can help you sidestep expensive bills. Some people have even worked out a system where they buy an unlocked phone, a Wi-Fi hotspot, and use free social media as their primary mode of communications.

Keeping in touch without paying for an expensive phone plan? Sounds like heaven! And with a little planning, it can be reality!

Promote Your Business

If you happen to have your own business, or even a hobby that you can sell, use social media to get the word out! Advertising for your business doesn’t have to be as expensive as buying a radio ad or newspaper spot—market your business for free using social media instead. After all, that’s probably where your customers are spending most of their time anyway. You can be one of those people offering giveaways, deals, online coupons and steals for your services or products, and you’ll find more and more loyal customers than ever before!

Build Networks

Finally, social media can be a great network builder – especially Twitter and LinkedIn. Being an active member of a social media community can help you build ties with people in high places, who can help you get better jobs, meet vital people, get you free concert tickets, and even help you win over sponsors!
Just remember to be tactful, grateful, and contribute what you can to the good of others. Don’t be a moocher. Nobody likes moochers. You’ll be blacklisted from every useful network online if you are.

Make Social Media your Ally, Not Your Enemy

As you can see, social media can be a great tool to help you save money. So turn what could be a time-wasting distraction to a useful, profitable tool!

How do you use social media to save money and create opportunities for your career? What are some of your favorite online coupons you’ve gotten from companies on social media?

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