Saving Electricity While Still Keeping Cool

The summer time heat is in full swing, and with most of the country absorbing sweltering heat waves as the months of July and august pass, many homeowners are seeing a dramatic spike in their electricity bills. This sudden rise in the monthly electric bill should not come as a total surprise however, because over seventeen percent of the average household’s annual energy bill is spent solely on cooling the home.

In other words, on average, the average American household spends seventeen percent of their total energy costs per year on cooling the house. That percentage equals an average of over three hundred and seventy five dollars per year spent on cooling the home.

With summer heat causing many to turn on their air conditioning units, and estimated eighty four percent of American homes are equipped with air conditioning services, those numbers on the monthly electric bills in Pennsylvania are sure to rise with the added strain of a consistent air conditioning unit. For those families who wish to save more on their cooling costs and electric bills in the United States, there are ways to lower the electric bills by switching off the air conditioning while still keeping the home nice and cool.

Open The Windows at Night

One of the most common, yet surprisingly underutilized, ways to keep a home cool while switching off the air conditioner is to open the windows at night. While many homeowners in the United States know this trick to a cooler house, there are still a surprisingly large number of individuals and families who do not choose to do so.

By opening the windows at night, a home is able to bring into it the cool night air. Even on those nights when the temperature outside stays relatively warm, the cross ventilation of a home with windows wide open will be able to cool the home naturally without having to spend money by switching on the air conditioner.

But Close Them During The Day

A homeowner needs to remember, however, that keeping the windows open during the hot mornings and afternoons can actually make a home heat up rather than cool down, so after keeping the windows open all night, a homeowner will want to close the windows in the morning. Closing the windows in the morning will likewise trap the cool air in the home and allow for the home to stay cooler for longer.

Turn Off… Everything

Another way to cut even more from the electricity bill while simultaneously cooling the home is to shut off the lights in a home. The standard light bulbs used in the vast majority of homes will typically put off just as much heat as they do light, meaning that they can actually heat a room if they are left on for a long period of time.

Similarly, other electronic devices, such as computers and TVs, put off great deals of heat. To save both energy and the cool air inside of a home, a homeowner cannot just switch these appliances off, but they actually have to physically unplug them from the walls.

This is because some of these appliances, such as computer monitors, laptop fans, and TVs still put off large amounts of heat from their surface even when the appliance has been switched off and is in standby mode. By unplugging these appliances from the wall, the homeowner can effectively switch off the electricity flowing to the appliance which will save money on electricity bills while also limiting the heat radiating into the room.

Use Fans Wisely

Another way for people to beat the heat this summer while limiting their use of the air conditioner is with the appropriate use of fans. Fans are a bit tricky to manage because they too use electricity, so while the air conditioner may not be in use, those who over use their fans may be spending just as much or more than they would if they let their air conditioner run all day.

Homeowners can avoid high electricity bill costs but still use fans if they will use them effectively. The most important thing to remember while using fans to cool the home is that fans cool people and not rooms; or in other words, using a fan to cool oneself is a great way to save on cooling costs, but once one leaves the room the fan should be switched off as it will do nothing to cool the room but still be sucking electricity and money from the homeowner.

To keep a home cool in the summer without using an air conditioning unit can be a difficult challenge for most homeowners. But taking the steps to cool a home without using electricity will help a family to save more money on their electricity bills in the United States.

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