Thrifty Gift Shopping

The Holidays are just around the corner and gift-giving can get expensive. Doesn’t it seem like you just barely paid off all your children’s gifts from last year’s holidays and birthdays? If you can relate to that it might be advantageous to keep the presents on the cheaper side this year.

This may sound difficult but while your children are young, this can be much easier than you expect. At this age, children still are not aware of what is expensive and what is cheap. In fact, all they care about is what it looks like on the outside. To them, the important things are the size and the quantity. You can make this holiday season the happiest of all with just a few larger boxes and packing peanuts.

Stick to the Essentials

Make sure to pay attention to exactly what it is that your kids want leading up to the holidays. Don’t buy anything for them while you are with them as it will either ruin the surprise or it just won’t count as a present in their eyes. If the gifts they want are stuffed animals, clothes, shoes, or jewelry, it is likely that these things are within your budget. The pricier items are the ones found in the toy store, so avoid it at all costs.

It’s all About the Packaging

As we all know, the anticipation can be just as exciting, if not more so, than the reveal. Be sure to wrap your gifts decoratively with large boxes, large ribbons, and filled to the brim with packing peanuts. Do not forget to save some gifts as a surprise from Santa.

Your gifts do not necessarily have to be handmade in order to save money, but it is an option that is slightly more personable. Printed pictures placed in photo albums or frames takes little time, effort, or money, while still being a very personable gift.

Handmade Gifts For the Season

As the holidays tend to land right in the middle of winter, favorite handmade gifts are scarves, which are easy to make and fun to style with different outfits. You can even make matching ones for everyone in the family for the annual holiday card.

Go to surplus stores that offer deals when products are bought in mass. Look for things like nail polish or lip gloss that can be bought in different colors or flavors. Children will be impressed by large quantities, not necessarily quality. Socks can even be fun if decorated and turned into puppets that each represents someone else in the family. Turn it into a game and make the family guess which sock puppet represents who.

Don’t forget the power of food. Make sure you have prepared a holiday appropriate meals for all three meals, with snacks if necessary. We know how important it is to keep everyone happy during the holidays, and your own happiness is just as important. At Check City, we offer services that allow you to trade in your gold or silver jewelry for cash. Make use of your old antiques to use that cash for presents for your loved ones.

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