Find the Best Black Friday Sales with These 5 Tips

Black Friday Shopping!

Shopping for Christmas can be fun or a chore. If you watch the sales, you can usually find some good items on sale throughout the year. If you shop Black Friday, however, you can usually find the motherlode of sales! Black Friday has become a shopping tradition. Retailers have dedicated websites to Black Friday Sales all year. Here are some great tips to help you find the best Black Friday sales!

Beat the Crowds

The crowds on Black Friday can certainly be daunting. Some retailers have done away with the lines snaking around the outside of the building. Some stay open on Thanksgiving and have dedicated lines for each of the major sale items. They assume you’ll shop for other items while you wait in line.

If you’re looking to beat the crowds, consider shopping at the mall. You can find smaller crowds at the mall, with more store options in one place. Another great option to find the best Black Friday sales are by finding pre Black Friday sales. You can find great sales the week of Black Friday and miss the massive crowds on Friday.


In order to take advantage of the best of Black Friday, and not break the bank, set a budget for shopping. With your budget for all Christmas expenses in mind, decide how much you are willing to spend on Black Friday. If you have a budget in mind when you comb through the Black Friday ads, you’ll be able to keep a level head for your shopping extravaganza. With a firm budget in mind, you’ll be able to withstand the overpriced impulse purchases around every corner.

Plan Ahead

During the weeks leading up to Black Friday, scour the Black Friday sale websites and jot down the items you are shopping for, keep your budget in mind and plan carefully. If there is an item you are holding out for, consider calling the store and asking where they will place this item! While you are doing your research, look for great pre black Friday sales! Often, Black Friday isn’t just on Friday, it’s all week.

Some retailers have specific hours for specific items. Make sure you keep the availability times in mind. For instance, if the TV you are looking at is only available from Midnight to three am, make sure you keep the time deadline in mind. Also, be aware that some high-demand items, such as game consoles and TV’s may be offered in limited quantities. If you are after these items, make sure to prioritize these items. If you are looking for several high-demand items, either prioritize your list or bring your friends and station them at various items. Planning ahead is a great way to help you find the best Black Friday sales.

Price Matching

Depending on the store, some will actually price match! Don’t be hesitant to ask, because you can really end up saving a lot of money doing this. Some will price match anywhere from their competitor next door, to their competitor online! This can be very convenient because you can walk out with everything you need with the best prices available.

You Don’t Need It

Always remember that just because it’s on sale, doesn’t mean you need it! That’s why it is always important to plan ahead and map out exactly what you want and need. It can be very difficult to pass up a great sale or Black Friday item, but it’s not worth it if you don’t need it.

Enjoy your Black Friday shopping! Be safe and find some great deals to start your holiday season.

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