Popping The Question Around the Holidays

Christmas is just around the corner and while for most people that means finding the perfect present for their loved ones, for many couples it’s the perfect time to get engaged. It’s hard to explain exactly why people find the holiday season the right time to propose, but whatever the reason is, hundreds if not thousands of couples across the country will be getting engaged this holiday season.

Whether you have been on a few dates, or have been dating your girlfriend for years, chances are you have thought, or worried about, the most expensive part of courting someone. The engagement ring can creep around the corner and if you aren’t ready for it, you will be putting off your ‘true’ love because you don’t have any ‘true’ cash.

On average, men are spending in excess of $5,000 on engagement rings. Below are a few things to think about when making this purchase, and how to finance it so that you can get your girl the ring of her dreams.

Avoid the Tempation to Overspend

If you are a poor college student, then at first you should decide how much you want to spend. It is likely that your girlfriend has mentioned a few ring ideas already. How do they fit with your budget? Be proactive in figuring out how much you can spend. Don’t break the bank with an expensive ring if you are already in debt with student loans and are too busy with college to get a job. Make sure that you both understand that a ring is more than just an expensive ring but also represents dedication and love. If you can’t get a huge rock, that’s okay. A humble start to a marriage is still a great start. Later in life when finances allow, buy her a bigger, better ring that you can afford.

If you are looking to spend more money than you can afford than perhaps you should liquidate some of your assets. In other words, sell some of your stuff. There are many things you could do in this situation such as selling an old computer, selling some of your gaming station that you used to use. Sacrifice is good and can show true dedication but don’t give up your life to pay for the ring. If you find that you have to sell your soul, then perhaps you should consider downsizing the ring.

Set a Budget and Stick to It

If you have been working and you are in your career than chances are you will be able to spend a little more than you would have been able when you were just out of high school or when you were in college. Again, set a budget and work from there. As a general rule of thumb, many jewelers will suggest that you spend about three month’s salary on the ring. Make small hints toward your future wife and try to figure out if that is what she really wants. Some woman would rather have extra money in the bank than getting an exorbitant ring.

Consider Financing

Chances are, financing is the best route for you. Whether you are in poor circumstances or are living the high life, you may need to finance your ring. Many jewelers have ways you can do this but if you’re in a rush to get the down payment for the ring before leaving town for the holidays, you could get a cash advance through Check City and then pay it off when you get back in town . Having the right financing can make it a lot easier and help you get the right ring for the right girl.

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