Inexpensive Holiday Activities

A lot of people complain about how commercialized the holiday season has become. They’ll often say too much shopping and too many decorations. But fortunately, these people are not completely correct. There are plenty of wonderful holiday activities that bring the Christmas spirit and don’t cost a cent. Check out these inexpensive holiday activities and find something that you can do to enjoy a non-commercial holiday season!


A very popular activity (although a dying one) is caroling. Very few people carol anymore, but it is a wonderful way to spread the holiday spirit. You can go through your apartment complex, down m=Main Street, or into rest homes. Elderly people especially love it when young folk come visiting and bring them some entertainment and joy.

Story Telling

Snuggle up by a fire (or space heater if you must) and enjoy reading a Christmas story by candlelight. Do it alone, with friends, or family members. Re-discover the classics like A Christmas Carol, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, or The Polar Express. Not only are these stories fun to read, but they bring back the childhood magic and anticipation of Christmas.

Put on Pageants

Family pageants are also a fun way to remember the “true meaning of Christmas.” The classic bible stories will (for Christians) remind them of what Christmas truly celebrates and teaches non-Christians an important part of the history behind the holiday.


If you live in a climate with plentiful snow, go sledding! If you don’t own a sled or can’t afford to buy one, trash bags are a great substitute. Sure they don’t protect your back side as well as regular sleds, but they sure are quick!

Live Christmas Carols

Have you ever tried doing what you sing about during Christmas time? Have you ever roasted chestnuts on an open fire or decked your halls with boughs of holly? Christmas carols can be excellent inspiration for holiday activities. You can make a snowman while singing “Frosty the Snow Man” or pop some popcorn and kiss your sweetheart goodnight while listening to “Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.”

Street Markets

In many areas, cities or towns have free community Christmas festivals or markets. Walk down Main Street and enjoy the decorations. Listen to free music, enjoy free horse-drawn-wagon rides, and sit on Santa’s lap (no matter how old you are). Being out and about enjoying the crisp air, hot cider, and the company of loved ones is a wonderful way to enjoy the holiday season.

Homemade Decorations

Rather than going out and buying all sorts of expensive holiday decorations, try making some of your own. String popcorn, cut paper snowflakes, paint wooden ornaments, stitch together stockings, etc. The possibilities are endless! These homemade treasures may become more precious to you than any other elegant store-bought decorations.

These are just a few suggestions for inexpensive holiday activities. Hold on to family traditions or create new ones. Enjoy what your community has to offer and learn about how different cultures celebrate this very special season. But most of all, simply enjoy a very happy holiday!

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