Inexpensive Gift Ideas for Children

The holiday season is a wonderful time of year for many families and individuals across the nation as it provides a time for families to gather together and enjoy a respite from the rigorous routines of daily life. Each family and each individual will have their favorite part or aspect of the approaching holiday season and they will cherish these aspects for various reasons, but one characteristic of the holiday season that is beloved by nearly every child is the tradition of giving and receiving gifts.

Giving Gifts vs. Receiving

Receiving gifts more so than giving seems to be the biggest draw to the holiday season for many children, and why should it not? They are, after all, children; and the prospect of getting a new toy or a new anything, really, is as exciting as it is joyful for their young hearts.

But bringing children this joy of receiving a new gift can be a financial burden for some parents who struggle to find the extra cash to purchase a meaningful present for each of their children to open during the holidays. Some presents are hard to find while others are simply too expensive, so while a parent wants to see the happiness of the faces of their children as they open their presents this holiday season, there are many who are struggling to find quality gifts that their kids would like that are within the budget restraints they have set.

It’s Not About the Price

For those individuals and parents who find themselves in this situation, consider a few of the following gift ideas, all of which are inexpensive and fun for children. These few ideas are meant to be suggestions only and are not intended to promote one brand or manufacturer over another; they are simply suggestions for gifts for those who wish to spend less money while still giving quality gifts to the children they love.

Tell Me a Story

One of the first inexpensive gift ideas for smaller children are cards that help the child develop their own story. One brand called “Tell Me a Story” produces cards with fun pictures on them that the parent can show to the child while the child makes up their own story to go along with the pictures on the card.

Get Crafty

Another inexpensive gift idea is to compile a crafts and arts kit either by oneself or purchasing one from the store. Usually it will be less expensive to compile such a kit at home after purchasing the supplies individually.

A good arts and crafts kit will typically include a binder or other case to hold the supplies, colored pencils, crayons, markers, paper, ruler,

and other such supplies. Along with the arts and crafts kit there are many other inexpensive gift ideas that a person or parent can make themselves.
Some ideas for DIY gifts include funny play straws, super hero costumes or masks, dolls, hand puppets and other similar crafts. Purchasing smaller toys like Lego sets and even candy can be another inexpensive way bring joy to a child during the holidays.

Remember to Enjoy the Holidays

Enjoy this holiday season by remembering first the children and second the gift budget that one has set for themselves. With the above few ideas of what to get children for their holiday gifts this year, a parent or other individual will be able to provide meaningful presents to the children in their lives without breaking their bank account.

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