5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Stop Your Holiday Job Search

Keep Looking During the Holidays

If you are in the job market during the holidays and want more than seasonal employment, don’t worry, there is hope to find a job. Many falsely assume that job postings are gone for potential employees during the holidays and that assumption gives you the distinct advantage. Job postings are just as popular during the holidays as they are any other time of year.

Many employers are looking for more than just seasonal help. In fact, many employers want to hit the ground running on day one of the New Year. So, looking for a job during the holidays is possible! Here are some tips and trick for your holiday job search:

Less Competition

If you are searching for a job during the holidays, you can actually have an advantage over other candidates. Many employers are preparing to hit the New Year fully staffed. Because many people assume that employers are not hiring through the holidays, candidates may be scarce. You can use the employee scarcity to your advantage. With less competition, this will make your holiday job search a lot easier.

Holiday Hours

With the added business of the Holiday’s, a lot of employers are searching for long and short term employees. Even if it’s a short-term winter seasonal job, that’s okay, this could be a great opportunity to prove yourself and open a door. There are plenty of seasonal jobs that are great, and could lead to a potential full-time position.


If you meet someone who might have the connections you are interested in, make sure to follow-up with a lunch invitation, greeting card or a phone call. If your friends and family aren’t aware that you are in the job market, let them know. Holiday parties are a great way to meet people and network. In order to keep the meetings light and airy, find a common theme you can use to break the ice. You can definitely use these holiday parties to make connections toward your employment goal.

The holidays are a great opportunity to reestablish relationships with former bosses and coworkers. You can use a simple greeting card and a small gift to make a good impression and open a networking dialog. If you’ve lost touch, you can search for them via social media! Networking is really important for your holiday job search.

Social Media

Social Media is another great tool in your job search. Keep your social media up to date with good content! That way, friends and people you meet can contact you. When you are using your social media accounts, it’s vital to make sure your public persona is professional. In today’s world, if employers catch a whiff of controversy on social media, it can cause an offer to be revoked.

You can also find great job opportunities through social media. Keep your eye open for job postings on social media! A lot of employers will send a post via social media when they are looking for new employees.


Take a moment to reintroduce yourself to recruiters you may have met along the way. A tasteful Christmas card with a packet of flower seeds can make a memorable impression. You could also include a small reminder of how and when you met. For instance, if you met at a work-related event, mention the event and something memorable about that event. You might also include a business card as a memory jogger.

If you are looking for a job, the holidays can be a perfect opportunity to get your name out there. You can beat the rush and have less competition in the job market. Don’t hold back during the Holiday season, keep searching for your dream job! Good luck with your holiday job search!

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