Walmart Cuts Layaway Fees

To get ready for the holiday season, Walmart has cut its upfront fee that it has traditionally charged customers to use the layaway plan that they provide. Recently, Toys R Us announced that all customers that purchased their merchandise before October 31st of this year would not have to pay any layaway fee on their purchases. After October 31st of this year Toys R Us will charge customers a $5 feel.  After Toys R Us’ announcement, Walmart announce that they were cutting their layaway free from $15 to $5.


A layaway plan will allow customers to hold their merchandise at the store while they make payments that will eventually cover the total cost of the merchandise. This way, customers that cannot quite afford the merchandise that they want to purchase can put it on hold and pay for it over time.  When they are finished paying for the merchandise in whole, they can then pick up the merchandise from the store.


After a Walmart customer pays for their merchandise in full, they will then be able to receive their layaway fee back on a Walmart gift card. As Walmart amps up their stores for holiday spending, you may want to take note of the layaway programs that are available at Walmart and other stores you may frequent.


If you find that you do not have the money that you need to make a purchase, a layaway plan may be a solution that you can utilize. As you continue to make payments on your merchandise, you will know that the merchandise is there waiting for you and you do not have to worry about it going out of stock. Many people also find it motivating to use a layaway program for the merchandise that they want to purchase. When the merchandise is sitting in the store waiting for them it may be easier to make a payment consistently rather than saving the money independently.

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