The 5 Best Money Saving Apps Available Today

With over a million apps to choose from, browsing the iPhone app store or Play Store for Android can be a daunting experience. How do you find the apps that you will actually use and enjoy? How do you sift through all the garbage apps and find those few gems?
That’s a good question, and while people may differ on their idea of what constitutes an awesome app, here are a few money saving apps that we found to be pretty cool for anyone interested in saving a bit of money.

1. Twickets

The first money saving app we recommend is called Twickets. You’ve probably run into ticket scalpers standing outside a concert or sporting event (heck, you might have actually bought a ticket from a scalper to save some money). What they are doing isn’t always completely legal, and they typically add an outrageous mark-up for your inconvenience.
Twickets is an app that allows you to find last-minute tickets to events, but here’s the best thing about it—ticket prices on Twickits will never be above face value!

2. Navfree

Google Maps is cool and all, but it has a way of tapping your data plan. Navfree is an alternative app that provides free navigation through GPS. This app will save you money because it won’t tap into your data plan because it uses maps that you download to your device, and it has voice-guided instruction as well.
Navfree is reliant on user-generated maps, which might be incorrect every once in a while. Therefore, the more you use it (and offer corrections), the better it gets!

3. AirBnB

This is by far the best money saving app for travel. In case you didn’t know, the hotel industry is changing forever—thanks to AirBnB, a service that connects travelers with couches for a fraction of the cost of booking a room at a hotel. The AirBnB app brings hundreds of thousands of listings to your mobile phone, so you can plan your next vacation or get last-minute lodging.

4. GasBuddy – Find Cheap Gas

Are you passionate about finding the cheapest gas in town? Well, you just found a new buddy. One of the easiest ways to save money is by getting things you buy anyway, for cheaper. GasBuddy connects you with the cheapest pumps, and you can earn rewards for reporting changes in gas prices. Imagine the potential savings this app can give you on those rambling road trips!

5. Coupon Sherpa

There are quite a few couponing apps out there, but Coupon Sherpa excels in its simplicity and ease of use. You don’t need an account, you can easily search by store or item, and each coupon comes with a barcode for the checkout attendant to scan on your way out.

What do you think the best money saving apps are? If you have any that we missed be sure to let us know in the comments section below.

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