Benefits of Recycling and Reusing

Reuse Your Items to Save Money!

One of the best ways you can save money is by caring for, and reusing the things you already have. A lot of our everyday items can be used in creative ways to meet our everyday needs. Here are some great benefits of recycling.


You know those seeds that you spit out when you’re eating a watermelon? Or how about the pit at the center of an avocado that you peel out and throw away? Instead of throwing them away, why not try to grow them? Growing your own produce is a great way to save a lot of money on your grocery bill. You also get the added benefit of eating healthier foods more often. The easy availability of a peach you grew yourself is tempting when you are feeling a healthy snack. If you grow enough, selling your produce can be a great way to make a profit.

If you don’t have a yard to grow a garden, you can rent a small plot in a local community garden. Most cities now have community gardens. Renting a small plot in a community garden is a great way to grow produce. For a small fee per season, you can rent a small patch of land, and grow your own produce for the summer.

Bring lunch from home

Most restaurants charge between five and ten dollars for lunch. If you buy your lunch every day, that is potentially $40 spent on lunch per week alone. You’ll be amazed at how much money you’ll save if you pack a lunch for work. A lunch doesn’t have to be a boring PB&J. You can make it fun and gourmet for a very good price. Saving money is one of the great benefits of recycling.

Reuse packaging

If you receive a gift in a good and durable package, you should save it for later. It will be a convenient packaging option when you are doing your last minute gift wrapping. It will also save you a few dollars. Reusing packages is a great benefit of recycling.

Repair and Maintain Your Clothing

Keep your clothes in good condition and hung up. Your clothing will last several seasons with the proper care and maintenance. You can hang your clothing, mend any small holes, and clean dirty spots. Clothing can be a major expense to replace. Maintaining, and cleaning your clothing is a great idea. You can buy one or two pieces each season to freshen your wardrobe, while keeping most of your clothing intact.

Look around your home for things you can reuse. You’ll be amazed with the benefits of recycling.

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