The Best Ereader Review (2020)


An ereader is an electronic device designed specifically for reading. They are often small and easily held in one hand, but large enough to comfortably display a book’s page.

You want an ereader because they are usually made with a special screen designed for reading and easing eye strain. Reading on a regular screen will wear out your eyes faster, but ereader screens don’t have the same amount of light coming off of them.


Ereaders are also able to hold the digital copies of many books on one single device. Now you can fit your entire library of books on one device and take all your books with you anywhere.


When picking the perfect ereader, there are a few things to consider. For instance, what type of screen do you want? Do you want a tablet type device with an ordinary screen so you can do more than read on your device? Or do you want a reading-friendly screen and a device that focuses on being a great reading device?


Some ereaders also come with a built-in light so you can read in the dark without problems. Other ereaders are even waterproof in case you want to take your ereader to the beach or the bathtub.


This article will help you learn more about the most popular ereaders and the features you do and don’t want in the ereader you pick.


But you also don’t have to buy an ereader to start enjoying your digital library right now!


With the Kindle and Google Play Books apps you can download digital books and start reading on any device.


Kindle Ereader

Kindle ereaders come in various shapes, sizes, and colors.


And this selection is only expanding.


The newest Kindle ereader editions are even waterproof!


The first Amazon Kindle ereader was launched in 2007 and has only been improving ever since.


Kindle ereaders also come with an endless array of accessories from covers to tote bags to inspire the booklover within.


The Kindle


Price: $89.99 to $109.99


The basic Kindle ereader comes in both black and white. This is the best ereader for basic readers.


When you buy your first Kindle you can also purchase it with 3 free months of Kindle Unlimited.


It has built-in reading lights so you won’t ever lack proper lighting to read by.


The screen of the Kindle is made of a glare-free display, that has a 167 ppi. This means the Kindle screen isn’t like a typical phone or tablet screen. It looks and reads like real paper instead.


This is great for your eyes. You’ll get less eye strain with these paper-like, glare-free screens.


You can also highlight and leave notes on Kindles. You can also click words on the page to see their definitions. This gives you a rounded and personalized reading experience. Annotation features like this are also useful for student and book club reading.


Not only do you get all that, but the charge on an Amazon Kindle can last you for weeks.


The Kindle Paperwhite


Price: $129.99 to $179.99


The Kindle Paperwhite is even more lightweight than the regular Kindle. This makes it great for readers who want a light device to easily carry around wherever they go.


The newest Kindle Paperwhites are also waterproof now!


You can choose between 8 gigabytes and 32 gigabytes of storage.


It also comes in more colors, like black, plum, sage, and twilight blue.


Like with all the Kindle ereaders, a purchase can get you 3 months of free Kindle Unlimited if you so choose.


The wonderful thing about the Kindle is not only how much it can hold, but all the content types available in Kindle format.


You can find and read books, magazines, comics, and even listen to audiobooks.


Pair your Kindle Paperwhite with some bluetooth headphones or even speakers to listen to your audiobooks!


The Kindle Oasis


Price: $249.99 to $299.99


The Kindle Oasis is a little bit bigger than the other Kindle versions. It also has some real buttons instead of being only touch screen.


So if you get annoyed by accidentally pressing the touch screen and flipping the pages accidentally, then you might want the Kindle Oasis model.


The added space for the buttons are on the side of the device. This also gives you more surface area for holding onto your ereader comfortably.


Kindles make great ereaders because they are affordable, have trade-in options, and there are Kindle editions of every book you could ever want.


NOOK Ereader

The first NOOK ereader was launched a little while after the Amazon Kindle ereader. The NOOK ereader was launched onto the market in 2009.


The NOOK ereader also comes with some nifty accessories of it’s own, so you can feel like you’re carrying around a real book.


The NOOK was also created by book retailers, so you know avid readers are behind it’s design.


The NOOK GlowLight Plus


Price: $169.99


The NOOK GlowLight Plus has a classic night mode. So instead of turning on an internal light on the device, like with Kindle, you can switch on night mode for calmer night reading.


This NOOK is also waterproof so you don’t have to stress too much about protecting your device from the wet.


NOOK also comes with a nifty reading app, so you can pick up where you left off on your phone or tablet too.


You can also get a one year warranty with your purchase to further protect your device usage in the first year.


The NOOK devices are also backed up by Barnes and Noble, one of the biggest bookstores around.


The NOOK GlowLight 3


Price: $119.99

The NOOK GlowLight 3 is another NOOK version available right now.


Kind of like the Kindle Oasis, this version comes with side buttons for turning the pages.


Unlike the Kindle Oasis, these buttons are on both sides of the device. So if you’re left handed, you don’t have to worry about the page buttons only being on the right side.


You can also buy refurbished versions of the NOOK with some great discounts!


Kobo Ereader

The Kobo ereader might not be as well-known as the NOOK and the Kindle, but it’s a strong contender for best ereader.


The name “Kobo” in fact, is an anagram of the word “book.” This means they just moved the letters in the word “book” around a bit to create the name of this ereader.


The Kobo ereader came into being even later, in the year 2010.


It is meant to be a minimalist alternative to other ereaders that are often more expensive with features you don’t need.


The Kobo Forma


Price: $249.99 to $299.99

The Kobo Forma is an innovative reading device with a side panel for page turning buttons.


This side panel also makes it easier to hold and handle.


What’s unique about the Kobo Forma is that you can read it both vertically and horizontally. That’s right, the Kobo Forma has a landscape mode and a portrait mode!


They also have a book borrowing feature that allows you to share books with friends.


The Kobo Forma design is also lightweight, with a slight curve to make this ereader as ergonomic as possible.


You can even take the Kobo Forma swimming with you since it’s waterproof for up to 60 minutes in 2 meters of water.


The Kobo Libra H2O


Price: $169.99


As far as design goes, the Kobo Libra H2O is very similar to the Kobo Forma.


It has the same side panel with page turning buttons and portrait and landscape modes. It even has the same waterproof capabilities.


But it’s a bit smaller and lighter than the Kobo Forma.


That smaller, more compact size comes at a bit of a price though. The Kobo Libra only has 8 GB of storage while the Forma can have up to 32 GB.


Other than that, the Forma and Libra H2O are very similar. But if you want something smaller, more compact and half the price, then you should pick the Libra H2O over the Forma.


The Kobo Clara HD


Price: $119.99


The Kobo Clara HD is formatted more like the regular NOOK and Kindle.


It doesn’t have the added side panel or the page turning buttons. It’s a simple, compact design that is easy to carry with you wherever you go.


On the Kobo Clara HD you can enjoy a beautifully crisp, high resolution screen.


It also has lighting perfect for reading with the ComfortLight Pro. This light reduces your blue-light exposure so your eyes don’t get as strained.


The Kobo Nia


Price: $99.99


The most affordable Kobo ereader is the Kobo Nia.


The Kobo Nia has a very classic ereader look. It also comes with all the classic ereader features but at a reasonable price.


If you don’t need the extra frills of 32 GB storage and page button panels, then the Kobo Nia is just right for you.


Boox Ereader

The Boox ereader is produced by Onyx International Inc.

But Onyx Boox likes to take things further with electronic paper technology.


Electronic paper is a screen that looks like paper. So it’s free from the screen glare of ordinary screens.


This means that Boox ereaders and other devices are also free from intense screen lights that strain the eyes.


With a Boox ereader, you can get a working tablet for drawing and note taking on a screen that feels like real paper.


The Onyx Boox


Price: $165 to $779


Onyx Boox is an international brand that offers the most wide array of ereaders. At Onyx Boox you’ll find a very wide selection of e-ink or e-paper devices to choose from.


So if you’re extremely picky about the technology use, and you want all the choices possible, try shopping for an ereader with Onyx Boox.


They have lots of different models, so if you want lots of feature options, this brand is the way to go.


Reading also isn’t all you can do with an Onyx Boox device. Onyx Boox takes e-paper electronics to a whole new level.


With select devices you can even write, draw, and take notes on e-ink paper that feels like real paper!


Start exploring their wide selection today and get an innovative ereader and e-paper tablet in one.


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Ereading Worksheets

Reading worksheets can help your reading comprehension go from average to professional.


Reading worksheets can also help guide discussions for your book club reading.


You can find free ereading worksheets all over the internet, but here are a few ereading worksheet websites to get you started.


Download free ereading worksheets at:


In Conclusion,

Get the Amazon Kindles if you want to link your ereader to your Amazon account, your Kindle Unlimited account, and your Audible account. The Kindles also come with built-in, adjustable reading lights, so it feels like you’re literally reading off a regular page.


Get the NOOK if you want a classic Night Mode for nighttime reading. The NOOK also allows you to access more file types like PDFs. the NOOK GlowLight 3 is also a great option for people who are left handed and want page turning buttons on either side of their device.


Get a Kobo ereader if you want both portrait mode and landscape mode capabilities. The Kobo ereaders also has a more ergonomic shape for as a handheld ereader.


Finally, get an Onyx Boox if you want a tablet that has the e-ink an e-paper screen. you’ll probably end up paying some of the highest prices but it’ll be worth it if you want one of the most innovative electronic paper tablets on the market.


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