Check Cashing Near Me (a How-To-Find Guide)




Checks aren’t going away and neither is the need to safely and securely cash them.

Explore This Check Cashing Guide:

Check cashing services are offered by many financial providers and retail stores. The most common places that will help you cash your check are banks, credit unions, and check cashing stores. Check cashing services often charge a fee or a percentage of the check for cashing it.

You might need a check cashing service provider because you get your paychecks via check rather than through direct deposit. 1.7 billion adults worldwide don’t even have a bank account for direct deposit, which means checks are still a very popular financial product. Check cashing stores are also often a really easy place for anyone to quickly get their check cashed.

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Where to Cash a Check Near Me


People search for “check cashing near me” every day. As you can see, the search volume for how many people google “check cashing near me” and other related phrases is over 300k! That’s because check cashing needs aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Below are a few examples of other related phrases that people searching for check cashing near me are also looking for. These searches can also give us some insight into some of the more popular places to go for check cashing, like check cashing locations, Walmart, and even gas stations.

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So you have a check and you want to get it cashed. There are a few places you can go! Each check cashing place has its own benefits to consider. Before you decide where you want to take your check to cash it, consider these different check cashing places to figure out the best place for you to cash your check.

Cash a Check at a Bank

One of the first places you can use to cash a check is a bank. Using a bank to cash your check is easiest if you have a bank account with that bank. You can go to your own bank where you already have an account or if you don’t have a bank account you can go to the bank that issued the check.

Checks usually come with the name of the bank that issued it somewhere on the check. Most banks will cash one of their own checks even if you don’t have a bank account with them.

Cash a Check at a Credit Union

A credit union is another great place to cash a check. But credit unions can be harder to use for cashing a check if you aren’t a member of the credit union. Credit unions are great because they are member-owned and controlled. At credit unions the members come first, meaning credit union members often enjoy fewer fees than bank members.

If you want to save on check cashing fees then you’ll probably have luck cashing your check with your credit union. You might even be able to cash your check for free!

Cash a Check at a Check Cashing Store

Check cashing stores are the next most official place to go when you have a check to cash. A check cashing store is a financial alternative to banks and credit unions. Many people are unbanked either because they choose not to use banking services or they want to avoid all the minimum requirements and fees that many traditional banking platforms have.

Check cashing stores are a popular option amongst the unbanked because no one has to have an account or meet account requirements to use all the financial services at a check cashing store.

To make up for the risks check cashing stores take on by providing financial services to a wider audience, most check cashing stores will have check cashing fees. You can usually find these fees easily at the check cashing store, by calling or talking to a teller, or by looking on their website.

Cash a Check at a Retail Store

One of the less known places you can go to cash a check are stores, like Walmart or other grocery stores like Kroger’s. Like a check cashing store, these places will also charge fees for cashing your check with them. You can normally find these fees by searching on their websites for this information.

Many times stores that will cash your check will also have limits on how much they are allowed to cash out. This might even depend on what state you live in or how equipped the branch of the store you went to is to handle your check. This is a reason many people like to cash their checks at institutions that focus on financial products and services like check cashing stores, banks, and credit unions.

Cash a Check at a Gas Station

Did you know that gas stations aren’t just for cars and road trip snacks? You can also get checks cashed at many gas stations too! Again, there might be some check cashing fees involved and limits to how much you can get cashed at one time. That’s why having a stable place to go for check cashing services is important.

Get Someone Else To Cash The Check For You

Surprisingly, there is another option for cashing a check. Get someone else to do it! By writing permission on your check you can actually give permission to someone else to cash your check for you.

You might want to give check cashing permission over to someone else for several reasons. You might not have an easy way to cash a check and someone close to you that you know and trust does. You might not have a bank account but you want to avoid the fees that come with cashing checks without a bank account.

Or you might not have a current valid ID to use to cash your check. Many places you can go to cash a check will require a current and valid form of ID. If you still need to update your photo ID, but you also need to get this check cashed now, then having a friend cash the check for you might be the solution. Or maybe you just don’t have time to go get the check cashed and someone else does.

How to Sign Over a Check to Someone Else: Signing over a check to someone else means you’re creating a third-party check. To cash a third-party check you have to first make sure the check cashing location accepts third-party checks.

First, on the back where you would normally endorse the check, write “Pay to the order of” and the name of the person you want to give permission to for cashing the check.

Second, sign your own name and initial the monetary amounts on the front of the check.

Third, hand the check over to the person you gave permission to on the back of the check. Now they can go to the check cashing place to cash the check themselves.

Check Cashing Needs

When shopping around online for which check cashing place you want to use, it helps to know what you want in a check cashing place, and what most check cashing places allow. There are different kinds of checks and different check cashing needs you’ll need to consider before deciding on a check cashing location to frequent.

Check Cashing Features
  • personal check cashing near me
  • payroll check cashing near me
  • check cashing places that don’t require ID near me
  • third-party check cashing places near me
  • cheap check cashing near me
  • free check cashing near me
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What are the Different Types of Checks?
  • Payroll checks
  • Government checks
  • Income tax refund
  • Insurance settlement
  • Business checks
  • Stimulus checks
  • Child support
  • Debit card cashing
What Do You Need to Bring to Cash a Check?
  • The check
  • A current and valid form of ID
  • Social security card or taxpayer identification number if you’re cashing a tax refund

How to Find Check Cashing Near Me on Google


Step One: allow permissions for your location. If you want to find check cashing near you, then you’ll need to let the device you are using know where “near you” is.

Step Two: open Google Chrome and type in “check cashing near me” in the search bar. Now Google will show you a featured snippet that shows your map and a list of nearby check cashing places.

Google will also pull up different relevant websites in your search results. This might be the websites for some local check cashing places or links to other websites, like the Yellow Pages or Yelp, that can also help you find check cashing near you.

You can also become a Google searching master by using the following search variant tips to advance your Google searching:

Search Variant Function Example
+ so the search engine won’t overlook that word “+payday +loans near me +no +credit +check”
so the search engine ignores a word “payday loan –places near me”
~ to find synonyms for that word “payday loans near me ~online”
* to allow the search engine to fill in the blank “payday loans near me open now *”
OR, | means “either or” “payday loan stores near me OR payday loans near me open”

These useful Google search variants aren’t the only Google search tips and tricks you can use. Take a look at these other Google search hacks to help you get the best results on Google:

  1. Try putting your search phrase in quotation marks. This helps your search engine not interpret the phrase but search that exact phrase.
  2. Try generalizing your search more.
  3. Try being more specific.
  4. Use an advanced search. Most search engines have an advanced search option.
  5. Try switching up your search engine and see if you get better results.
  6. Take out filler word and punctuation like a, the, on, and.
  7. Use the base word, don’t conjugate, or pluralize your words. So instead of searching “jogging” search “jog” and instead of searching “dogs” search “dog.”
  8. Use autocomplete to finish your search.

How to Find Check Cashing Near Me on Google Maps


Step One: make sure your device has permission to see your location. You can check this easily by clicking your Google account profile image and then selecting “Manage your Google Account.” Then click “Data & Personalization” on the left-hand side of the screen. Under “Activity controls” you’ll want to make sure Location History is turned on.

Step Two: enter “” into your desktop browser or open the Google Maps app on your phone.

Step Three: enter “check cashing near me” in the “Search Google Maps” search box and press enter. Now Google will give you a list of all the check cashing places near you. Usually, the closest places will be listed first.

Using Google Maps to find check cashing near you is great too because you can easily see service ratings for each check cashing place, the hours, the primary phone number in case you have questions, the website if you want to learn more, and directions to help you know how to drive to the check cashing location.

Google Maps also lets you adjust your search. Just use your finger or your cursor to move the map around in order to search different areas of the map for check cashing near you.

How to Find Check Cashing Near Me on Apple Maps


Step One: open the Apple Maps app on your Apple device.

Step Two: type “check cashing near me” into the search bar and click enter.

Step Three: once you pick the check cashing place you want to visit, select “Directions” and then select whether you want to drive, walk, bike, or use public transit to the check cashing place.

Step Four: tap “Go” and you’re on your way! Now Siri’s voice will help guide you to the check cashing place so you can cash that check and get your money.

One perk to using Apple Maps that many mapping applications now have is that you can add detours to your trip. Apple Maps also let you text your ETA with the simple click of the “Share ETA” button. Then, if you end up liking the check cashing store you used, you can save its location to a “Finances” collection of places on your phone so you can easily find it again later.

How to Find Check Cashing Near Me on Yelp


Step One: type “” into your web browser or open the Yelp app on your phone.

Step Two: type “check cashing near me” into the “Find” bar.

Step Three: type your city and your state into the “Near” bar.

Step Four: once you’ve filled in these 2 spaces you can click enter and find out what check cashing places are on Yelp and in your area.

Yelp is a great place to find nearby places, especially if you’ve never been to a check cashing store. Reading Yelp reviews can help you decide which check cashing place to try out.

How to Find Check Cashing Near Me on Bing


Step One: type “” into your web browser.

Step Two: type “check cashing near me” into the blank search bar.

Step Three: click enter, and Bing Maps will show you a list and a pinned map of all the check cashing locations near you.

Bing also has mapping software that can help find places near you

How to Find Check Cashing Near Me through Friends


Step One: pull up your preferred social media platform.

Step Two: write a post that goes something like this:

ISO: Check cashing places near me.

Does anyone have recommendations for friendly check cashing places near me?

Step Three: add any other details you might be looking for into your post and post the finished recommendation query on your feed.

Now all you have to do is wait for the replies, messages, and comments to start coming in from the friends and family you know and trust.

How to Find Check Cashing Near Me with Voice Command


Step One: say the command or wake-up phrase that makes voice command start listening. For example, if you have an Apple device you would say “Hey Siri,” to wake up Siri so she starts listening to your questions and commands. Below you’ll find an easy guide for devices and their wake-up calls.

Device Wake-up Phrase
Apple “Hey Siri”
Microsoft “Hey Cortana”
Samsung “Hey Bixby”
Google “Hey Google”
Amazon “Hey Alexa”

Step Two: once you’ve woken up your smart assistant you can ask them to “find check cashing near me.” Then whatever smart assistant you’re using will bring up all the search results for check cashing locations near you so you can browse through them and pick one.

You can find voice command on almost any device these days. Even a lot of TVs have voice command now! Take advantage of the awesome, hands-free technology we have today, especially if you are driving and need to focus on the road.

How to Find Check Cashing Near Me on the Yellow Pages


Step One: open Yellow Pages on your web browser or through the Yellow Pages app on your phone.

Step Two: in the search box that says, “What are you looking for?” type, “check cashing.”

Step Three: in the box next to the search box, make sure your town and state are correct.

Step Four: press “Find” and a giant list of check cashing places near you will come up. Click on one that you’re interested in to see it’s full Yellow Pages profile.

Here you can check the hours they’re open, their full address, how long they’ve been in business, how many stars they have on Yellow Pages, and contact information. You can also click the little map to go directly to directions.

The usefulness of Yellow Pages will depend greatly on how popular Yellow Pages is for users in your area. If not many people are using Yellow Pages in your local area, then you might find more helpful reviews on Yelp or through Google reviews.

How to Find Check Cashing Near Me with Direct Mailers

Step One: bring the mail in from the mailbox.

Step Two: separate the direct mailers from the rest of your mail and don’t throw it away! Instead, take a moment to look at each piece of mail to determine whether it’s really junk, or a local business trying to let you know they’re there for you.

How to Find Check Cashing Near Me on KSL and Craigslist

ksl search

Step One: open KSL or Craigslist.

Step Two: type “check cashing” in the search bar.

Step Three: sift through the search results until you find a check cashing place you’d like to visit.



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written by Kimber Severance, Check City Copywriter

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