Tips: How to Refresh your Space

One of the big parts about spring cleaning and adjusting things and changing things up is the concept of refreshing your space. A lot of people like to change things up int he spring, because it brings with it a sense of renewal and newness that may have faded over the course of the winter. If you are like us, then being able to feel refreshed and happy with your space is a big part of feeling better in the spring, so here are some things that you can do!

First of all, consider repainting a room. This can be done in a day with good planning, and it is not particularly hard to do. Additionally, having a project is a great way to keep busy and to see real progress as you work. Move furniture, prepare the room with painters tape and drop cloths, and then paint! There are many primers and paints that are mixed so that only a couple of applications, you can be done. Select a sunnier color and immediately feel different!

Another thing that you can do is move your furniture around so that it has a different arrangement. This will vary based on the space and the person and the furniture, but you can always make adjustments to give a sense of newness to your setting.

The decor of a room is also going to be a big influence on the way that it feels. Consider getting new art of objects that you can place around so that there are new things in the setting. A quick and easy way to do this is to change up the throw pillows on your couches, since there are many colorful options that will immediately make a difference.

When it all comes down to it, feeling refreshed with a space is all about finding ways to tweak things so that there is newness to be found. What’s more, it is always fun to experiment and find the best option for you!

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