Tips for Hiking in the Spring

Now that spring is here, those of us who like to go hiking can finally get out and enjoy the outdoors! That being said, there are some considerations to take into account when you are hiking in the spring. Observing some of these tips can make your experience as safe and secure as possible.

First of all, you should always dress in layers and bring plenty of water when you are going hiking. It is often tempting for those who are hiking in the spring to simply go in light clothing and a water bottle. However, the temperature can change rapidly when you are outdoors, and you will feel it more if you are in the middle of it. Dressing in layers is going to make it so that you can take off or add clothing based on what you need at the moment.

Staying hydrated is always key. Springtime hiking can be a bit deceptive because of the cool temperatures which will be experienced. If it is cool outside then you may not feel as thirsty, but the sun gleaming down and you working up a sweat makes it is that you will absolutely need water in order to remain in good condition.

You should also always watch your footing when you are hiking in the spring. Even if the snow has gone and the ground looks like it will be fine, there is an entire winters worth of soak which will take a long time to dry up. Be careful around areas near the edges of a trail, or near the sides of inclines. There may be enough weight on a softened area to make thing move around enough for you to lose your footing.

Lastly, always hike with someone else. The buddy system will keep you safe and will provide encouragement and motivation. Follow these tips, and have fun hiking!

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