4 Useful Family Vacation Tips

Easily Plan a Vacation Your Whole Family Will Enjoy

Remember summer vacations as a kid? Most of them probably bring back good memories of relaxation, delicious food, and enjoying family time. However, now that you’re the adult planning your own family vacation, you start to realize how stressful and difficult that can be!

Finding available dates for your vacation, planning a trip that everyone will enjoy, and keeping a balance of play and rest can be tricky.

Follow these great family vacation tips for an amazing time with your family this summer.

Find Time

Summer months are busy and fly by fast! Your first priority when planning your vacation is scheduling the time off. You will need to decide what dates are going to work best for your entire family.

Sit down together with your work schedules, personal calendars and the summer activity schedules of your children. Once you find a chunk of time that works for everyone, block off this time in your calendars and label it: family vacation. By doing this, you can make sure nothing will get double-booked with your family vacation.

Request time off of work early so you know you won’t have any conflicts. If your children will be missing part of a summer activity, talk to their coach or leader and make sure they are aware that your child will be gone; ask what they will miss and if they need to make up any of those missed activities.


Consider how much money you have to spend. This will ultimately dictate where you can afford to go and for how long. Even a simple vacation close to home will be fun and memorable. It doesn’t take a lot of money to have a good time if you plan ahead. Finding family vacation ideas on a budget can really make the vacation creative and fun.

There are plenty family vacation ideas on a budget but a really important idea is to book in advance. Don’t put it off until the last minute, or you will have the consequence of a very expensive plane ticket, or hotel.

Plan a Destination

After deciding how long your vacation will be and when you are going to be gone, you can then start to decide which destination will be the best for your family. This decision usually goes smoother when made by the adults.

Your children may insist on going to a theme park when you would rather visit your parents this year. While doing this, plan the trip that will be the most memorable and meaningful and the one within your budget. Keep an early eye out on cheap family vacation ideas throughout the year to save money.

Some families like to stick with the same destination each year. Visiting the same location can create a sense of tradition for your family. You get to know the area very well over time, so you always know what to expect, what to pack, and what activities you can do while you are there.

Other families like to plan a sense of adventure and try new things when they head out on vacation. If you like to be more daring and choose a new destination every year, then you might want to plan your destination as a family.

Plan Activities

After you have decided on a location, you can start planning the activities. Talk with each of your children and make sure you plan something that they will all be excited about.

Your children may have very differing interests, but if they each have something to look forward to, they will be sure to enjoy the trip. They will also be more patient while participating in an activity that you or their siblings are excited about.

Be sure to plan some downtime. If you’ve booked too many activities, you could get grouchy with each other quickly. Keep in mind that vacations are about more than just filling your day with places to go and things to see. Schedule some time to catch your breath and unwind, too.

Most importantly, follow your schedule loosely; be adaptable when needed. For example, if you end up enjoying one activity, but have another one planned soon after, don’t feel rushed to leave. See if you can attend the next event later or on a different day, or maybe just cross it off your list and skip it.

As mentioned above, your budget for your vacation should be set early. However, if you find you don’t have enough funds once you are scheduled to go out on vacation, stop by a convenient Check City location to take out a title loan. We will have you out the door quickly, with your cash so you can get on your way to a great family vacation in no time. We hope you have learned great family vacation tips, thank you for reading!

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