The Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist

spring cleaning

Spring cleaning is an important annual task and it’s important not to forget any necessary cleaning tasks.

Many people like to start cleaning out their homes in spring in order to welcome in the sunshine and the warm weather. Spring cleaning can mean whatever you want it to mean. Spring cleaning for you might just be some decluttering or it might mean a complete, deep clean of every corner of the house. 

Spring Cleaning Checklist

Download the Free Spring Cleaning Checklist HERE.

There are many cleaning tasks to hit when you’re trying to super clean your house. It can all feel really overwhelming. Instead of trying to clean an entire house in one day, create a cleaning schedule so you can spread things out in the span of a couple of days. For instance, Monday and Tuesday could be all about cleaning the kitchen, Wednesday and Thursday are when you clean the living room, Thursday and Friday will be when you tackle the bathrooms, and on Saturday everybody handles their own bedroom.

There are also a lot of cleaning items people forget to do when cleaning their house. Don’t forget to clean: the walls, ceilings, fans, baseboards, doorframes, doors, doorknobs, the outsides of windows, window tracks, powerwash the porch and house exterior, stairs and stair railings, furniture, and behind and under furniture and appliances. You may have to move some stuff around but it’ll be worth it for how much cleaner and dust-free your house will feel.

  1. empty cabinets
  2. wipe the inside and outside of the cabinets
  3. reorganize cabinets
  4. wash, dry, and put away all dirty dishes
  5. put a cup of baking soda or white vinegar in the dishwasher and run the hottest cycle to clean the inside of the dishwasher
  6. clean the sink
  7. use draino on the sink
  8. clean the inside of the oven
  9. clean the stovetop
  10. empty and clean the inside and outside of the fridge
  11. pull the fridge out and clean under and behind the fridge
  12. wipe all counters and surfaces
  13. wipe down the table and dining chairs
  14. wipe down walls, baseboards, and any windows and window sills
  15. sweep and mop the floor
Living Room
  1. put away clutter, make sure everything has its own place
  2. vacuum under and behind the couches
  3. vacuum under couch cushions
  4. shampoo the couch, you can rent or buy a shampoo vacuum
  5. dust and wipe down surfaces
  6. steam the curtains
  7. wash the windows
  8. vacuum, sweep, or mop the floor
  1. clean out drawers and cabinets
  2. reorganize items, use boxes to help you organize and give everything a specific place
  3. wipe mirrors
  4. clean sink and vanity
  5. use draino on the sink and bathtub drains
  6. clean and sanitize the inside and outside of the toilet
  7. scrub the bathtub, don’t forget the faucet and showerhead
  8. clean floors
  1. wash bed sheets
  2. reorganize clothes
  3. reorganize all your other items, give everything a place
  4. clean under the bed
  5. declutter and organize your desk
  6. clean floors

Keep Your Home Clean After Spring Cleaning is Over

clean house

Get Ready for the Day, Everyday

No matter how extensive your spring cleaning is, make sure to keep your home consistently clean after exerting all of that effort. There are many small and simple ways to keep your home clean. First, start each day getting ready for the day. There are a lot of people that struggle getting up and getting ready first thing in the morning. But, feeling put together and ready to go will really make a difference in how productive you are and make things like tidying easier.

Start the Day with Some Quick Tidying

After getting into a better personal morning routine, you can learn to add a quick daily cleanup to your morning routine as well. Even if you only have 5 minutes to dedicate each morning to tidy up it will make a huge difference in the long run. You can also schedule a different time of day for tidying up. For instance, you could put some time aside to clean after you get back from work each day, or maybe right before bed each night you could plan to put some things away before ending the day.

Organization is Key

Finally, invest in an organization system that you like and are excited about. Organization is the key way to give all your items their own designated spot. Then, make a conscious effort to put everything back in its place once you’re done using it.

If you don’t have the money for an organization system, but want to get started right away, stop by Check City today for a cash advance. With our simple cash advance service, you can be on your way to organization and cleanliness in no time.

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