3 Important Sun Safety Tips

Safely Enjoying the Sun

As summer starts, it is important to understand how you can safely enjoy the sun without getting burned. When the sun starts to come out and you’re relaxing on the beach, you want to enjoy the time in the sun without hurting your body. Here are some great sun safety tips:

Always Wear Sunscreen

First, you should always be wearing sunscreen. Your sunscreen should protect you against UVA and UCB rays. Reapply your sunscreen on a consistent basis and apply it with enough time to soak into your skin before heading out into the sun. Wearing sunscreen is very important for all ages and is a great sun safety tip.

There are a few spots that majority of people always forget to apply sunscreen to. For example, most people forget that when ears are exposed to the sun, they are the first things to burn. Another painful place to have a sunburn is the part in your hair. It may be uncomfortable to apply sunscreen there, but it’s even more uncomfortable when it’s burnt. For some reason many people forget that feet need sunscreen, too. The top of your feet are often forgotten when it comes to applying sunscreen.

Often times, young ones forget to apply sunscreen. Make sure your kids always have sunscreen applied frequently on them, to ensure they don’t get burnt. Kids are in the sun much more than adults and lose track of time because how much fun they are having. Making sure they are protected with sunscreen is great sun safety for kids.

Wear Protective Covering

Second, when you know that you are going to be in the sun for an extended amount of time you should have some type of covering. Whether this means bringing a big umbrella to the beach or wearing a hat when you are out walking, you want to cover your skin the best you can. Allowing yourself to have some shade can also be very refreshing when you are spending a lot of time in the sun. Protective covering is a great sun safety tip and is also very important for sun safety for kids and everyone.

Destinations that Need More Sunscreen

Beaches like Hawaii are dangerous places because of their proximity to the water and the sun. Not only can the water reflect the sun, but the sand can, too. Make sure to wear a powerful sunscreen and reapply it frequently.

Summer isn’t the only thing to worry about. Skiing in Colorado can be just as dangerous as swimming in Hawaii because of the high altitude and reflective snow. In fact, the higher the altitude, the higher percentage of UV radiation, making the UV rays in Colorado much stronger than at sea level. Don’t forget your sunscreen or sunglasses on this trip.

Going on a cruise to the Caribbean sounds like a relaxing vacation, but don’t forget to put on all the necessary sunscreen. With constant trips outside in the water to swim, snorkel, scuba dive, or play with dolphins and sting-rays, you may get sick of how often you have to apply and reapply sunscreen, but without it you’ll be burnt to a crisp before you know it.

Don’t let the cloudy skies fool you. You can still get extremely burnt on a cloudy day. Most people forget to apply sunscreen on a cloudy day. If you’ll be spending time outside, don’t underestimate the power of UV rays and wear sufficient protection. In fact, on a cloudy day, UV rays can be even more powerful than usual because they are magnified by the clouds.

If you plan on visiting any of these destinations, or any similar destinations with powerful UV rays, take extra precaution and bring plenty of powerful sunscreen to protect yourself. Skin cancer can manifest itself in freckles and moles, so cover any of yours with band-aids in the sun.

We hope you have enjoyed our sun safety tips. Thanks for reading!

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