7 Amazing Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

Planning an Easter Egg Hunt

There are only a few holidays every year that allows the entire family to get together, with grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. Every family has their own traditions that they like to do, but most families participate in an Easter egg hunt with all of the young children. Here are 7 amazing Easter Egg Hunt ideas.

Use Plastic Eggs

Another Easter tradition among most families is to paint real eggs and decorate them. However, using these same eggs in Easter egg hunts can have several draw backs for several reasons. For example, if you hide any inside the house and they aren’t found and you forget where it’s hidden, those eggs will become rotten and start to stink up the house.

Real eggs, even hard-boiled eggs, are much more easily breakable than plastic eggs. In the process of hiding or finding them, the shell can easily break and make a mess. You can avoid all of these issues by using plastic eggs instead of real ones.

Color Code the Eggs

Once you’ve got your plastic eggs, separate them into at least 3 different colors. This will allow you to hide different prizes for 3 different age groups – the elementary age kids, the middle school kids, and the junior high (or older) kids. Before the hunt, inform the kids which color they should be hunting for and throughout the hunt remind them to leave eggs that aren’t their designated color hidden.

This allows you to hide the eggs in different levels of difficulty. It’s understood that younger children have a harder time finding hidden objects than older children. The eggs that are meant for the younger children can be hidden in plain sight more so than the eggs for the older children that can be hidden in high places and made more of a challenge.

Extra Challenge

If you want to add an extra challenge for the oldest kids you may even want to write letters on the eggs that you have hidden. Then, at the end of the hunt, have the kids make as many words as possible with their letters and you can award the child that can create the most words.

Remember the Weather

When you are filling the plastic eggs, fill them with treats that are going to last in the weather. If you are going to be setting up an Easter egg hunt in the heat, take that into consideration as you fill the eggs. If you are in a cold climate, keep in mind that some of your treats may freeze or become difficult for younger children to chew. Find substitute treats that won’t freeze up.

Motivate Older Kids to Participate

While most young children don’t need to be told twice to participate in Easter egg hunts, older children have less motivation. After participating in the hunts for several years, some teens just don’t feel the need to continue, while others get frustrated by their younger siblings or cousins.

You can motivate them to participate by placing money in their eggs rather than candy. However, you’ll want to keep track of every location that you place an egg with money in it or else you may end up losing that money for good.

If you don’t want to put the money in the actual egg in case it gets lost or there is particularly bad weather, you can put a coupon in the egg, allowing the teens to redeem their coupon for cash.

Additional Games

Although you may give everyone a chance to participate in the hunt, there will be those kids that don’t find as many eggs as others. To allow them to go home with just as many treats as the rest, you’ll want to create additional games and competitions for them. For example, see who can design the prettiest egg, or who has the best outfit. If need be, you can rig the games to ensure that everyone goes home with a prize, and everybody has fun.

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