7 Awesome Block Party Ideas

As we are finally starting to see the end of winter, the excitement for summer is inspiring many people to start planning for block parties.

Throwing a block party for your neighbors can be a stressful task, but if you have the right tools in hand, it can be a great opportunity to have fun and enjoy your neighbors. Here are some great block party ideas to help you plan your party:

1. Start Planning Early

A block party is no small affair, and that means you should get your planning started as early as possible. Because this kind of party will involve many guests from your entire neighborhood, you have a lot to plan for, and it can be a huge responsibility.

If you start early, you will have more time to get things organized with your neighbors and set up a date that will work for everyone.

Planning early will also give you the opportunity to buy some of the necessary ingredients and items on sale. Planning early is both a financially beneficial, and can relieve serious stress.

2. Work with Your Neighbors

If you have to tackle the huge responsibility all on your own, you will probably find yourself overwhelmed by the whole ordeal. But with the help of a couple neighbors to cohost (and others to help provide food), you can relieve a lot of stress.

Make sure to ask your neighbors for help so that you can all work together to make the party a success.

Together with your neighbors you can assign different tasks to each host, which will make the responsibility much easier to bear. Just make sure that every duty is taken care of and every host knows what they need to take care of and how to do it. Having help is one of the best block party ideas.

3. Check with City Hall

One thing you have to make sure of in your planning is that everything you prepare for is legal. There are some regulations that you may run into as you are planning your party, so it is always a good idea to check with the folks at the city hall first.

If you plan early enough, you will be aware of noise ordinances so you can stay on top of things, and you may also be able to close off a portion of the street, decreasing traffic and making things safer and more fun for the entire crew!

4. Invitations

Once you have done your preliminary planning, it is time to get the rest of the neighborhood involved. Whether you send your invitations via email, on social media, or handing out physical copies, it is important to get to every neighbor, and let them know early.

You can list on the invitations the opportunity to prepare food or bring side dishes. Then ask guests to rsvp and accept or decline food assignments.

5. Plan the Main Dishes

Although you can assign out sides, desserts, and drinks, main dishes are the responsibility of the hosts, so be sure to start planning out your main dishes menu in advance.

The perfect block party foods are easy to make, prepared in advance, and can please a variety of palettes. So as you plan your main dishes try to choose options that are manageable and interesting for all of your guests.

Make sure to talk to your invitees and ask them if they have any dietary needs you should be aware of. From allergies to sensitivities and food intolerances, you should provide options for each and every one of your guests.

6. Plan Activities

The majority of block parties are spent talking with neighbors and having a good time simply being together. However, it is always a good idea to have a few activities on hand to occupy the children and encourage group participation.

7. Enjoy Yourself

Every party should be enjoyed by all of the guests, and the hosts. So make sure to enjoy yourself on the day of your block party. Be aware that some things will probably go wrong, but don’t let it bother you.

We hope you got some great block party ideas, and be sure to keep following the Check City blog for more great tips.

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