International Women’s Day

international womens day

When is International Women’s Day?

International Women’s Day is on March 8th every year. This has been a recurring annual holiday since 1913.

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What is International Women’s Day?

International Women’s Day is an international holiday recognized by the United Nations (UN) and celebrated across the globe by all cultures, nationalities, religions, races, and genders.

International Women’s Day isn’t just a day to celebrate women. It’s a holiday centered around fighting for gender equality around the globe. It is a day to reflect upon the progress the world, and your own country or state has made in the fight for gender equality, and to think about the ways we can still improve.

There’s a lot of work left to be done in the fight for gender equality, and the purpose of International Women’s Day is to remind us all of that.

How was International Women’s Day Started?

International Women’s Day, sometimes shortened to IWD, is not a holiday belonging to any one country. It is an internationally recognized holiday that belongs to us all.

International Women’s Day began with large movements enacting change for women’s rights as early as 1908. One of the first National Women’s Day took place on February 28th in the US.

The proposal for an International Women’s Day first started in 1910 when Clara Zetkin first brought up the idea in an International Conference of Working Women. She wanted this day to be the same day, every year, that all nations could take part in. Her proposal was met with unanimous approval, and thus International Women’s Day was officially created.

It wasn’t until 1913 that the date of this holiday was officially set to March 8th for everyone around the globe, and it wasn’t until 1975 that the holiday was officially recognized by the UN.

In 1996 the UN began incorporating an annual theme into each International Women’s Day, which you can see and take part in on the UN’s official website. The International Women’s Day theme for 2020 is I am Generation Equality: Realizing Women’s Rights.

What is Gender Equality?

Gender equality refers to individuals having equal access to resources and opportunities regardless of your gender. It can also refer to giving equal opportunity for involvement in economic participation and political decision-making. Gender equality fights against any bias that is gender-based, so that men and women can be equally involved, supported, safe, and successful.

When people think about gender equality, they often think about women’s rights in politics or the workplace. But it also includes putting an end to harmful or unfair stereotypes and gender-based violence.

Gender equality is also an issue that impacts everyone, not just women. Achieving gender equality ensures that basic human rights are protected for everyone, without discrimination. To learn more about gender equality, how you can help, and how it might affect you, visit

Other Holidays Like International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day isn’t the only holiday of its kind. International Men’s Day for instance, was first founded by Dr. Jerome Teelucksingh in 1999.

When is International Men’s Day?

International Men’s Day takes place on November 19th every year.

International Men’s Day is meant to inspire men all around the world to do and be better. It is also a day to bring awareness to men’s issues. For example, men have a suicide rate that is 3 times higher than women.

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