Eating Healthier and Feeling Better

If the end of the winter has left you in a bit of a sluggish haze, then you are certainly not alone! Winter is a time of year where many people get a bit out of shape and don’t eat and healthy as they possibly could. When its cold and grey outside, it is natural for us all to stay inside and eat instead of doing other things.

If you want to get back into shape and feel more energy during the day, consider changing up your diet. You’ll be amazed at what a difference fresh food can make!

We recommend eating salad a lot, making sure that it is the stuff that has dark green and purple leaves in it. It may have to be an acquired taste for some, but there are a lot of low fat dressings out there which you can apply to make it tastier. In fact, experimenting with dressings and finding a new one is part of the fun!

Fruits and vegetables also are going to be critical. Fruit every day is a great way to feel better while getting healthier, and it has the added bonus of tasting sweet. Try swapping eating fruit with eating sweets, and you’ll notice a real difference soon. Additionally, try eating carrots and celery during the times of day when you want to eat something, but its only for the sake of snacking. It will take the edge off of your hunger and help energize you.

For many of us, drinking the right amount of water is also sometimes not always achieved. Bring a water bottle with you to work and school to sip on instead of a soda when you’re bored or occupied and you’ll be able to passively hydrate without having to be formal about the cups of water you take in.

These are just a tiny fraction of the things you can do to eat healthier and feel better. Just replace some of the things you eat and make an effort to develop good habits, and you’ll be surprised about how good you feel!

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