Dedication to Community

One of the main areas of focus that Check City has is community involvement and betterment. Our company takes pride in being able to help out with various charitable organizations and causes every year. By giving back to the community, our company hopes to create a positive cycle where individuals can better their lives while being able to work with us when needed.

Recently, Check City participated in a telethon at the Gateway, where we matched donations made to the Adelante radio station during its Road to Success broadcast. District Manager Andrea Casagrande was on hand to do a radio interview, where she outlined Check City’s commitment to giving back.

Check City has also worked with the Muscular Dystrophy Association of Las Vegas to raise money for research and development. By supporting nonprofit organizations such as this, Check City can make a positive difference while letting the experts in their field work at their best and discover important information.

Check City has also donated to the United Cerebral Palsy of Utah association, in order to fund research and development into the disease.

Additionally, we are proud to support Sub for Santa every year, so those who may be going through a tough time can enjoy the holidays without feeling a lot of financial pressure.

Dedication to these causes is what sets our company apart, because we care about the community and in bettering it for everyone. We are always looking for more opportunities to help out when we can.

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