Transforming a Rental Space into a Home

It is a feeling that many renters have felt after they have been renting homes for a majority of their lives. The feeling of living in a rental can sometimes make a person feel like they never have a true home at all.

A person may come home to their own stuff, such as their own television, their own furniture, and their own bed, but even then, if the renter has been renting for long then they may feel like the house itself really is not theirs. The ugly carpeting, dull light fixtures, and weird tile in the kitchen serve as constant reminders to some that their rental home or apartment houses their possessions but is not truly their home.

How Can You Make It Yours?

With feelings like these being common among long term renters, many have begun to ask how they can improve their rental space to be uniquely their own. The answer is that a person can accomplish the monumental task of making a rental their own by performing simple home improvement projects, decorating to one’s preferences, and making little changes here and there.

Get Permission First

But before one can head into such a major transformation of the rental home, they must first seek and gain permission from their land lord to make specific changes to the rental unit. While some changes, like the addition of furniture or free standing decorations, may not need to be clear by the land lord, other changes, like adding a coat of paint or hanging pictures on the walls, will need to be approved by the owner of the unit.

After gaining approval for specific projects, a renter can begin to make their rental unit their own by implementing a few strategies in every room of the house or apartment. These projects can be large or small, but all can be done with a budget in mind and at a relatively low cost.

Try Some Paint

One of the best and least expensive ways to transform a rental unit into feeling like a person’s true home is by applying a coat of paint to some walls. Choosing colors that match the desired feel of the room, a renter, again after getting permission from their land lord, can transform a drab rental space into their own home by applying just a few coats of paint onto the walls.

Painting the living room of a rental will immediately change the feel of the room and conform it to the desires of the renter. While adding paint may seem like a no no for many land lords, renters may be surprised at the number of land lords who would actually welcome a fresh coat of paint being applied in their units.

Beyond painting the walls of the living room or living spaces, a renter can cheaply and quickly change their rental space into a home by the addition of new furniture or decorations to the living area. New furniture, like a refurbished antique coffee or end table can bring a new feel to the living area and decorations can be assembled with relatively little costs.

Try Framing Things

A few simple decoration ideas for renters redesigning their living space on a budget include framing things that are not simple pictures. Items such as old memorabilia or retro artifacts placed behind a frame and hung on a wall can instantly bring the personalized feel of personality into one’s living area.

Once the living space has been revamped to reflect the style and preference of the renter, they can then change their focus to the kitchen in their rented home or apartment. Like the living area, the kitchen can be transformed from a drab rental-looking kitchen to a tailored area by simply improving or adding personalized touches here and there.

Rental units are often known for their drab, ugly, or even damaged flooring in the kitchen, and so to make the rental one’s own, the kitchen floor must first be tackled. The quick fix is a nice rug to simply hide the flooring underneath, but the permanent and more personal fix would be to get permission from the landlord to redo the flooring with easy to assemble flooring kits purchased at the hardware store.

After the flooring of the kitchen has been dealt with, a renter can further improve upon their kitchen by switching out the lighting fixtures to a more modern, or at least less run down, look. By making small and often relatively simple and inexpensive changes to their rental unit, a renter can change the mood in their house from a rented space to a true home.

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