Tired of a Messy Garage? Learn How to Build a Tool Shed

Are you sick of storing all of your maintenance tools in your garage and parking your car outside? Well, we have come up with the perfect solution for you and that’s a tool shed. Here are some great tips on how to build a tool shed and why you should:

Why a Tool Shed?

Why do you need a tool shed? Well, you know all those gardening and maintenance tools that have made a home in your garage? A shed will help resolve this problem. With a shed you can finally have your tools organized and park your car in your garage.

Build-It Yourself

You’ve made your decision to get a shed, now what? It’s time to build it. First you need a plan of some kind. Talk to a professional and do some research to figure out how to build your shed properly. Here are some great ideas when figuring out tool shed plans:


A simple roof made of wood and some asphalt shingles can be a good way to go. However, if you want your roof to last longer then consider building a metal roof. A metal roof typically lasts 30 to 50 years and is a faster process.


Here are a few different options for the base/floor of your tool shed:

  • A fast and easy foundation is one made of pressure-treated lumber on a bed of gravel. This will also last for quite a while.
  • Lay joists on a wood foundation then cover with plywood.
  • Fill a wood foundation with gravel and lay cement pavers – this is more durable than plywood and allows you to hose clean the floor.

Wood Alternatives

A wood shed can be a great option. They take on a great rustic look and you can stain the wood. But if you want to paint your shed you can try a few different alternatives:

  • Fiber cement – costs less than wood and does not rot.
  • Composite trim – very similar to wood.
  • PVC plastic trim – much more expensive but will last longer than almost any other material.

Pre-Made Shed

If building a shed doesn’t interest you, or you simply don’t have enough time, then look into a pre-made shed. Save time and money by purchasing a pre-built shed that will accommodate all of your tool shed needs.

Ask for Help

If you need help with any of your shed needs, contact a professional for help. They will know what shed and materials you need for your budget. Thank you for reading, we hope we have given you great tips on how to build a tool shed!

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