DIY Home Security Ideas

There are many thousands of homeowners across the nation that want to make their home as secure as possible, but simply do not have the funds to afford expensive and lavish ways of securing their house. Such things as professionally installed and monitored security systems are nice, but their cost is seldom worth the reward especially when there are plenty of other ways in which a homeowner can make their home safe from would-be burglars by undertaking simple DIY improvements and inexpensive measures.

These home security improvements are both effective in keeping the bad guys at bay and saving a homeowner money in their home’s security costs. In fact, first and foremost, there are several strategies for making the home as safe as possible by simply changing personal habits, which will not cost a thing for the homeowner.

Totally Free Ways to Protect the Home

Some ways to change habits to add protection to the home include always remembering to lock doorways and windows, leave a light or two on while out of the house (make sure that the lights in the home are the energy efficient kind in order to save on electricity costs), and keep the outside of the home in good repair (those homes that look rundown are more likely to be targeted by criminals as it appears that the homeowner is rarely in the house).

In addition to the above changes to behavior that can keep a home safe, a homeowner can do even more to secure their home if they will keep their valuables out of clear sight from outside the home. Those homes with valuable possessions in clear view of the street (such as a television one can see through the window) are more likely to be targeted because the criminals know that they will be able to steal at least the one valuable item.

DIY Home Security Projects

After practicing safe home habits, a homeowner can do even more to protect their homes from criminals by undertaking a few of the following DIY home security projects. The first project that can be undertaken if not already equipped in the home is to install an extra bolt lock on all external doors and a bolt lock on the garage door.

Install Motion Sensors

Another effective and inexpensive home security measure that homeowners could implement themselves is to install motion sensor lights around the exterior of the home. Outside lights that are tripped by motion detectors are great deterrents to criminals because they increase the risk of being caught.

Other simple and quick DIY projects that can secure the home include placing a wooden dowel in the tracks of sliding doors and windows and planting thorny bushes beneath ground floor windows. Plants such as rose bushes are especially effective in thwarting would-be criminals due to their own self-defenses in the form of painful thorns.

With these few ideas a homeowner can safe and tightly secure their residence at little cost. And, with these added measures and others as suggested by the homeowner’s insurance company, a homeowner may even be able to receive discounts for home safety from their home insurance provider.

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