Diet During the Holidays With These 5 Tips

The holidays are a great time to take a break, kick back, and enjoy the company of friends and family. There are a lot of different reasons to love this time of year. After all, the weather is crisper, the leaves change colors, and there is more time to relax and enjoy life. The holidays are also full of delicious food, and it can be very difficult to resist. With all of the big and luxurious meals come the extra pounds. Meals are going to be heavier (especially on the holidays themselves) and people are not going to be as active (because of the colder weather). Therefore, metabolisms are going to be reduced and the natural opportunities to work off weight are going to be much less present during the holidays.

As such, it is a good idea to come up with a healthy diet plan for these times during the year when everyone around you is eating. While we do not suggest skipping Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner (far from it) we just suggest a more balanced diet that is full of healthier foods. Here are some tips, tricks, and suggestions on how you can diet during the holidays while still enjoying yourself:

Make a Plan

Coming up with a plan of action is the best way to set up a diet and to be successful with it. Don’t go into the battlefield unprepared! Making a plan ahead of time will help you be more careful, avoid over-eating, and help you to make meals that are healthier and less fattening. So, what is your plan of action? We suggest you plan weekly. Plan out a balanced diet that allows you to eat healthy and still enjoy yourself.

Does your family make huge holiday dinners? Do your research ahead of time to see what food is healthy and what you should avoid. If you want to enjoy yourself, but don’t want to overeat, we have a great solution for you. Don’t show up to the party really hungry. Simply have a protein shake, or a green smoothie beforehand so you won’t be hungry enough to overeat.

What to Eat?

Consider eating more leafy green and purple salads during this season, as well as eating fruit. These are good alternatives to completely filling up and encourage good digestion and better conversion of food into energy. Eat lighter foods in order to encourage better results for your body. During the colder months your body will crave more heavy foods, unhealthy sugars and carbohydrates. Try to settle that sugar craving with healthy sweet foods like fruit and veggies.

Chew Gum?

If you are starting to get hungry, and it isn’t time to eat yet, try chewing a piece of sugarless gum. This works well when you are trying to not snack on all of the food that is constantly around you during the holidays. It also brings great flavor without having to eat anything.

Don’t Skip Meals

Skipping a meal usually means splurging and eating too much later on. Don’t skip meals if you are trying to diet during the holidays. If you show up to the party really hungry, you will most likely eat unhealthy. Try and eat a balanced breakfast and lunch to avoid overeating at dinner.

Save it

Make the extra effort to eat healthy during the non-special days so you can enjoy yourself for the holidays. It is important to stay healthy throughout the year and be consistent with your eating habits. Make it one of your new year’s resolutions to consistently eat healthy. We hope you have learned how to diet during the holidays. Thanks for reading!

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