Benefits of Biking to Work

Biking to work is something that has caught on with increasing popularity over the last few years. The idea is simple- save money on gas while getting a good workout in the mornings. Below are five benefits of biking to work, what bike to choose as your transportation, and how you can look good on your ride.

Why You Should Ride

It’s Cheap – To begin with, there is the perk of being able to save money on gas. The average commuter pays a hefty sum of money every year in order to get themselves to work. Another reason is maintenance on a car is much more expensive than a bike.

It’s Good for You – Riding a bike is a great form of exercise. Save time and exercise biking to work.

Avoid Traffic – Tired of being stuck in traffic on your morning commute? Commuting on a bike is very consistent. Don’t get stuck in traffic jams anymore.

What Bike?

Selecting a bike is a personal preference. There are plenty of different bikes to choose from that provide different uses. Go into your local bike shop and try out a variety of bikes that best fits your needs. Talk to a professional to find the best bike for your lifestyle. If you are using the bike for commuting, talk to a professional to find the best commuter bike.

What to Wear

You now have motivation and want to start biking to work. But what do you wear?

It is best to talk to a professional on what to wear with your bike. If you are trying to find bike commuting gear, talk to a professional about the best bike commuting gear. Always remember, safety comes first. Wearing a helmet and the appropriate gear when you are riding your bike is extremely important.

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