Why You Should Have Good Dental Hygiene

When people think of oral care they typically think of preventing bad breath or having brilliantly white teeth. We have all been told to brush, floss and use mouthwash for a healthy mouth. However, many people may not realize how vital our dental health is to our body’s overall health. Recent studies have shown that oral and dental problems can contribute to many health problems, including diabetes, heart disease and even a stroke.

The human mouth is the portal through which the majority of known diseases enter our bodies. The cleanliness of an individual’s mouth can be directly linked to that persons overall health. It is important in so many ways to have good dental hygiene.


Cavities are the most commonly known dental problems for people of all ages. Untreated cavitieis can cause pain and are not good for our dental health. However, socioeconomic issues can contribute to whether dental care is received in a timely manner.

From the years of 1999 to 2004 over 59% of children ages 12 to 19 had signs of tooth decay present on their permanent teeth. Cavities have affected millions of Americans but are generally preventable by practicing traditional dental care such as brushing one’s teeth and flossing. It is very important to floss and brush your teeth properly. If you don’t know how, seek a professional to help teach you how to properly brush your teeth, and how to floss your teeth. Start practicing good dental hygiene today, and prevent cavities.

Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease of the gums also affects millions of Americans. The disease is caused by bacteria under the gums. The bacteria begins to destroy the bone and gums and eventually the teeth become loose, making chewing difficult. The teeth may need to be extracted.

Recently periodontal disease has been linked to inflammation in other parts of the body, causing damage to organs and extremities. Some studies suggest that this inflammation can be linked to such diseases as diabetes, strokes, heart disease and even birth issues.

Good Oral Health

Oral health is often taken for granted, but it is an essential part of our everyday lives. Good oral health enhances our ability to do many things. For example it enhances the way we speak, smile, smell, taste, touch, chew, swallow, and even the way we convey our feelings and emotions through facial expressions. However, oral diseases cause pain and disability for millions of Americans each year. It is important to get professional help with your teeth regularly to prevent these diseases. Have a professional teach you how to brush your teeth and how to floss your teeth.

The good news is that most diseases are preventable. With a few common habits, you can keep your teeth in good order and your health from declining due to oral issues. In addition to a sense of well-being, good oral health affects your pocket book.

Start practicing good dental hygiene today! Thanks for reading.

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