3 Tips to Avoiding January Gloom

Let’s face it – the late winter months are the most difficult to get through. The holidays are over, the weather is still cold, all the plants are still dead, they sky is always gray, and you’re back to the grind of daily labor. This kind of atmosphere is enough to bring down anybody’s spirits. And when spirits are down, so does your determination to stick to your financial New Year’s resolutions.

In the January gloom, it can be very tempting to shop away your blues. You may want to go out to dinner more often, buy a new outfit, or take more trips to the movie theater. These things are small pitfalls that can bring down your New Year’s budgets and other financial goals. Don’t let this happen to you! Here are some great ways to brighten up the January gloom and keep your resolve going strong!

Get Out and Play in the Snow

Many people don’t know that January is actually National Learn to Ski & Snowboard month. That means if you or your kids have never learned how to ski or snowboard, now is the perfect time to do so. Most resorts Nationwide will offer amazing discounts on passes, rentals and lessons to get you on your way. Also, getting up in the mountains is a great way to get out of the haze and inversion that tends to set in around this time of year. To see which resorts in the Utah area are offering the best deals you can check out SkiUtah.com

Weekend Vacation

If celebrating something silly each day just isn’t working well enough for you, take a weekend trip to a sunnier, more cheerful climate. These spontaneous trips don’t need to be expensive. Even a hiking trip up above the cloud cover could be enough to recharge your spirit. If that isn’t an option for you, one tank of gas and a night in an inexpensive motel is almost certain to do the trick. Between your “rainy day” savings account and the deals you are certain to find, your wallet won’t suffer much. In fact, the mental and emotional benefits of escaping a gloomy climate almost always outweigh any monetary loss. A weekend fling can truly work wonders on your mood, attitudes, and ability to work. Especially if you work on commission, your improved mood and attitudes are sure to skyrocket your sales!

Evening Parties

At night, you can’t tell the difference between clear skies or cloudy ones anyway, so live up the night life with friends and family. You can throw movie parties, game nights, dance parties, or baking parties that won’t cost you anything at all. Groups of people can always overcome the challenge of gloom far better than individuals on their own. So get together and enjoy each other’s bright spirits!

If you are suffering from January gloom, try these mood-lifting tactics and keep your New Year’s resolve up and fighting!

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