Turn Your Clutter Into Cash

Cleaning Out Your Home for Cash

Can’t stand your messy house? Too much clutter in every corner? Why not try cleaning out your home for cash? What’s that? You didn’t know you could turn you clutter into cash? You know what they say, “one man’s junk, is another man’s treasure.” It is often hard to find money around your house, but selling your items for cash is a great way to get some extra money.

Taking the time necessary to find ways you can turn your clutter cash may give you the motivation you need to get moving on cleaning, de-cluttering, and organizing your house. There are three great steps to turn clutter into cash. But before you can actually make some cash, follow these 3 great steps:

1. Cleaning

If you start the de-cluttering process with a messy house then you are going to miss things, it will not be well-organized, and you will end up making your house even more of a mess before the day (or week) is done. Start the process by going through each room in your house and giving it a good clean. Pick up the toys, wash the tub, vacuum each room, put everything in its place; it might even help to take the time to dust. Now that your house is as clean as it gets on a normal basis you are ready to dive into the nitty gritty. Clean your junk drawers, sort through the unusable pieces of yarn, clean up old-unused toys, organize your life, and get some cash while you are at it.

2. De-Cluttering

The next step of your clutter for cash process is to de-clutter. Like many people you may have a tendency to keep and hold onto worthless things, or things that are of no use to you. Here is a good rule of thumb to use when de-cluttering, with each and every item you should ask yourself, “do I need this?” “have I used this in the last year?” “have I used this in the last few months?” These questions work very well, and help put in great perspective when selling items for cash.

3. Organizing

The last step before trading your items in for cash is to organize. Organizing is an important step because you don’t want to end up putting de-cluttered items back into your drawers, closets, etc. Make some piles; a pile of items you are going to keep, a pile of items that needs to be thrown away (paper, yarn, etc.), and a pile of items you are going to turn clutter into cash.

While you are cleaning, de-cluttering, and organizing you should make sure you know what your options are for selling the items that you don’t want in your home anymore. Some things will be too far gone to sell and make money from, but some things may fetch a good price. Here are some of the ways you can make a pretty penny from the stuff in your home:


Take what you have collected and list it for sale on eBay. This bidding website will ensure that you are getting the best price for your items that you are selling. Make sure you take quality pictures of the items you are selling and make sure the product description is accurate.

Local Websites

There are also local websites that you can sell your items on. Take time to find local classifieds where you can list your items. This can be a great option, because you won’t have to ship the item.

Check City

If you need to get rid of old jewelry or any type of precious metal, stop by any Check City location, so you can be sure that you are able to get the best price for your precious metal. We will have you in and out of the store in no time and you will have the cash that you deserve when you leave our store.


A consignment store may also be a great place for selling many different items. Talking with local store owners about what they are looking can be a great way to find someone that will provide you with the best possible price for your clutter.

Social Media

Social Media is a great tool for anything you need sold. When you share your items on your page, it is guaranteed people will see and tell their friends! Social Media is becoming very popular with this, and it is very successful.

We hope you have enjoyed our tips on turning clutter into cash. Thanks for reading!

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