How to Set Goals the Easy Way

Do you ever feel like you are doing the same things day in and day out? Have you ever stared at the clutter and thought about the futility of trying to resolve it? Do you ever find yourself doing laundry, or dishes, or homework (or… anything?) and realize that you’ll just be doing it all over again tomorrow? Do you ever go to bed and find yourself wondering if you’re actually contributing anything of worth to the world around you, or even to your own self-development? If so, then you are most certainly stuck in a rut.

However, all hope is not lost. It’s entirely possible to accomplish all of the necessary chores on your list and still make time to do something that will boost your confidence or your skill set. The answer is goal setting, and it’s not as daunting as you think! Here are some great tips on how to set goals to keep life interesting and educational.

How to Set Scheduling Goals

9 to 5 you know exactly what you are supposed to do at work, but what if you are a stay at home mom? What do you do with those hours? Are you scheduling them out? Now, there is no need to schedule your whole life out, but if you have a goal or goals, or even if you’d like to set some for yourself, you will need to set aside some time in your day to devote towards accomplishing it, or the achievement of that goal will soon start to be taken over by less important tasks.

For example, you may have a goal that involves losing weight, but if you don’t schedule time each day to prepare healthy meals and exercise, you most likely won’t reach your goal. That is why scheduling a little time for you each day is so important.

How to Set Motivational Goals

There is nothing more demotivating than not having clearly defined goals. Whether it is at work, in school, or at home, you need some kind of goal to help keep you focused on a future aspiration. Having a clear set of goals can also help you get past some of the details and monotony of your present situation.
Think about where you are, and where you’d like to be. Think about what you’d like to accomplish on a personal level, or on your to-do list, or your list of fun projects that you’ve always wanted to get around to, but just can’t! Draw up a plan involving manageable stages and timelines to reach that goal and then put some motivational reminders up where you can see them.


If you’re wondering how to set goals and make them stick… Balance is the answer. Life can seem like a juggling contest with more and more bowling pins being hurled at you every second. If you struggle to keep up with it all, goals can really help you out. When you define your goals, you will be deciding what is really important. Work, family, health, education, and everything else can be planned out in a systematic and organized way so it is much more manageable. So, forget running around like a chicken with its head cut off!


It is easy for employers and anyone else to tell when someone doesn’t set goals. An individual without goals will not have as much foresight as they live in the “here and now” with little regard for the consequences in the future. Goals can give you added perspective and understanding of why the things you do now are so important. As an individual with vision, you will also have an opportunity to stand out as a leader. Goals are also a great way to simplify. As you set them, you suddenly realize what really matters and what is causing unnecessary distractions and stress in your life.


Even if you are setting goals for yourself, there is a sense of accountability for each goal, especially if there is a specific date attached to it. This can keep you moving forward responsibly as you realize that where you spend your time is of the utmost importance.

Don’t go another day without setting goals. No matter what you are doing in your life, goals can help you move forward with clarity, added motivation, accountability, and balance. You will be surprised what you can achieve in the end with the right set of goals!

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