Save Money With MoviePass

How much money do you typically spend on movie tickets every month? It seems that autumn has become the season when Oscar-bait movies are released, and depending on the year, it’s not too far-fetched to end up with a list of “must see” movies that can require multiple trips to the theatre in any given week. The problem is that doing this can end up costing a lot of money.

If you’re like me, at this time of year it’s just too hard to wait for those movies to make their way into the dollar theatres, or Red Box, especially when all your colleagues and friends start raving about them without extending the courtesy of any spoiler alerts.

How do you save money on movie tickets then? The answer is MoviePass, it’s a pass that gets you into movies every day for one monthly fee.

Smartphone App and Debit Card Technology

When you sign up for MoviePass, you receive a MoviePass debit card that is connected to an account on the MoviePass smartphone app. When you want to see a movie, you sign into that account on your phone, “check-in” at the movie theatre you are within 100 yards of, and select the movie you want to see, and the time show time you want to attend.

The debit card is automatically loaded with the exact amount of money for the price of the ticket (single) you have selected. You can then purchase your ticket at the kiosk or ticket counter, using that debit card.

Monthly Fee

In return for these daily movie tickets, MoviePass requires its card-carrying members to pay $30 ($35 in some areas) a month. If you’re a true movie buff, you spend much more than that on movies every month. All you have to do is see three or four movies a month to make the monthly fee pay off.


We do live in the real world and so you’re probably wondering what the catch is. Thankfully with MoviePass it’s not actually that bad, it may not even register as a ping on your radar of movie viewing preferences.

  • MoviePass does not pay for IMAX or 3D films.
  • It also restricts the number of movies you can watch within a 24 hour period to one. A countdown feature on your MoviePass application will allow you to see when your 24 hour period is up.
  • The final restriction is that you can only choose to see a particular film with your MoviePass once – meaning that you cannot charge your MoviePass with a ticket to the same movie twice.

Aside from these restrictions, you can use your MoviePass to see any movie from any theater within the United States.

Upcoming Movies

When you think about the number of blockbuster and franchise movies pending release before the end of this year, it’s not hard to justify an investment in MoviePass. Here are a few of the highly anticipated releases to whet your appetite: Hotel Transylvania (yes, it’s animated, but… the usual Sandler suspects? Done!), The Intern, The Martian , Pan, The Walk, The Peanuts Movie, Spectre (007), Mockingjay Pt2 and (I can hardly breathe…) Star Wars!!!!!

Calling All Movie Buffs

With only months to go until the Academy Awards, it’s time to get to the theater and judge for yourself what does and doesn’t deserve a nomination and an award. Take a scorecard and rate each movie while keeping track of what you’ve seen. You’ll be shocked at how much money you really spend on movies in any given fall month, and how much money you’ll save with MoviePass.

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