8 Cheap Things to do In Vegas

Las Vegas doesn’t have to cost a bundle. If you are a savvy shopper, you can find great deals on shows and attractions, from free to inexpensive. Here are 8 cheap things to do in Las Vegas which are family friendly and perfect for a day away from the gaming tables. Even though these activities are cheap, you’ll still want some cash before you head out. If you need to cash a check or get a las vegas payday loan before heading out be sure to check out one of our many Check City Las Vegas locations!

1.The Aquarium

The Aquarium at the Silverton is much more than just a peaceful place to watch fish swim lazily along. The aquarium at the Silverton is so much more! Beautiful mermaids interact with the audience members. Each mermaid is an accomplished water ballerina. Every half hour, you’ll see some of the best water ballet around!
The Aquarium itself is a gigantic 117,000 gallon saltwater aquarium. It is located within the cozy Silverton Hotel. Benches and seating are provided for the audience to see the show. The Aquarium is one of the premier free attractions on the Las Vegas Strip!

2.Bellagio Conservatory

Bellagio Conservatory is a forest within the heart of downtown Las Vegas. The Conservatory was crafted by 100 horticulturalists, to produce an amazing botanical garden in the heart of the Mojave Desert! The gardens change with the seasons and holidays, so chances are you’ll see different plants on every visit.
To get even more out of your visit to the Bellagio Conservatory, catch Mr. & Mrs. Green Thumb, who visit the Conservatory daily between 10:30 a.m. and 11:30 p.m. They can answer any questions about the gardens or gardening in general. And if you visit the south garden between 4:30 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. you’ll hear live music performances from some of the best musicians in the Las Vegas area.

3.CBS Television City Research Center

Watch a yet-to-be-released TV show at the CBS Television City Research Center at the MGM Grand, where you can voice your opinions on and help network moguls create the next season’s show. It’s like being a Neilson Family while on vacation!

4.Circus Acts at the Circus Circus

Circus Acts at Circus Circus are one of Vegas’ worst kept secrets! Every half hour, jugglers and trapeze artists fly through the air at the world’s largest permanent circus. The circus acts are free and one of Old Vegas’ best attractions! You could argue that the Circus Circus acts are the original Cirque du Soleil!

5.Ethel M Chocolate Factory Tours

At the Ethel M Chocolate Factory, take a tour of this wondrous factory! Sample the chocolates and truffles at the end of the tour. The Ethel M Chocolates Factory is about seven miles from the Strip, but the tour and samples are free making it well worth the trek and one of our favorite cheap things to do in Vegas. There is also a gift shop where you can purchase what you’ve sampled!

6.Fall of Atlantis

Fall of Atlantis at Caesars Caesars Palace has created a wondrous spectacle in the midst of their forum shops. The Fall of Atlantis is an animatronic vision of the family of King Atlas and sons as they vie for control of the great kingdom of Atlantis. The show features wind, sound and dramatic music. If you are looking for a fun, free spectacle, then the Fall of Atlantis is just right!

7.Mac King

Mac King is arguably one of the more under the radar acts on the Strip. King is a magician in the old sense of the word. He dons a plaid suit and sports a bowl cut. But behind the outward appearance is a keen magician, who makes the tricks look very easy. Mac uses his genial, quirky sense of humor, amazing sleight of hand and astounding visual gags to provoke enthusiastic oohs and aahs from his audience! He is sure to please adults and kids of all ages!

8.World of Coca Cola

Another great cheap thing to do in Vegas is explore the wonderful World of Coca Cola on the Strip. For a mere $7.00 you can experience coke products from around the world, including a sweet watermelon cola from China or a bitter Italian Aperitif called Beverly. In fact, there are over 100 different flavors of Coke to explore from around the world! While at the World of Coca Cola, stop by the theater and see short films on the history of Coke. You can also get up close and personal with the bottling process.

It Doesn’t Have to Cost a Fortune to Experience the Best of Vegas!

There are many cheap or free things to do in Las Vegas. From the usual to the off the beaten path, there is a little something for everyone! While you are visiting Vegas, take the opportunity to check out some of the lesser known, but fun, attractions!
What are some of your favorite cheap things to do in Las Vegas? Let us know in the comments section below!

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