5 Ingenious Movie Night Ideas for Your Movie Themed Party

In a world of ambitious film franchises, the franchise movie themed party is becoming a staple activity for the pre-release celebration of every highly anticipated sequel. And if you’re the type of person who doesn’t need to view all the prequels to get ready for the next installment, then I have three words for you: Director’s Cut Edition!

While the golden age of Hollywood may have come and gone, this new age of technology and special effects has brought to life so many epic characters that there’s a franchise of movies out there for pretty much any taste; LOTR, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Marvel Avengers, Hunger Games, Divergent, James Bond, Twilight, Batman… Insert your favorite franchise here ________!

And if you’re an expert on all things franchise related, the odds are you got that way from hours of conversations with friends who share your passion – whether to break down the latest installment, make comparisons to the book or just to one up them on a trivial pursuit game or pub quiz! Let’s face it; sometimes the difference between enjoyment and obsession is the number of friends we have who are willing to attend the movie with us, after lining up all night, in costume having a movie themed party while waiting in line at the theater!

At the end of the day, it’s just not as entertaining if you’re the only one raving about it. In fact it might even get a bit weird for everyone else: One lone fan doth an eccentric make! But a group? Yeah, that’s an awesome amount of cosplay waiting to happen! And so it is with movie marathons – they’ll help you pass some quality time alone, but if you really want to be entertained you just gotta get your group on!

So, how do you host the most awesome funfest of a legendary movie marathon in the hood? Here’s a list of absolute essentials and a few things you should avoid at all costs.

Movie Night Idea #1: Guest List

Think carefully about who to invite. This is crucial and will determine the tone for entire night. Remember all the inside jokes, hot debates and creative memes that were generated from this franchise by your circle of friends? Use those ideas to include everyone who participated in those. Consider your location – indoors or outdoors? Big screen, little screen? Only invite as many people as you have room for to your movie themed party and only invite the people you really enjoy spending time with.
Don’t invite someone out of courtesy or guilt. When it comes to marathons, the entertainment factor can be heavily influenced by the crowd atmosphere. Everyone needs to be comfortable enough to be themselves. In fact, think of all those movies you thought were cough-up-a-lung hilarious until you tried watching them alone. Or, even the ones that just weren’t funny until you watched them with the right people.

Movie Night Idea #2: Comfort First

Utilize every pillow and blanket you have in the house – the more, the better. You can make massive pallets for everyone to lie back and enjoy the movie on, and you can transform it into a fort for a sleepover the ideas are endless really. At a certain point, you can expect almost everyone to be taking a nap, so make sure everyone is comfortable.

Don’t try to squeeze everyone into a tight space. Try to remove some furniture pieces if they’re going to get in the way. Free up that floor for lounging and leg room.

Movie Night Idea #3: Themed Snacks

Do provide food. The only thing more important than comfort is having food. The best food to provide for a movie marathon is something themed to the films you’re watching. However, depending on the preferences of your group, sometimes it’s easier to just provide snacks for people to fill themselves up on, unless you want to ask the guests to bring food. If your guests are willing, plan a creative menu with food that relate to the movie franchise – it’s a great way to kick off the merriment.

Movie Night Idea #4: Breaks and Activities

Take into account how long each movie is. Schedule breaks in between to get up and stretch the legs. Activities will also get the blood flowing. Have you thought about a themed scavenger hunt between each movie? You could have people race around the house, or neighborhood, in search of an item or items on the list. Then compare items (and adventures) when you return for the next installment.
Don’t want to inflict your festivities on your neighbors? Do a scavenger picture hunt. Have your friends snap selfies at designated locations. But don’t do too far away – time is of the essence!

Another fun idea is to create an activity hat. Have teams draw an activity from the hat to perform or complete for the entertainment of all. Don’t spend too much time on any of these activities, remember you still have a franchise to get through!

Movie Night Idea #5: Think Outside the Box

Have a competition to see who can create the best themed costume or food for your party or for pictures.
There are so many ideas when it comes to ideas for a movie themed party. Watch all the movies in one franchise overnight or spread them out over several days – it’s all up to you. But whatever you decide to do, make sure you get your friends involved in the planning for maximum fun and epic memories!

Do you have your own favorite movie themed party ideas? Let us know in the comments section below. Also, Be sure to check in with our blog for more fun entertainment tips and ideas. And don’t forget we offer some pretty impressive financial services too!

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