The Poor Man’s Son of Baconator

In our post yesterday we talked about the Ghetto Big Mac video that has been circulating throughout the web. In the video a couple of guys take advantage of free upgrades to make their $1 double cheeseburger more like a Big Mac.
As our team here started thinking about it we realized there have to be some additional menu items that could be cracked which will allow you to save a buck or two each time you go to your favorite fast food restaurant.

For our experiment we decided to target Wendy’s since McDonalds has already been done. One of our favorite menu items at Wendy’s is the Baconator, which can be a little too much to eat on a regular basis so we set our sites on the smaller version which Wendy’s calls “The Son of Baconator.”

Our local Wendy’s charges $3.29 for just the Son of Baconator Sandwhich so the goal was to be able to build a comparable burger for at least a buck or two cheaper. To consider it a success we’d need to have at least two meat patties, two pieces of cheese, and some bacon. The son of baconator has 4 strips of bacon but we decided 2 would be enough.

There were several ways to go about building our Budget Baconator but we decided to start with the double stack. The double stack is Wendy’s version of the McDonalds double cheeseburger and even though it recently saw a price hike from $99 to $1.79 we still felt that it was the best candidate for this project. Here is the breakdown of what we did next.

  • 1 Double Stack (Two patties and two pieces of cheese)
  • 1 Upgrade to Premium Bun- (FREE) Many people don’t know that you can upgrade to most buns for free at Wendy’s with the exception of their specialty buns such as the Pretzel bun. By upgrading to the premium bun, you not only get more bun but you also have a richer feeling burger and it also gets us one step closer to our Son of Baconator goal because it’s the same bun.
  • 2 Strips Bacon- $0.60 Even though the Son of Baconator has 4 strips of bacon we decided to just go with 2 because we’re going for a budget version here, as long as there’s some bacon you’ll still get that taste. To add 2 strips of it only cost sixty cents so things were looking good.

So in the end, with our upgrades to the Double Stack, we were able to create a burger that was almost identical to the Son of Baconator but a whopping $0.90 cents cheaper. Now that might not sounds like a ton, but as we mentioned in our previous post, if you’re the kind of guy or gal that goes out to eat every work day, it adds up. If you were to save ninety cents a day for a full work year, you’d be saving over $200.00!

We hope you had as much fun reading about this as we had researching it and putting it together. If you have any menu hacks of your own, be sure to let us know.

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