Grocery IQ: the Best Grocery Shopping App on the Market

Saving money at the grocery store is an art form for many people.

How much you save is directly related to how much time you spend writing a list and searching for deals. You can bet that the people who waste the most money shopping for food are the ones who go to the store without a plan and browse the aisles aimlessly.

But not everyone who wants to save money on groceries also wants to spend hours clipping coupons each week. Thankfully, there’s an grocery app for that: Grocery IQ.

Technology Meets Extreme Couponing

Thanks to TLC’s reality TV show Extreme Couponing, hoarding coupons has experienced a surge in popularity. The biggest takeaway from this show is that some people go way overboard, but they also save a lot of money.

Not all coupons are found in the Sunday edition of the newspaper anymore. The website provides you with thousands of coupon options—all you need is a computer.

Now you can take all those deals to the store with you, with the mobile app, Grocery iQ. While you’re browsing the isles for a good deal on ketchup, simply look for coupons on your phone.

The Best Features in the Grocery Shopping App: Grocery iQ

Grocery iQ is more than a grocery app. It’s also a tool to build your grocery list and help you shop smart.
For example, you can create custom grocery lists and revisit them anytime, so you never forget an item again. All past items you’ve checked out are compiled in your history, and you can create favorites so making a list is extremely quick.

Another handy feature is Aisles, which allows you to group favorite products by category into “aisles.” When you’re crafting your list, just browse through items in your aisles.

Adding a new item to your aisles and lists is as easy as pointing your camera a taking a picture of its barcode. This way you can actually keep tabs on prices for the stores you frequently visit.

Access to Coupons

The main benefit of Grocery iQ is its access to thousands of coupons through When you’re at the grocery store, it’s easy to look up a coupon for a specific item using this app. You can have the coupon added to your store loyalty card, or have the checkout line attendant scan a code directly from your phone. The Grocery iQ grocery app also sends you recommended coupons based on your purchase history.

Perhaps the best part is you have access to coupons, lists, and price comparisons, all in one place.

A Word of Caution

While all of this sounds great, some might say that this grocery apps makes saving money a little too easy. As with all sales, discounts, and coupons, there is a temptation to make purchases for things you don’t actually need. You’re not really saving money if you buy unnecessary stuff, just because you have a coupon.

A good rule of thumb is to only use coupons for things you would have bought anyway. Using a grocery shopping app at the grocery store can be extremely effective, mostly because we all have to buy food. So start with the food you already love, and find coupons for those items.

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