3 Great Price Matching Tips

Many stores sell the same products for competitive prices. If you go to two different stores and find the same pair of jeans, you will most likely purchase the cheaper pair. Comparing prices is something a lot of people do and can save a lot of money. For some, finding a deal is a hobby and for others it’s a lifestyle. Here are some great tips when you are price matching.

What Costs More?

An argument can easily be made that you will spend more money on gas navigating from store to store than you would by shopping at one store. This can definitely be true depending on the items you are purchasing. In some cases, it’s best to stay in one spot and buy everything you need there. But depending on the items, you will save a lot of money finding cheaper prices at different stores.


The above is true, sometimes you spend more in gas than you would spend by trying to do price comparisons BUT if you do the research beforehand you could save money by comparing prices online and mapping out a plan of action. You can actually find price comparison sites to do your price comparing before you go shopping. You may come to find out that your groceries will be split between two stores.

In-Store Price Matching

Did you know some stores will actually price match with their competitors? If you still want the amazing deals that other stores offer, find a grocery or department store that will price match with their competitors. You will be surprised with how many stores that price match!
Remember, you need to show proof that their competitors are offering a product at a better price. Pull up their pricing on the internet, or bring a coupon. Examples of proof include receipts, coupons, newspaper ads, and some stores will even accept internet pricing.

Price matching can be a good way to save money on your monthly shopping bills. You may have to put in the time to research and hunt down good deals, but there’s no doubt that it will be worth the effort.

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