Where’s My Refund? The IRS Refund Schedule 2021


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2021 Tax Schedule


Tax season can get confusing. There are taxes to file, refunds to receive, and so many dates to remember.


At Check City, we believe in making financial life as easy as possible, so we created a complete calendar guide for your tax refunds this year.


Tax season begins at the beginning of every new year. On January 1st, the IRS will start accepting mail-in tax returns.


But the IRS won’t necessarily be prepared to start receiving electronic tax returns until a little later in the year. This year the IRS will start accepting electronic tax returns on February 12th.


Below you’ll find a complete schedule for when to file your taxes, when they should be electronically filed, and when you can start expecting to receive your refund this tax season.


To stay updated on the different dates associated with this tax season go to When to File at IRS.gov or see the current IRS tax calendar in PDF form at Publication 509, Tax Calendars at IRS.gov.




Tax Return Deadlines 2021


The most important things you can pull from the above tax season schedule are the tax return deadlines.




Tax Payment Deadlines


If you need to pay taxes then they are due on the following dates. You can pay your taxes to the IRS by going to IRS.gov/payments and following the IRS’s instructions.


Tax payments work in the following way: each quarter of the year 2021, your taxes for the first quarter of 2020 will be due on April 15, 2021. Then, your taxes owed for the second quarter of 2020 will be due on June 15, 2021, and so on and so forth.




Tax Refund Schedule 2021 Chart


When tax season comes around many people start wondering when they can expect to get their tax refund. After a year of paying taxes, getting that tax refund on time can be really helpful at the beginning of each year.


To help you know when your tax refund will arrive we’ve created this helpful calendar with estimates for when tax filers might be able to expect their refunds.


Be advised that this tax refund schedule 2021 chart is an estimate based on previous tax seasons. For the most accuracy, check your tax refund status at Get Refund Status at IRS.gov.




Paper Return vs Electronic Return


When you get your tax return will also depend on how you file taxes. Taxpayers can file their tax returns through the mail or electronically.


Taxes filed through the mail tend to take longer to process because they first have to get through the mail. Likewise, choosing to receive your return as a paper check in the mail will also take longer to process and get to you.


Filing your taxes electronically will be the quickest way to get your taxes filed and processed. Choosing to receive your refund electronically through direct deposit will also be the quickest way to get your tax refund.


Below is a table showing how long it generally takes for someone’s tax refund to deposit or show up in the mail depending on how they file taxes and how they receive their refund.


Be advised that these numbers are estimates based on previous tax seasons. To get the most accurate information on your personal tax refund status go to Get Refund Status at IRS.gov.




My Tax Refund Status


You can check the status of your tax refund at any time on the IRS’s website. If your refund is taking longer than you would normally expect then a few things might have happened.


You might have imputed some information incorrectly and it needs fixing. If you made lots of claims on your tax return this year, then that can also make your tax refund take longer to process.


If you check your tax refund status and you get code, use this list of IRS Error And Reference Codes to find out what the code means.


Check City Tax Professionals File For You


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Taxes can be a big hassle, especially when your taxes include multiple tax documents, receipts, and claims.


There are many online services now that make filing your taxes a lot easier and quicker than mailing in your tax return. But many of these online tax filing services still involve you going through and filling out pages and pages of information before you’re ready to submit.


At Check City, you can hire a personal tax professional to go through those pages and pages of documents for you. All you have to do is visit your neighborhood Check City at any time of the year and our friendly tax professionals will file all of your taxes for you.


The Check City Tax Refund Advance | Get Your Refund ASAP




While you are letting Check City tax professionals take care of your tax filing for you, you can also apply for the Tax Refund Advance.


This is a financial product that allows Check City to give you the funds you expect to receive this tax season sooner. Don’t wait to be done with taxes this year. Visit your local Check City and get your taxes filed and your tax refund today.


written by Kimber Severance, Check City Copywriter

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