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Check City Western Union Locations

Cashing a Western Union money order at Check City is super easy. All you have to do is visit your local Check City store, bring your photo ID and your money order tracking number, and get your funds!

At Check City, you can receive money orders in cash, on a prepaid debit card, or in your mobile wallet. Find out the Check City Western Union hours near me by visiting the Check City Locations page. On this same locations page you can quickly find the closest Western Union near me as well.


You can also find Check City Western Union locations near you with the Western Union location finder. To find a Western Union location near you, follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to westernunion.com.


Step 2: Click “Find locations” in the top bar menu on the Western Union website.


Step 3: Next to the heading “Find locations” you’ll see an “Address” search option and an “Agent” search option. Select the “Agent” search option.

In the “Agent name” search bar type in “Check City” and in the address search bar type in your city and state and press enter. This will bring up a list of Check City locations with Western Union offices. There will also be a map on the right to show these Check City Western Union locations on the map.

Step 1: Go to google.com/maps. Make sure you give the device you’re using permission to see your location.

Step 2: Type “Western Union” into the search bar. After clicking enter you’ll have a list and a pinned map with all the Western Union locations near you.

Step 1: Go to yelp.com.

Step 2: On the yelp.com homepage you’ll find two search bars. In the “Find” search bar, type “Western Union” and in the “Near” search bar, type in your city and your state. Press enter and you’ll find a list of Western Union locations.

The problem with Yelp is that it won’t list as many Western Union locations near you as the Western Union location finder.

Western Union

What is Western Union? Western Union is a company that provides financial services worldwide. Western Union’s company headquarters are set up in Denver, Colorado.

Up until 2006, Western Union also provided communication services with transmitting telegrams. But now they focus mainly on their financial services. They even offer many of their services now online and on their mobile app.

The primary financial service that Western Union provides is the ability to send money to more than 500,000 locations in over 200 different countries and territories. The following are the main financial services that you can get from Western Union:

Send Money with Western Union:

  • Cash money transfer
  • Mobile money transfer
  • Money transfer to a bank account
  • Money order

Receive Money with Western Union:

  • Pick up cash

Pay a bill with Western Union:

  • Convenience pay
  • Payments
  • Quick collect

Prepaid Services at Western Union:

  • Prepaid card sales
  • WU reload

Online Services at Western Union:

  • Pay for a money transfer
  • Pick up cash
  • Pay a bill
  • Amazon paycode
  • Amazon cash

But the most popular services are probably the Western Union money order, Western Union send money, Western Union money transfers, Western Union Netspend, and Western Union bill pay.

Western Union Locations Near Me

Besides understanding what you can get from Western Union, it’s important to find a Western Union near me open now so you can get your financial errands done now! Finding Western Union locations near me shouldn’t be a huge hassle. Many places offer Western Union services, and there are even 24 hour Western Union near me! What’s more useful than a Western Union near me open 24 hours?

From this article, you can learn more about Western Union services, how Western Union works, and how to find your favorite Western Union locations near you.

How Does Western Union Work?

Western Union is easy to use. You can use Western Union online, on the mobile app, or at a store that has Western Union, like Check City.

Western Union provides financial services that securely move money from one person to another. In order to use Western Union, visit Western Union’s website, open the Western Union app, or visit a store location that offers Western Union.

Then, you’ll set up your money transfer by following the steps outlined by the desk clerk, teller, website, or mobile app. You’ll have to tell them where you want to send the funds, who the funds’ receiver is, how the receiver wants to receive the funds, and how you’re going to pay for the transfer and transfer fees.

When you are done submitting your Western Union money transfer, you’ll get a tracking number. Use this tracking number to track the transfer you sent, and give the tracking number to the transfer receiver. Then they can use this number when they go to pick up the transfer.

Other than that, Western Union does everything else! The money transfer of the receiver just has to pick up the funds.

How to Find Western Union Near Me

Even though there is now Western Union online and Western Union mobile, there are still occasions where you need to go to a Western Union location.

Step 1: Find your nearest Check City location.

Step 2: Visit the Check City location during their open hours.

Step 3: Get your money order, money transfer, or a Check City Prepaid Debit Card.

Where is Western Union Near Me

Cash a Western Union money order at any of your preferred Western Union agent locations. If you’ve never used Western Union before, then you might need help finding a Western Union near me to receive money.

Western Union Bank Near Me

You’ll be the most likely to cash your money order for free if you go to a bank or credit union where you have an account. Financial institutions like banks and credit unions are also great places to cash a money order because they are set up to handle financial services like providing cash to money order customers.

If you don’t have an account at a bank or credit union, you can still use a bank or credit union to cash your money order. The only catch is that you might have to pay a fee for not having an account with them.

You also might need to be careful, because some banks won’t let you cash larger money orders if you don’t have a membership with them. However, at Check City, anyone can cash a money order, no membership needed. Because Check City is a financial institution, they are more equipped to cash your money orders than retail stores like Walmart Western Union.

Western Union Office Near Me

Your local USPS also issues money orders. Some USPS post offices also won’t charge any fees for cashing a USPS money order. Otherwise, USPS charges around $1.25 for cashing $500 and $1.65 for $1,000.

Western Union Online

On Western Union online you can send money, track a money transfer, pay bills, and find Western Union locations near you!

You can also create a Western Union login on the website or on the Western Union app. With a Western Union login, you can easily make use of the services on Western Union online whenever you need it.

Step 1: If you don’t already have it, download the Western Union app.

Step 2: Now that you have the Western Union app, create a Western Union login. If you don’t want to use the app, you can also log into WesternUnion.com to create your Western Union login as well.

Step 3: Now you can use Western Union online or the Western Union app to send money online or do an online transfer.

How to Send Money Online with Western Union

Step 1: Create an online Western Union account or login to your account.

Step 2: Pick the “Send Money” option.

Step 3: Input where you want to send the money.

Step 4: Input the monetary amount and type of currency you want to send.

Step 5: Pick how the money receiver wants to get the money. They can pick up the money in cash, it can go directly to their bank account, or you can pick a mobile money transfer.

Step 6: Pick your payment method. You can pay with a credit or debit card, your bank account, or with cash if you go to a Western Union location. Once this is done, you can review your online money transfer and submit it.

With an online WU account, you can even start earning reward points for each online money transfer you send. Once you have an online Western Union account you can also save your money transfer recipients so you can easily send money to them again.

Want to use cash and use Western Union online? Use Western Union online to start your money transfer and then select the Pay In-Store option. Now you can use your phone number, or other transfer identification number, at a physical location to bring up your money transfer, allowing you to pay for the money order in cash at the store.

You can also send money by phone by calling the Telephone Money Transfer hotline (1-800-CALL-CASH). But you need to be in the US sending money to someone who is also in the US.

How to Send Money Through Western Union

We’ve already gone over how to send money through Western Union online, but what about sending money at the store?

First, you need to know what you need to send money before you go to the Western Union location. That way you won’t have to make multiple trips because you forgot something important.

  • the first and last name of the person who will be receiving the money order
  • the country and city of the money order receiver
  • the home address and phone number of the money order receiver
  • the funds to pay for the money order funds and the money order fees

Bring all of these items with you to the Western Union location. At the Western Union location you’ll fill out your money order, pay for the money order, and then you’ll get a money order tracking number.

This tracking number (MTCN) will allow you to track the money order. The money order receiver will also use this number to access the money order funds on their end.

Western Union Customer Service

You can find Western Union at a lot of customer service desks at many retail stores. But each of these retail locations that have Western Union will have its own customer service quality. That’s why it’s nice to find a Western Union agent location that also has quality customer service—the kind of quality customer service you find at Check City stores.

Though Western Union can be found at many different locations (like Walgreens Western Union near me, Walmart Western Union near me, Kroger Western Union near me, Western Union SpeedPay, CVS Western Union, Dollar General Western Union, and Rite Aid Western Union) Western Union is its own company with its own requirements and regulations.

So if you have trouble with a Western Union transaction, you’ll want to call Western Union Customer Service (1-(800)-325-6000) directly for answers about what went wrong. This Western Union phone number will connect you to Wester Union so you can get answers to any of your questions and concerns.

Western Union Tracking

Western Union also provides tracking options for your money orders and money transfers. But if you are new to using Western Union then you’ll need to know how to track your Western Union transfer.

Step 1: Visit Western Union online and go to “Track transfer” in the top menu.

Step 2: Select whether you are the sender or receiver by clicking either “I’m the sender” or “I’m the receiver.”

Step 3: Input your tracking number in the “Tracking number (MTCN)” bar and press “Continue.” All the information you need to track your transfer will come up.

What is an MTCN number? An MTCN number stands for “Money Transfer Control Number.” This is a 10-digit tracking number given to each Western Union money transfer. With this number, you can easily look up the status of the money transfer at any time.

Both the receiver and the sender use the MTCN. The sender uses the MTCN to track the transfer and the receiver uses the MTCN to pick up the transferred funds.

So when sending money through Western Union, don’t forget to communicate the MTCN number to the receiver. This is how they’ll be able to pick up the funds later. The receiver will also need to provide a valid government-issued ID at the Western Union agent location to pick up the funds.

Western Union Fees

Western Union charges fees for all their services. Your Western Union fees will depend on the type of transaction you are doing, where you are sending money, and the options you choose when setting up the money transfer.

For example, if you want to send $1,000 in cash to someone in the United Kingdom, and you pay for the transfer using your bank account, then your total Western Union fees are going to be $26. But if for that same transfer you instead pay for the transfer with a credit or debit card then your fees go up to $81. Likewise, if you still use your bank account to pay for the transfer, and the recipient also uses their bank account to receive the transfer, then your fees go all the way down to $2.99.

In general, using bank accounts to both pay for and receive the transfer is the cheapest option available.

Western Union Exchange Rates

One of the great things about Western Union is that it allows people to send and receive money from different countries and territories. So if you need to send money back home to your family in England while you’re living in the US you can easily do so through Western Union.

When transferring US dollars to the English pound there is going to be an exchange rate. In this instance, an exchange rate shows how much how many pounds will convert from however many US dollars. This is how exchange rates work for whatever types of currencies you are wishing to exchange.

You can find the currency exchange rate you’re looking for by using a Currency Converter Calculator.

All you have to do is input the monetary amount and currency type you want to send, and select which currency type the receiver will get. Then the currency calculator will tell you how much the recipient will get in their chosen currency type.

Keep in mind that Western Union has their own exchange rates to consider when sending funds that are going to convert to a different currency during the transfer. The Western Union exchange rate might not be exactly the same as the market value.

This can sometimes mean that the exchange rate when transferring funds will cause the sender to pay more. Try comparing the market exchange rates with the exchange rates at Western Union to compare the difference.

How to Fill Out a Western Union Money Order

Read the full article, “How to Fill Out a Money Order” to learn all the details you need to know about filling out a Western Union money order correctly.


There are five fields you need to fill out on your money order. But first, you have to go to a place, whether online or in-person, that provides money orders.


In the “PAY TO THE ORDER OF” line, write the name of the person or company that will be receiving the money order funds.


Some money orders will also include a section for an account number. This is helpful when you are using a money order to pay bills and want to make sure your bill account gets proper credit for making your payments.


On the “PURCHASER’S ADDRESS” line, the money order sender is the purchaser. The person sending the money order should put their address on this line. This is so that the person or company receiving the money order knows how to contact you.


Before you can send the money order, you’ll need to sign the “PURCHASER’S SIGNATURE” line. Do not sign the back of the money order. Make sure you only sign where it designates on the front of the money order.

Field #5: DOLLAR BOX

The money order will also have a box known as the “Dollar Box.” This box is where you write the monetary amount you want to send in numerals.

Writing in numerals means you’ll write the monetary amount in numbers, not words. For example, write “$100.00” not “one hundred” in this box.

Keep the Receipt!

Once you’ve finished filling out and paying for your money order, you’ll get a receipt. Keep this receipt to help keep your money order secure.

Western Union Scams

Be aware of Western Union scams and everything you can do to avoid them. Not all scams are obvious. That’s why it helps to look up common scams to know what kind of fraudulent schemes are out there right now.

Many scammers will try and get their victims to use money orders to pay them for reasons or services that are untrue or don’t exist.

Pay Upfront Scams

The scammer asks victims to pay the fees for financial services before they receive the financial services. They convince you to pay a fee or make a prepayment for something, but they’re really just going to pocket the money.

Anti-Virus Scams

The scammer contacts the victim claiming a virus has been detected on their device. Removal of the computer virus will, of course, cost a fee. But there is no actual computer virus or anti-virus service and the scammer simply pockets the money instead.

Charity Scams

Some scammers will claim to be charity organizations asking for donations. They might claim to be accepting donations to help victims of a natural disaster or any number of worthy causes, when they aren’t actually affiliated with any real charity and are instead keeping all the “donations” for themselves or not for the advertised intended purpose.

Emergency Scams and Grandparent Scams

Some scammers will even pretend to be someone you know. Some of these scammers are even able to steal or hack their way into a friend or loved one’s accounts so they can send messages as if they really are that person. With social media, they can sometimes even find personal information to help convince you they really are someone you know. Then they pretend to be in some kind of emergency situation that requires you to send them emergency financial help.

Some of these scammers particularly target grandparents pretending to be their grandchild in distress. They might also try to trick them into thinking they are an authority figure like a doctor who has medical bills you need to pay, or law enforcement demanding you pay a fine.

Employment Scams or Fake Check Scams

If you haven’t caught on yet, many scammers base their scams on pretending to be someone or something they are not. Scammers can even pretend to be an employer or a potential employer looking to hire.

The scammer pretends to be a legitimate employer with a legitimate job. They send the victim a paycheck, but the paycheck exceeds the amount they should have been paid. The victim sends the excess paycheck funds back to the fake employer, but then their paycheck bounces and the victim ends up with nothing.

You might also receive a fake check for other reasons, like as a winner of a prize.

Immigration Scams

Some scammers target immigrants by pretending to be immigration officials. They then contact immigrants saying there is something wrong with their visa or immigration records and charge them fake fees for fake problems. They may even use scare tactics like threatening deportation or imprisonment to make victims panic and react.

Tips for Avoiding Western Union Scams

Don’t send money orders to people or organizations you do not know personally.

Be careful when sending money orders, that they are being sent to the correct people, and not a scammer pretending to be someone you know.

Keep your MTCN tracking number private. You should only share your MTCN tracking number with the person who will be receiving the money order.

Keep the details of your money order private. You also shouldn’t share any details about your money order with anyone besides the intended receiver.

Be mindful of the information you do and don’t share on social media platforms.

Western Union can be a safe and effective way to send money across far distances. So long as you keep your information safe from scammers, don’t fall prey to lies meant to deceive you and make you panic, and always make sure you know exactly who you are sending money to and for what purposes at all times.


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