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With technological innovations, we’re seeing higher trends every day in the new ways people search online.

Now, almost all our devices allow us to search with our voices instead of having to type in an exact phrase.

The growing advancements of voice searching mean that searches like “payday loans near me” and other “near me” search phrases are becoming increasingly more popular. But isn’t it incredibly frustrating when “near me” searches like “payday loans near me” still doesn’t get you the search results you need?

This how-to guide is all about how to search on the internet successfully for terms like “payday loans near me.” We’ll go over all the search engine tips and tricks you need to know to get the “payday loans near me” search results you’re looking for.

Google Search Tips and Tricks

Whenever you are using a search engine there are tips and tricks you can use to take advantage of the system. Some search engines are also better equipped for different types of searches.

Here are some things you can put in front of words when typing into the search bar:


Search Variant Function Example
+ so the search engine won’t overlook that word “+payday +loans near me +no +credit +check”
– so the search engine ignores a word “payday loan –places near me”
~ to find synonyms for that word “payday loans near me ~online”
* to allow the search engine to fill in the blank “payday loans near me open now *”
OR, | means “either or” “payday loan stores near me OR payday loans near me open”

Here are a few other general searching tips to keep in mind when looking for payday loans near me:

  1. Try putting your search phrase in quotation marks. This helps your search engine not interpret the phrase but search that exact phrase.
  2. Try generalizing your search more.
  3. Try being more specific.
  4. Use an advanced search. Most search engines have an advanced search option.
  5. Try switching up your search engine and see if you get better results.
  6. Take out filler word and punctuation like a, the, on, and.
  7. Use the base word, don’t conjugate, or pluralize your words. So instead of searching “jogging” search “jog” and instead of searching “dogs” search “dog.”
  8. Use autocomplete to finish your search.

How to Use Google Maps

Google Maps is the next best place to start looking for information on local businesses like payday loans near you. Google Maps includes almost every business place you could possibly search for, and by using Google Maps to search you can easily see where the payday loan place is.

But it can be hard sometimes to narrow down your search. To make sure you search the area you want just follow these steps:

  1. open Google Maps
  2. search for your home
  3. select “Nearby”
  4. type what you want to search in the Google Maps search box

Now you’ll be able to see pins for all the local places that match your search.

How to Drop a Pin on Google Maps

Dropping pins on Google Maps can also help your searches. You can place pins on Google Map searches you want to keep tabs on so you can easily pull up directions to the location later.

  1. open Google Maps
  2. search “payday loans near me”
  3. pick one of the search results on the map
  4. press and hold on the screen to create a pin

Once you’ve dropped a pin on a location you can tap that pin to bring up the directions, share the location, or add a label to that place.

Use Apple Maps

Apple devices have their own version of Maps. If you have an Apple device, you can use Siri and Apple Maps to find the payday loan places you’re looking for.

You can simply ask Siri questions like, “show me payday loans stores near me,” or “find payday loans near me,” or you can type “payday loans near me” in the search field. You can also use the Maps Nearby widget to specifically find payday loan stores in your surrounding area.

Use Yelp

Yelp is a website and app that uses crowd-sourced reviews about businesses to help users find the businesses they’ll love. You can even make reservations to restaurants with Yelp Reservations.

First, go to Yelp’s website. Then, use the “Find” bar to type in what you are looking for. For example, “payday loans.” Then, use the “Near” search field to type in the area you are wanting to search.

After you enter your search Yelp will pull up an easy to read map and a list of places that match your search request. Now you can go through these options to find the payday loan near you that you actually want to use.

Each business has a profile on Yelp where you can see important information like its rating, photos, business highlights, store hours, and many reviews about the place. If you need to crowdsource your payday loan options, Yelp is a great place to go.

Use the Internet

The internet is a great resource to have when searching for almost anything, including local businesses. There are also many browser options out there for you to choose from. Google has a large market share of 87.35%.

Bing is the next most popular search engine with 5.53% market shares. Google might be the most popular search engine around, but other search engines can offer unique features worth using.


The Google search engine was one of the first things Google created, meaning they’ve spent the most time perfecting their search algorithms. Google is also great at giving a very simple, user-friendly experience for users.

Google also has what’s called “vertical search engines” like Google Scholar and Google Maps. So if you need to search for something very specific you can with Google.


One great reason to search on Bing is if you are looking for high-quality images. Bing is known for having better, sharper, higher quality images.

Bing also arranges their video searches in a grid layout which makes it easier to quickly browse video searches. Bing even lets you hover your cursor over the video thumbnail to get a sneak peek of the video, so you don’t have to click on the video and go to a whole new window to see if it’s the video you need.

But one of the best reasons to use Bing is their Microsoft Rewards. Bing lets you accumulate redeemable points every time you search. These points can then be used at all the local places you love!

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is a great search engine if you need speed. Microsoft Edge also lets you organize your searches with easy to use collections. If you always have trouble finding your favorites list and bookmarked websites, try using Microsoft edge to get more organized.


Yahoo also has a lot of “vertical” search engines that make searching for specific results really helpful. Yahoo has Yahoo Finance for the content all about finance and Yahoo Local will let you easily search for businesses near you.

If you want to find very specific information about payday loans near you, then Yahoo Local is a great place to find those answers.

Use Your Friends

If the internet fails you, you can always turn to your friends and relatives for help. The people who live in your local area will be the best ones to ask about payday loans near you because they might have first-hand experience with payday loans near them!

Go to social media and make a post asking for recommendations about payday loans near me. Facebook might also have a local neighborhood, town, city, or county page that you could follow to ask for county-specific recommendations about payday loans near you.

Use Your Smart Home

Did you know your smart home does more than just turn your lights off and on? You can also use voice command on your home now to search for things. Just like any device that’s optimized for voice commands and voice searches, all you have to do is say the activation words, followed by “find payday loans near me.”

Google Assistant Smart Home

Google has devices for everything these days. You can get a Google Assistant for your home and connect all your devices. You can get a Nest to control your home’s temperature, a smart display to pull up and show you your search results, or a Google Assistant speaker that you can set up anywhere in your home to speak to.

Google’s voice activation words are “Hey Google” or “Ok Google.” To search for nearby payday loans, you’ll want to first say, “Hey Google” to activate your Google smart home device. Then you can ask Google to “find payday loans near me,” and your Google home assistant will find payday loans near you. You could also say, “where are payday loans near me?” to get an address. It’s that easy!

But if you do have problems using voice search with your Google smart home device, then you might need to confirm your home address or be more specific with your search question.

Amazon Alexa Smart Home

Amazon’s Alexa can tell you the store hours, phone numbers, and can even make a call to the local business you are searching for.

To search with your Amazon Smart home devices you’ll first need to say the wake word, “Alexa.” Then tell Alexa to “open Place Finder.” If you don’t already have Place Finder set up on your Alexa device then you’ll need to go to Alexa’s skills and add this skill.

Once Place Finder is open, you can say, “Alexa, ask Place Finder to find payday loans near me.” In order for your Alexa device to know where “near you” is, you’ll want to make sure Alexa’s home address is set up.

Finding local businesses with Alexa is extra helpful because she will also tell you the store’s rating and the number of reviews. That way you can narrow down your options and pick which payday loan store to use.

Samsung SmartThings Hub

Samsung is coming out with new and amazing technology every day. Their Smart Thing devices include smart bulbs, home security cameras, smart plug-ins or wall outlets, video doorbells, home locks, and the ecobee Smart Thermostat.

Using SmartThings from Samsung is also helpful because they integrate easily with other devices like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Use these integrations when searching for a nearby payday loan store.

Use Voice Command

Many devices now allow the use of voice commands and voice searches. You can use voice search on your smart home or your smartphone! The nice thing about voice search is that you don’t have to have a smart home set up to use voice search. Your phone alone can have access to all the voice control systems listed below.

Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa will be found on your echo dot, echo, or echo show. Get one of these devices and you can speak with Alexa anytime you’re nearby.

Alexa uses Amazon answers, Bing, and Wikipedia to answer your search questions. Alexa also gets her local business information from Yelp and Yext. Yext is a service for businesses that makes sure a business’s information is correct. Have you ever looked up a local place and the hours listed online were wrong? Yext helps prevent this problem so you know you’re getting the correct information about the payday loan stores near you.

Google Assistant

Google Assistant can be found on any Google device and on any phone. Google Assistant uses Google itself to complete all your searches and requests. Google Assistant gets its local business information from Google My Business.

The fact that Google Assistant uses Google My Business is great because most businesses have a Google My Business account.

Apple Siri

Siri can be found on all your Apple devices, including your mac computers and laptops. All you have to do is tell her, “take me to payday loans near me” or “give me directions to payday loans near me” and Siri will start directing you where you need to go.

Siri also uses Google, Wikipedia, and Yelp when searching local payday loans near you. This way you’ll know you’re getting some of the best search results available and directions you can count on.

Microsoft Cortana

All your Microsoft devices use Cortana when helping users with their voice command searches. You can use Cortana on your computer, Xbox, and Microsoft office. Cortana uses Bing, Bing Places, and Yelp to get you the business information you need. Cortana also uses Trip Advisor sometimes when searching for the locations you need.

Samsung Bixby Smart Assistant

Samsung’s Bixby is a voice assistant just like Apple’s Siri or Google’s Assistant, but Samsung’s Bixby comes preinstalled on all Samsung phones.

The neat thing about Bixby is that it can actually learn your voice specifically. Bixby is all about being a more natural voice command system, so you can speak to it naturally instead of needing to use specific phrases for your searches. Bixby can even customize its responses to your specific voice.

Bixby also lets you mix voice commands with touch commands because Bixby can interact with your apps. Bixby has a contextual awareness of your device and the apps you have. It can thus work with the other apps on your phone with ease.

Use the Yellow Pages

The yellow pages are a directory for telephone numbers and business names. The yellow pages are easy to use because businesses are sorted alphabetically.

The yellow pages used to be only printed directory books with yellow paper, but now you can find the yellow pages online! Like any other search site, just type in what you’re looking for and the online, digital yellow pages will take you there. You can even download the yellow pages app on Android and Apple devices.

Use Direct Mailers

In advertising, direct mail or direct mailers are advertisements you receive in your mailbox. They might be a catalog from your local grocery store about their sales this week or they might be a mail-sized flier about a local business. Many local businesses, including payday loan stores, send out mailers like this to let their neighbors know they’re there.

So before you toss that ad mail in the trash, give it a quick look just in case it lets you know about a local business you could use.

Use KSL and Craigslist

Places like KSL and Craigslist can be great online resources when searching for things. You can find so many useful things on sites like these. They are like online directories or online newspapers that include anything you can imagine. They have news articles, sports-related news, TV, radio, and even the weather! They also have a marketplace where you can search the classifieds, cars, homes, jobs, and other services.

Use Foursquare

Foursquare is a website similar to Yelp. But instead of leaving reviews, users can leave “tips” about the businesses they visit. Just download the Foursquare Swarm app and you can get all kinds of insider knowledge from people who have already visited and used the businesses you’re searching for.

You can also use their online service, Foursquare City Guide to search your local area. Foursquare’s City Guide can also be downloaded as an app so you can search your local businesses from your phone.

Use Angie’s List

Angie’s list is yet another online directory for local businesses. Angie’s list is a helpful directory when searching for businesses because they let reviewers leave more comprehensive reviews.

Users also grade businesses in a different way. Instead of using star ratings, Angie’s list uses grades from A to F. Users also grade multiple parts of a business, so each place has a grading for price, quality, responsiveness, punctuality, and professionalism.

You do have to pay a monthly subscription in order to use Angie’s List, but it might be worth it for the wealth of information it provides.

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