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Check City Money Orders and Money Transfers


Check City offers Western Union money orders and money transfers. Western Union is a tried and true money order service that’s been around since 1851.


Western Union is a dependable money order system that’s been around a very long time and provides all the money order services you need.


You can find Western Union at every Check City location near you. Check City also has many other financial services and products available.


At Check City you can take care of all kinds of financial errands and needs like:


Take advantage of all the things Check City can do for you and find your Local Neighborhood Check City today!


What is MoneyGram?


MoneyGram is a money transfer company that began in 1940 in Minnesota. MoneyGram offers financial services like money orders, money transfers, bill pay, and check processing.


MoneyGram money transfers are electronic. They can be done in person at a MoneyGram agent location or online at their website.


MoneyGram is a money service that existing locations and businesses can offer by becoming a MoneyGram agent. This is like how Western Union works. It’s a service company that preexisting places can sign up to be an agent of in order to offer MoneyGrams.


How Does MoneyGram Work


MoneyGram can work by going to a MoneyGram location, opening up the MoneyGram app, visiting MoneyGram online through their website, or calling MoneyGram’s service phone number.


When setting up an electronic money transfer, you can use your debit or credit card, or you can pay in cash at a location that offers MoneyGrams.


Once you pay for the MoneyGram, you’ll get a reference number. This reference number is what the money recipient will use to pick up their funds.


If you want to send money online, you’ll have to first make an account and set up your payment method. The person sending the MoneyGram has to pay the MoneyGram fees and the monetary amount they wish to send upfront.


This makes MoneyGrams a form of secure payment because the sender has already made the payment in full. This is why money orders are used so often for business transactions or paying bills, because the payment is completed upfront.


However, if you are the person picking up a money transfer, you’ll have to go to a MoneyGram location. That is, unless the sender used an electronic transfer to put the funds directly into your account.


Both the sender and receiver will also have to fill out a form when completing their end of the transaction.


MoneyGram Locations Near Me


One way you can find MoneyGram locations near you is to go to MoneyGram’s website and type in your address under the tab “Find a Location.” It will also help if you create an account and allow MoneyGram’s website to know your location.


MoneyGram’s location finder will show you Google Maps and a list of nearby locations. Once you enter your location, it will pin the MoneyGram locations near you with red circles.


You can also use Google Maps, but the search might not be as filtered for only MoneyGram locations. Google will also pull up other money order and money transfer locations like Western Union locations and financial institutions like Check City.


MoneyGram Near Me Open


Because MoneyGram is offered at agent locations, the MoneyGram open hours depend on the hours of the housing location. These hours might be further limited depending on where MoneyGrams are offered in the agent location.


For instance, Walmart offers MoneyGram services at their customer service desk. So you’ll need to check the specific hours the Walmart service desk is open, because there’s a possibility it closes sooner than the rest of the store.


Some stores that act as an agent location for MoneyGram are open late into the night, or even 24-7. But this doesn’t mean that the agent location will let you do money orders at 2:00 in the morning.


The best way to know for sure when you can go into an agent location to manage your MoneyGram needs is to call the agent location and ask.


MoneyGram Near Me To Receive Money


How do you receive money through MoneyGram? If someone has sent you a money order through MoneyGram, then you’ll need to get the reference number from them.


Each money order comes with a reference number. This number is unique to your money transfer. The reference number is how MoneyGram online or the agent location’s clerk can know you are the correct money recipient.


You can receive your MoneyGram money by going to a nearby location with your photo ID and reference number, or by creating an account online.


Once you have an online account, you can type in your reference or authorization number and your last name. This lets you track the money order you are expecting to receive. The sender either sent the money directly to your account or set it up for cash pick up.


Cash pickups need to be done at a physical location. With electronic transfers you just have to wait for the funds to drop in your account.


Find MoneyGram Near Me


Fortunately, with many devices today, we can easily find what we need just by asking a question out loud. First, you need to know how to wake up your device. This activates the voice controls in your device so it will start listening to you.


Device Wake-up Phrase
Apple “Hey Siri”
Microsoft “Hey Cortana”
Samsung “Hey Bixby”
Google “Hey Google”
Amazon “Hey Alexa”


You can also customize your wake up phrase in the settings to set your wake up phrase to whatever you want.


Once you wake up your phone, computer, or smart home device with the wake up phrase say the words, “find MoneyGram near me.” Now your device will act as if you typed those words into your preferred search engine, and pull up the results.


With some devices, you can even then call the nearest location, or pull up directions. This is great if you’re in a hurry, already in your car, and need to get on the move asap.


Walmart MoneyGram Near Me


Walmart offers money orders, including Western Union and MoneyGram. You can go to any Walmart near you, visit the customer service desk, and get your money order done today.


Find money order and money transfer services at any Walmart Supercenter or Neighborhood Market near you. You can take care of all your money order needs at the customer services desk, or at the money services center, whichever one your specific Walmart location has.


The Walmart MoneyGram fees vary depending on location with a maximum fee of 0.88 cents. Money order customers can pay for their money order both in cash or with a debit card.


CVS MoneyGram Near Me


CVS offers MoneyGram. By using MoneyGram you can make healthcare payments with no fees at CVS.


MoneyGram or Western Union Near Me


Money orders, money transfers, and check cashing are essential financial services for people who don’t have bank accounts, are underbanked, or finance primarily in cash. It’s also essential for when you need to safely send money across long distances.


Mobile, online, and electronic banking is very common now. It can be easy to assume everyone is actively linked to the online banking world. But this isn’t the case.


1 in 9 households in the US don’t have a checking account and 1/3 of the US population are underbanked. Needing a system for money orders and transfers is paramount to helping this large demographic of households pay their bills and send funds to loved ones.


MoneyGram and Western Union are similar services with some key differences to consider. Both offer international and domestic transfers but their services come with different fees.


MoneyGram Online


MoneyGram offers almost all of its services online. But if you need to cash a money order, then you’ll have to go to the physical location.


At MoneyGram online you can send funds, track your money orders, pay bills, and find MoneyGram locations.


MoneyGram App


MoneyGram, like most businesses today, has an app now. You can download the MoneyGram app on Google Play or on the Apple Store.


It’s always nice to download the app for a business you frequently use. That way, you can get your financial errands done and manage your account conveniently on your phone.


MoneyGram Tracking


Tracking numbers are a really important part of money orders, especially if you are sending your money order through the mail or sending it a long distance.


Every money order and transfer comes with its own tracking number, reference number, or authorization number. This unique number identifies your specific money order.


How to track your MoneyGram is easy to do. Just go to MoneyGram’s website and select “Track & Receive.” Then you’ll need to provide your last name and the reference number that came with your money order. Press the “Track Your Money” button and you’ll be able to see where your money order is at.


MoneyGram Stock


Investing in stocks is a great way to expand your financial portfolio, grow your wealth, and gain more financial resources for your business or your future.


Stocks represent claims on a business or company. People can buy small percentages of a business through investing in stocks. The value of these stocks fluctuates on the stock market. You can check how your stocks are doing on websites like Market Watch or by using investment apps.


For example, the MoneyGram stock price today is between $3.11 and $3.28.


MoneyGram Exchange Rate


MoneyGram offers international money orders. When sending an international money order, you have to consider the exchange rate. Currencies from different countries have different values in comparison with each other.


So when you send $10 to England, those 10 US dollars are going to exchange into a certain amount in English currency with its own value. $10 in a different country’s currency might have more or less value when exchanged into a different currency.


When you use a system like MoneyGram to transfer funds to a different country, these exchange rates might look a little different than if you were to go to that country and exchange your funds directly.


TransferWise is a site you can use to see how MoneyGram’s exchange rates might compare to other money transfer services.


MoneyGram Fees


MoneyGram fees depend on the agent location. They might also depend on factors like how far you want to send the money order and how much money you want to send.


MoneyGram often lets customers transfer a minimum of $1.00 and a maximum of $10,000. They might charge a fee of up to $8.00 for an online transfer. The fees for money orders can vary based on location.


MoneyGram Refund


To get a MoneyGram refund you will need your money order’s reference number. This might also be referred to as the serial number.


Next, you’ll go to the MoneyGram website and get the Money Order Claim Card form from the Service Forms page. Fill out this form online and print it out.


To send in a MoneyGram refund request form, you’ll need to include the following items:

  • a copy of the money order stub
  • a copy of the money order receipt
  • $18 processing fee in a money order or check


Don’t forget to make sure all the information you filled out is correct and that the bottom of the claim form is signed.


It can take up to 65 days to process a MoneyGram refund. You also might not be able to get a refund if the money order has already been cashed.


MoneyGram International


MoneyGram lets you send money orders both domestically and internationally. Maybe you have a son who’s on a study abroad and he finds he needs more funds.


Or maybe you have parents who live in a different country and you want to be able to send them some financial support now and then.


International money orders can help you with all that. Just keep in mind that international money orders come with their own fees.


For example, to send $1,000 to Mexico from the US, you’ll be charged a fee of $9.99. This fee could also change, however, depending on the agent location.


MoneyGram Customer Service


It’s good to have specific places you can go to when you want to complete important errands. When finding your preferred financial institution, it’s important to consider customer service.


Customer service might vary a little depending on specific locations and the people working there.


So don’t be afraid to try a few different nearby money order locations before settling on your favorite one. You can also reach MoneyGram customer service by calling their customer service number online.


How To Fill Out A MoneyGram


If you need help knowing how to fill out a MoneyGram, or if you’ve never filled out a MoneyGram before, then go to the physical agent location for your first time. The tellers there can help you fill out a MoneyGram properly.


Money orders usually consist of 4 different sections to fill out. Read all about each section in our article, “How to Fill Out a Money Order Properly.”



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