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Money orders are a secure form of prepaid checks that you can find at most financial institutions.

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What is a Money Order?

Money orders are a type of secure, prepaid check. Money orders are a very trusted payment method that is often used to pay bills or send money across long distances.

For example, you need to pay a $100 utility bill using a money order. First, go to a store that offers money orders. We’ll go over what places offer money orders later in this article. Second, pay the $100 plus the money order servicing fees. Then the clerk will process and hand over the money order.

This money order is like a paper check that already has $100 on it. Now you can simply give this money order to your landlord and your utilities are paid!

Reasons to Get a Money Order

Money orders are a very useful and secure form of payment. There are many reasons to use a money order.

  • if you don’t have a checking account
  • to avoid carrying large amounts of cash
  • to get a receipt to prove you paid
  • money orders are prepaid so they won’t bounce like personal checks sometimes can
  • pay bills
  • make payments more privately than when you use your personal checks
  • to mail a payment

Where to Get a Money Order Near Me

Where can I get a money order near me? When you need to know where to get a money order from near me, there are a few places you can go. Many stores will offer money order services at their customer service desks. You can also get money orders at most financial institutions.

When you need to know where to get a money order near me now, it’s important to have an open place in mind. If you know what locations offer money orders, then you can learn their hours and know when you can get money orders now.

Here are a list of all the different places where you can get a money order near you:

  • 7-Eleven
  • Walmart
  • CVS
  • K-Mart
  • Kroger
  • Post Office
  • Your Local Check Cashing Company
  • Your Local Bank
  • Your Local Credit Union

Gas Stations That Do Money Orders Near Me

Many gas stations offer money orders. Just visit the clerk’s desk inside any gas station to ask about Western Union, money orders, and money transfers.

You can also figure out which gas stations offer money orders near you by searching for Western Union locations near you on the Western Union website.

711 Money Order Near Me

711 is a popular gas station that also offers money orders. How much money orders cost in fees at 711 depends on the amount of money on the money order. The money order fees at 711 can be anywhere between $1 and $5.

CVS Money Order Near Me

CVS offers MoneyGram services. With MoneyGram, you can pay bills, add minutes to a phone plan, send money, pay child support, or make healthcare payments.

MoneyGram at CVS has a $1.25 fee and a total monetary limit of $500.

Walmart Money Order Near Me

The exact fee for a money order at Walmart will vary a little depending on your location. Walmart money order fees have a maximum fee of 0.88 cents. Walmart money order hours are generally during the Walmart store’s regular business hours. And if you need help knowing how to fill out a Walmart money order, just ask the desk clerk, they can help you.

Western Union Money Order Near Me

A money order can cost around 0.99 cents to $1.50. But money order fees at Western Union can also vary between Western Union locations.

These fees can also depend on the location housing the Western Union. These locations are known as Western Union agent locations. Cash western union money order near me by going to the same store where you can buy a money order.

USPS Money Order Near Me

At USPS you can send a money order as big as $1,000 and send your money order anywhere in the US. You can also use USPS money order tracking to keep tabs on your money order so you know when it arrives at its destination.

Just like any other money order place, you’ll go to your local USPS, fill out a money order check, and pay the amount you want to put on the money order, plus the fees.

USPS money order fees depend on the dollar amount on the money order. Money orders at USPS can cost from 0.45 cents to $1.25.

Find “Money Order Near Me”

There are a few ways to search for money orders near you. One way is to ask your family, friends, and neighbors for recommendations. Another way is to learn how to optimize your money order searching so that you can get the exact results you’re looking for.

Below are search variants, functions, and examples of what they do. By adding certain symbols to your search phrase, you can make your money search an advanced one and narrow down your results even further.

Search Variant Function Example
+ tells the search engine to not overlook this word “+cheap money orders near me”
– tells the search engine to ignore a word “money order –places near me”
~ tells the search engine to find synonyms for this word “money order near me ~online”
* allows the search engine to fill in the blank “money order near me open now *”
OR, | means “either/or,” tells search engine to include two phrases at once in the search “money order near me OR money order near me open”

“Alexa, Find Money Orders Near Me”

Another great way to quickly get your money order search over and done with, is to use voice commands.

Almost every device out there now (even including fridges!) include voice command. You can use this feature to ask your device to run a search for you. You can even have your device place a call to the money order place, tell you their hours, or direct you to the nearest money order location.

You just have to know the right wake-up phrase for your device.

Device Wake-up Phrase
Apple “Hey Siri”
Microsoft “Hey Cortana”
Samsung “Hey Bixby”
Google “Hey Google”
Amazon “Hey Alexa”

Once you know how to activate voice search on your device, you can ask your question. Some examples of good questions for voice search optimization include:

  • “Where to get a money order near me?”
  • “Where to get a money order near me?”
  • “Where to get a money order from near me?”
  • “Where to get a money order near me now?”
  • “Where can I get a money order near me?”
  • “Where can I get a money order at near me?”
  • “Where can I get a free money order near me?”
  • “Where can I get a money order cashed near me?”
  • “Where can I get a money order near me now?”
  • “Where I can get a money order near me?”
  • “Where near me can I get a money order?”

Cheap Money Orders Near Me

To get a cheap money order, you’ll want to research the money order fees at all the local money order places near you.

Step 1: Go to Google Maps.


Step 2: In the search bar type the phrase, “money order near me.”


Step 3: Visit the websites of each money order place near you and compare their limits, restrictions, and fees.

Once you know your options, you can easily choose whichever money order place offers the cheapest money orders.

Free Money Orders Near Me

Most money order places charge a fee for issuing or cashing a money order. Occasionally though, you can find free money orders near you by keeping track of fee discounts and deals.

Money Order Near Me Open Now

Money orders are often an in-person transaction. To complete an in-person transaction you have to find a money order place that’s open. This can be difficult when you are busy during the day.

That’s why Check City offers a wider range of hours at our stores, so that you can easily take care of money orders after work, even on a weekday. Some of our Check City stores are even 24-hour money order stores.

Cash Money Order Near Me

Where can I cash a money order near me? In general, you can cash a money order at all the same places that offer money order services. Most money orders will also say where the money order was issued, like Walmart, Kroger, or the name of a bank. You can easily cash a money order by going to the same company that issued the money order.

When cashing a money order, make sure you know the fees, limits, and restrictions at the money order place. They might have a fee for cashing a money order or they might limit how much you can cash at one time.

To cash larger money orders, it’s best to go to a financial institution. Financial institutions are better equipped to cash out larger amounts of money for bigger money orders. Cash money orders at your bank, credit union, or check cashing store.

Who Cashes Money Orders Near Me?

Check City does!

Check City offers money order services. At Check City, you can get, cash, and send money orders. The process is simple and quick. All you need to bring with you is your photo ID.

How to Send a Money Order:

  1. Go to your local Check City store.
  2. Bring your photo ID and the money you want to send (cash or debit card).
  3. Check City sends the money to the receivers account or send a money order to a Western Union agent location where the receiver can then pick up the money order.

How to Receive a Money Order:

  1. Go to your local Check City store.
  2. Bring your photo ID.
  3. Check City can give your money order funds in cash, on a Check City Prepaid Debit Card, or in your mobile wallet.

E Money Order Near Me

Electronic money orders are money orders that you have mailed or transferred wirelessly right away, rather than getting a money order printed out and taking it with you.

E money orders are quick and convenient. They also have added security because the transaction is sent directly to the money order receiver. Now you don’t have to worry about mailing or delivering your money order yourself.

Some electronic money orders can even be done online from the convenience and ease of your own computer or phone. Just look into money transfers online wherever you do your finances.

Postal Money Order Near Me

If you need to send money in the mail then using a money order is a good idea. When you send money, you want to make sure you send a secure form of money that can’t be easily stolen.

Money orders are great for mailing money because they are prepaid. This means that you won’t have to wait for the recipient to cash the money order to see those funds leave your bank account. Instead, you can pay the money when you get the money order, completing your side of the transaction sooner.

Money orders are also great for mailing money because they can only be cashed by the outlined recipient. This means it’s very difficult for the wrong person to cash the money order.

Where can I cash a postal money order near me? You can cash postal money orders at any place that accepts money orders.

Cashier’s Check or Money Order Near Me

Cashier checks and money orders are very similar. Both cashier checks and money orders are prepaid and secure forms of payment. They are guaranteed payments.

Money orders are guaranteed because you fill out the money order and pay the amount on the money order at your money order location. Cashier checks are guaranteed because you pay the amount on the cashier check at your bank or credit union.

Cashier checks and money orders are also similar because they are a great way to avoid using personal checks to keep your information more private and secure.

The difference between cashier checks and money orders are as follows. Money orders are available at more places while cashier checks are only available to get at banks. Cashier checks can be even more secure than a money order, but they aren’t as easy to get as money orders.

International Money Order Near Me

International money orders are money orders that can be cashed outside of the US. International money orders are commonly used to send money to family and friends who are in a different country.

When looking for international money orders near you, make sure you double-check that the money order place is also offering international money orders. Many money order places only offer domestic money orders. Domestic money orders can only be sent and received in the US.

The best place to find international money orders is at your local post office. The best thing to do is contact your local post office, and ask them about the international money order you wish to send to get all the information you might need about restrictions, limits, or fees.

How to Fill Out a Money Order

If you need help filling out a money order, you can always ask the clerk for help. But filling out a money order isn’t hard.

In the dollar box write the monetary amount in numbers. On the pay to the order of line write who is receiving the money order. In the payment for/account # line you can add your account number if you’re paying a bill. In the purchaser’s address line put your own address and contact information. Then, on the purchaser’s signature line you’ll sign the money order.

Once your money order is all complete, don’t forget to keep your receipt. For other questions about filling out money orders, you can read our article, “How to Fill Out a Money Order.”


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