Getting Your Finances Under Control

When you come to the point where you are going to focus on getting your finances under control, the first step for success is to start with a plan.  Take the time that you need to lay out your plan so you can be sure that you are able to stick with your budget and keep your finances healthy. Write it down and refer back to it often.  When you are planning out your budget you should:

1. Focus on the money that you want to save. If saving is difficult for you, you may want to have your savings direct-deposited to your savings account or even to your mutual fund. Each pay period you want to be able to set aside a certain amount of money so that you can be comfortable with your savings account.
2. When you are trying to work on spending less money you may want to work on only using cash. Take out enough cash to know that you are going to be able to make it through the week. When you run out of money do not use any cards.
3. Try to cut back on expensive habits. Whether you are spending too much money on alcohol, tobacco or even candy you should be sure that you pare back on your expensive costs.
4. Share the responsibility of your budgeting with someone in your household. Make sure that you have someone to work with so that you have the support that you need to get your finances under control.
5. If you are in any type of debt you should be sure that you are paying down your debt on a monthly basis. Make sure that you start with your highest interest rate and then pay as much as you can every single month.
6. Monitor your expenses for a few weeks and make sure that you can categorize where your money is going. Keeping your receipts may help you do this and you may be surprised where you spend the majority of your money.
7. Make sure that you are flexible. Things happen, life is unpredictable and there are times that you are going to have to be creative with your finances. Whether you need a short term loan, a payday loan or a payday advance to make ends meet, you want to be sure that you keep your options open.

Being wise about finances may help you eliminate major stressors in your life. Take time to organize your finances today so you can have a more stress free tomorrow. Check City intention is that our products and services are used responsibly and only as necessary.  We offer credit counseling and make every effort to ensure that our customers understand the loan agreement that they are signing and that they can afford the loan they are taking out.  For more information visit a Check City location near you, stop by or call 1-800-404-0254

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