4 Important Tips on Swimming Lessons for Kids

Signing your child up for swim lessons is a great way to ensure that your child is safe in and around water. It’s also a great activity to fill up summer days while school is out. Plus, you can start your child at a very young age.

Although getting in the pool may be scary for your child at first, there are many ways that you can help your child enjoy swimming.

  • Find a pool and a swim instructor you are comfortable with
  • Tour the pool before hand and come early to classes
  • Get in the pool with your child if needed
  • Go swimming with your child outside of class to practice skills

Finding a Pool and a Swim Instructor

If you have more than one pool in your area, call each one and ask about swim rates and class availability. Next, visit each pool (without your child) and if possible, meet the swim instructors that may be teaching your child. Once you have done your research it will be easy to choose a pool and a staff you feel comfortable with. This is a great tip on swimming lessons for kids.

Pool Tour

When you have found the swim instructor that you are comfortable with and the pool that you want to take your child to, ask to tour the pool again, but this time bring your child along.

Point out lifeguards, different parts of the pool, and bathroom locations. Talk to your child about safety rules, and after that, talk about all the fun they will have! Safety first is a great tip on swimming lessons for kids.

If at all possible, introduce your child to their swimming lesson instructor during your tour. The more you can do to prepare your child, the better off you’ll be, and your child will be less anxious when it’s actually time for class!

In addition, on the first few days of class, make sure you show up a few minutes before class starts. Give your child time to get ready and excited to swim and to remember the things you talked about when you visited the pool beforehand. Arriving late and in a hurry will cause unnecessary stress, and you could miss important key aspects.

If another class is already in session, have your child watch the other kids and get them excited for their class.

Get in the Water With Your Child

If your child is very anxious or afraid of the water, you may need to get in the water with your son or daughter. If you get in the water with them, it will make your child more comfortable and help them have more fun.

Most pools offer a parent and tot swim class for babies and toddlers swimming for their very first time. This is a great way to introduce your child to the water in a way that is non-threatening to them!

Go Swimming Regularly

When you go swimming outside of their class, you are reinforcing their safety and learning skills. Ask your child to show you what they are learning in class.

As they show you what they are learning, you can also ask them to practice what the teacher has told them to practice. This way, you can be sure that your child will improve, and they are getting the most out of their lessons while enjoying their swimming experience. Repetition is key to their learning and positive experiences in the water.

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